Poll: Support For Legalizing Marijuana At Record High

Legalize marijuanaMore than six in ten Americans believe that the social use of marijuana should be legal for adults, according to nationwide polling data provided by CBS News.

The percentage marks a significant increase since 2013, when only 45 percent of respondents endorsed legalization, and it is among the highest levels of public support ever reported in a national poll. Only a majority of those respondents over the age of 65 did not support legalization.

Pollsters also reported that 88 percent of US adults support regulating the use of medical marijuana, and that 71 percent of Americans — including majorities of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents — oppose efforts on the part of the federal government to interfere in state’s that have legalized the plant’s distribution and use. The percentage represents a blowback to the Trump administration, which in February threatened “greater enforcement” of federal anti-marijuana laws in states that have legalized its adult use.

Fifty-three percent of respondents said that they believe alcohol to be more harmful than cannabis, and a majority of those under the age of 65 acknowledged having used it.

The CBS News poll possesses a margin of error of +/- four percent.

[Update: A nationwide Quinnipiac University poll, also released this week, reports similar levels of public support. It reports that 60 percent of Americans support legalizing marijuana, the highest level of support ever reported by the polling firm. It further reported that voters oppose, by a margin of 73 percent to 21 percent. government enforcement of federal anti-cannabis laws in states that have legalized the medical or recreational use of marijuana.]

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  1. Pot does not fit any requirment 2 B schedule 1drug.
    But, tobacco does and then some. Did you know nicotine is a hallucin. Myans made strong solution and take it by enema, they saw spirt guides.it’s said amount would equal 20 pkgs of cigs.

    Why are we not suing the national gov. For being compliant in drug abuse, and trafficing, and getting paid for it. If we seriously threaten them, they will bargain with weed.
    We will legalize it, if we don’t sue, and back off.

  2. Dear Prez-i-don’t Trump,
    You have a big, BIG problem. And no, I’m not talking about Congressional investigations into your Russian mob-debt leading into a three-judge panel… that’s ANOTHER big, BIG problem…) Your problem is… You told us you believe medical marijuana “helps people.” Problem is… you appointed Jeff Sessions as your Attorney General, Tom (Not to be confused with “Dan”) Marino as your Drug Czar, and Chris Christi as your Director of a Presidential Commission to fight opiate addiction; three of the biggest most high-profile prohibitionists in the known universe.
    Sooooo… How long did you think that would go unnoticed? Well, I am talking to the mentally challenged… granted… smoke a bow and call me in the morning…
    But Drumphy; At which point do you insert your own foot into your own @$$? Now? Or when we see the results in 2018 like the dichotomy between your speech and actions?
    Thank you for mobilizing Democrats to do something about the Gerrymandering, Crosscheck, voter ID, voter suppression that brought you in and out of power. May you be forever remembered by our offspring as the scourge of humanity that you are. Na Zdorovie! (But seriously! Stop taking the finasteride or we’ll have to DEPOSE you!)

  3. Republicans in Congress know that Republican voters are pussies who will keep crawling back for more abuse from their Corporate masters. It’s nice to see the R’s talking back at the town halls, for a change; but it’s just big talk if those same fools turn around and vote for the same shysters that fucked them the first time.

    Don’t you think they’re going to get screwed a second time, and a third time, for as long as they continue to vote Republican? Do you think the Corporate juggernaut behind the Republican party suddenly grew a conscience? Fuck no.

    1. The “corporate juggernaut” behind the Republican party is what we buy into: Private Health Insurance. Why do you think the Rs fell on their face so hard with Trumpcare? Because Obamacare provided Ins. with more clients without controlling the cost of health care. The opposition Rs are fighting themselves and have no one left to blame for it.
      Legalized marijuana cuts right into the core of corrupt price gouging by private Ins. A fair market sales tax for marijuana is disinfecting vulture-capitalists who secretly sign themselves as beneficiaries of made-to-fail fail ins. models. When we include home ins. into the equation, vultures like John Paulsen have to bet against healthier marijuana consumers who have more resources to pay their mortgages. Hell, we could build an entire house out of hemp and say fuck the loan! Any wonder why grow-our-own is an uphill battle?
      I actually signed up for Obamacare last December, just to fuck with Trump and the GOP. Now that they flopped, Im looking at my co-pays and deductibles scratching my head over why Im getting charged more than when I paid cash, smoked weed, and flew my entire family to Mexico. (Granted, I still smoke weed 😉 )
      Canada is legalizing marijuana. Canada has public universal health care. Seeing the connection?
      So just like my purchase of health screwed up the GOP (and well, lets admit the party of “no” never had a health plan to begin with besides “repeal” and “regret”)… we can also apply our purchasing power to legalize marijuana and reform our nation’s health care… a vote by purchase that is already occurring and revolutionizing our nation economically and politically. Pharmaceutical parasites already know this. We are challenging our entire profit model of patenting system of toxic synthetic drugs with fairly taxed, non-toxic whole plant cannabis… because whole plants cant be patented.

  4. “Whole plants cant be patented… but we can sure smoke’m and tax’em!”

    That oughtta be a NORML T-shirt.

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