Michigan NORML: Presidents’ Day Letter To Congress From The Front Lines


Read the letter here: MI Federal Legislator Letter 2017

By: Matthew Abel
Executive Director
Michigan NORML

Today, on the occasion of President’s Day, and in the spirit of the President’s heralded as “leaders of the free world”, the Michigan Affiliate of NORML participated in a national campaign to contact our members of Congress by mailing them each a letter. This letter is our third in a series of letters in 2017 that has included Vice President Mike Pence and the 109 members of the Michigan House of Representatives. Direct mail is an effective and powerful way to be seen by the Representatives themselves or their Chiefs of Staff and to communicate a message.

First we introduced ourselves and provided information about who we are and what we have done in Michigan. We communicated some concerns and and made some policy suggestions. We specifically asked each of them to support The Respect State Marijuana Laws Act, HR 975, and to become members of the newly-formed Cannabis Caucus. We reminded them of the damage caused by prohibition and urge them to change federal law. It is a friendly letter, but very direct and specific.

Sending a letter to 14 out of 435 Representatives may not seem very effective, but when the fourteen members of the Michigan Delegation read our message, and legislators from other states receive and read letters from other NORML state affiliates echoing th e same message, collectively, NORML affiliates will have reached hundreds of Members of Congress with a clear, strong and unified message!

Engaging elected officials is a primary function of NORML and all its affiliates. As the Michigan Affiliate of NORML, we are pleased to participate in this and other NORML nationally-coordinated campaigns that reach out to federal representatives in a collaborative way that reinforces the strength of support for cannabis reforms.

Today we recognize and celebrate the 45 Presidents who have led this great nation. Michigan NORML appreciates what these leaders have done and their significance in history, and it is in that spirit that we ask the fourteen men and women of the Michigan Delegation to take the lead, and help shape the policies that will regulate the emerging cannabis industry.

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6 thoughts

  1. There’s money in the industry of cannabis, and it shows to be economically good. Taxes going to help get people off the streets. If that is not good, than what is?

    America needs to take care of itself, and then help others. Legalization may cost pharmaceutical companies, but also makes the government money. It’ll cost less, that’s how it is being looked at.

    In any-case, it needs handled law wise what it truly is. An uplifting high for some, a relief pain or even for nausea. For some, it just relieves synonyms of a sickness someone has.
    In some cases, cures it like in cases of un-treat-able cancer. People have treated cancer with it, and actually beat cancer.

    I am happy to see more supportive politics on the issue. It is time to legalize.

  2. It’s about time! We could use the help out here, after last year’s GOP shutdown of our petition! It is time to open up the Midwest region! Should have been done years ago! Enough is enough, let’s legalize in Michigan!

    1. and congrats and thanks to the fine men and women of MI NORML for all the hard work you continue and tirelessly do. Your efforts will make the difference for legalization in our fair state. Thank you! And you have my support!

  3. To NORML in general. Again, we need to take a Midwestern state. Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota. Frankly, NORML, the real prize, I personally see is NOT Texas or Florida, these are certainly extremely valuable assets to the cause of legalization, don’t be mistaken, adding the would be extremely helpful. My target is one state: New York. The crown jewel of the NE area. We seize NYC we take so much, so much.. we need to be aggressive, and, now, with Jeff Sessions running the AG department, we need to move FAST. Grab Tezas, grab Florida, my suggestion, take NEW YORK, which would be a HUGE victory, Penn is a secondary gain….take NY, and set the stage for full and total legalization. Jeff Sessions is coming into power, and I am scared to death what this man is going to do. Thank you.

  4. It takes a Revolution
    Just to make a solution
    There’s too much confusion
    Not enough salvation

    I don’t want to live in the park
    Caint trust no shadows after dark
    Oh how I wish that we could see
    Like a bird in the tree
    The prisoners must be free…

    Never trust a politician
    To grant you a favor
    He’ll always want you
    To be in debt to him forever…
    And ever…

  5. Its time for everyone to come out of their closets and stand up for the need to change the laws at the federal level. Sessions is a scary man that still lives in the generation that thought Reefer Madness was a true documentary. If the laws are changed he doesnt have anything to enforce

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