Humboldt County Cup Forced to Move by Police

HumboldtFor marijuana activists in states with legal marijuana, the strategy quickly moves from legalization to normalization, but for some communities like Ferndale, California, the stigma remains. For months, organizers of the Humboldt County Cup and the Ferndale Police Department have gone back and forth over the decision to host their event at the Humboldt County Fairgrounds. Citing past complaints from the community and concerns about the reggae music that was to be played during the event, local law enforcement never specified what laws, if any, would be violated.

“Smith-Caggiano — who is the executive director of the Humboldt County chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws — said the Ferndale Police Department never cited any legal codes to back up their concerns despite requests for them to do so.”

Regardless of receiving approval from the Humboldt County Fair Association, Mr. Smith-Caggiano was ultimately forced by the Ferndale Police Department to move the event location to the Mateel Community Center, located at 59 Rusk Lane, Redway, California 95560.

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  1. Reggae music is dangerous and needs to be stopped. I’m glad these cops were courageous enough to step in and do something here. Where would we be without them?

    1. There are far worse sounds than reggae music. Just that one phrase shows how old and out of touch some people are.

    2. “reggae music is dangerous and should be stopped”…What on earth are you so threatened, afraid and paranoid of?…,sounds like you need serious medicinal therapy and healing…~

  2. Reggae music is dangerous and needs to be stopped. I’m glad these cops were courageous enough to step in and do something here. Where would we be without them

  3. Curious if there was an excuse verbally given to the representatives of NORML by an officer or city clergy for moving event? Was the event net a school? I also know of a city Escalon Ca. that is having a meeting here on the 17th to ban marijuana from even the use of it within city limits. I think they are trying to use the reason for simply one police report of someone hopping the fence and taking the plants. I believe video was also provided of the plant thieves. But it only became a problem suddenly to the police because the plants were outdoors. People generally may believe in sleeping with their wallets indoors however hear this from the cultivator of those stolen plants'”these are plants that I cared for like you would a pet and they began naturally outdoors and I ought to start PETA for plants. Here is a thought maybe you should put your wallets on the front porch then you will see that my plants would’ve outlived your wallet”.

    1. Pleasant old lady on the phone: “officer there is a strange man in my yard stealing persimmons from my tree” (Officer Mcsimmons: Lady,the City Council has already banned fruit trees from this city, for that specific reason,pay a 250$ dollar fine,and cut your plum and apple tree down as well, you have 30 days.(old lady: but isn’t it your purpose to protect my property on my land from theft? (Officer: “I work for collecting money for The City Council, we do as we please…
      (Old lady :well,those fruit trees are a benefit to my health,and they make excellent pies.(Officer Mcsimmons: those fruits contain ‘nitric oxide”,when teenagers get ahold of them,they get three hour erections and cause all kinds of mayhem in the community.(old lady:well those same fruits keep my arteries clean,and protect me from having strokes.(Officer Mcsimmons: Its not about you old lady,its about protecting the youth.(old lady: Listen buster,I’ve about had it to here, with your bs…You are a ‘public servant” and its your job to protect my property from theft.Now start doing your job or I’m going to get all my neighbors to go down to City Hall,I’ve had enough of your shenanigans.(Officer Mcsimmons: Yes Mam

    2. …”Reggae music is dangerous and needs to be stopped”…. What on earth are you so threatened, afraid and paranoid of?..,sounds like you need serious medicinal therapy and healing

  4. Legalization means the blue meanies have less power to fuck with us, and that’s a good thing. They moved the event — they didn’t arrest or kill anybody, apparently. Doesn’t make it right, but it does make it Harm Reduction.

  5. It’s important to understand that there is still strong opposition to full scale legalization. Limits, restrictions, vilification, misunderstanding, and blind hate will be here long after most of us are worm-food.
    Best to get used to it.

  6. I think a compromise is in order, McBongface.

    “The Board shall not make any grants to local
    governments which have banned the cultivation
    including personal cultivation under Section 11362.2(b)
    (3) of the Health and Safety Code {outdoors upon the
    grounds of a private residence},or retail sale of
    marijuana or marijuana products”

    We have had prop 215 for the last 25 years,and now we have prop 64 as a “double reinforcement.’ The Voters have spoken,Best to get used to it.

  7. Reggae music is a new and unknown for our community. I certainly would like to thank the fine men and women of the Humbolt County Sheriff Department, as well as the citizens of Ferndale….it is so important that we protect our communities and our children from these dangerous, inappropriate, too often outrageous “newer” forms of “music,” I remember the days…… I sure hope this new AG will enforce that rule of law….set these “marijuana legalization” advocates….in their places…..that evil, nasty weed. Rule of law…..cop says it’s illegal, well, then it’s illegal! throw them potheads in jail, er TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP.

  8. To those that don’t understand the plant, and it’s therapeutic effects, I imagine you want to have: pain, heart disease, irreversible strokes, intracticable seizures, and a myriad of other issues. While I might remind those who enjoy alittle too much that you can hurt your self.
    If we cannot get along and find answers that help all, our society has failed.

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