Wisconsin City Removes Fines for Marijuana Possession and Consumption

Following a national trend, members of the Monona City Council passed an ordinance that removed all municipal fines for the private possession and consumption of marijuana. Under the new ordinance, adults 21-years and older will no longer be subjected to a fine for possessing marijuana in public or in private spaces. Marijuana use in a private residence would also be exempt from a fine, but a $200 fine will still be given to those caught smoking in public.

243428_10150183848971408_290803_oThis came as no surprise to Nate Petreman, executive director of Madison NORML. For almost two years, Mr. Petreman along with several members of Madison NORML worked to build a broad coalition of active community members who attended countless meetings and provided testimony in support of the measure.

“Private use and possession and possession in public are no longer local offenses in Monona, WI. The new ordinance in Monona only prohibits public use. We were denied at the city last year, in part due to the Police Chief advocating on city time, and came just shy of the necessary signatures to trigger a vote on direct legislation in summer 2016,” said Petreman. “To succeed in our recent efforts, nearly 20 people attended each meeting along the way, many who were residents. These efforts resulted in the best known local ordinance statewide.”

On the state level, lawmakers are currently considering legislation that would provide qualified patients with legal access to medical marijuana and establish a statewide medical marijuana program.

Read more here about the statewide effort by clicking here. 


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    1. a police officer told me the cut off for legal is 26 grams. It is ironic that an oz has 28 grams. If the council had set limit at 30 grams, then an ounce purchased would not put you in jail. I think the council knew what the 26 gram implications would be. remember, if you have not done anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about. this will be explained by a person who says, I am from the government and I am here to help you. cover you butt with kevlar.

  1. Live in Wis and after four DUIs it become a felony. Walker won’t change, he like the money from booze. Organize locally and pass local laws. F*** him.

  2. Congratulations Madison NORML. This is how we get it done.
    Amazing that the entire city of Houston and Harris County decriminalized with little fan fare from corporate media. But judges and state legislatures are paying attention.
    The Republicans in federal Congress better learn how to cooperate with some bipartisan legislation for marijuana reform because one way or another, either on this blog or through social media, the whole nation is paying attention to… even participating in… the climax of our epic American Marijuana Tragedy.

    1. You’re trying hard and scoring excellent hits but this “Tragedy” nomenclatter aint needed. A tragedy with a happy ending (such as you I think correctly predict, and how it ends makes all the diff) is known as a Mellowdrama (well guess what that almost rhymes with). Meanwhile congrats, Future Great Madisowana (or do you prefer Ameriwana)!

      1. @Mexweed (& Omar, for spelling correction);

        So what do I mean by our “American Marijuana Tragedy”?

        First, Tragedies don’t have happy endings. That’s why they are called “tragedies.” Second, Melodrama is something that happens with drunk, desperate actors who never landed a good agent.
        I’m sorry Mexweed, I’m usually not that cynical, but looking back at history, the U.S. during the tenure of the CSAct of 1970 has consistently incarcerated more people than China and Russia COMBINED! HOW can that have a happy ending even if we STOP this madness? It’s EMBARRASSING!!!
        Marijuana Prohibition is OUR AMERICAN TRAGEDY. WE OWN IT. Even if the DOJ started it in the shadows, ONLY WE AMERICANS CAN STOP IT in the LIGHT.
        So let’s click on the green Act tab and call our Congressman shall we? Before I go into an Apollonian-Dionysian conflict over the DOJ collusion with the Russian mob?

  3. To bad Wisconsin is still years away. I’m ready to move so I can start getting my medication, over the countless opiates the VAMC gives us veterans.

  4. Congrats to our friends in Madison. What a city! We are hurting in Nashville where the Tennessee legislature just passed a bill to automatically repeal any local ordinance that creates a drug penalty less than state law. It looks like that will kill our progress in Nashville where they decriminalized small amounts. In my layman’s opinion, Nashville and Memphis should now pass lowest priority ordinances – making marijuana arrests the lowest priority – because locals can prioritize the work of their own police departments without interfering with state law. I hope legal minds at NORML will look at the situation in Tennessee. Now that Nashville and Memphis have been slapped down, we will have more will than ever to make progress happen.

  5. This is great news, Wisconsin City Removes Fines for Marijuana Possession and Consumption. More and more states should legalise Medical Marijuana use in medication, CBD oils can be all-natural, alternative remedies for chronic pain, anxiety, and other life-impairing medical concerns. At cbdoilempire[dot]com offering top hemp derived CBD products all in one place for healing your chronic pain.

  6. Yes, moving forward. I see comments from Wisconsinites who say Gov Walker will not sign any weed Bills. True.
    Those of us left here will fight until we cannot stay and must flee, but we understand this is a very caustic State Government, has been, getting worse.
    Cannabis could have saved their demise, so we push on the local level and create pressure and safe zones of hope.
    Please join your NORML, or donate, but help if possible. The momentum is in your favor, use it! Keep smiling

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  8. Oh please please I need my dried grass to help me deal with life’s issues…. hard to get thru life what with having to work EVERY day and PAY for the shit I want………. just a few puffs and it all magically disappears and everything is beautiful once again LMAO

  9. The majority of TN residents support legalizing medical marijuana. However, the status quo still rules in the minds of many lawmakers in that state. I trust NORML is working to encourage similar city de-criminalization efforts in TN…..starting with Nashville. The people, especially the ailing, of TN deserve the benefits of this amazing plant.

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