‘Faces of Marijuana Prohibition’ Event Held on Capitol Hill

NORML held a ‘Faces of Marijuana Prohibition’ event on Capitol Hill on April 19th, in cooperation with the Congressional Cannabis Caucus, where congressional staff heard first-hand from those most adversely impacted by the criminalization of marijuana. 

Dozens of congressional staff attended, hearing from victims across the spectrum of marijuana criminalization. Perspectives included: a cancer survivor who consumed marijuana to mitigate the effects of chemotherapy, a federal staffer who lost his job as a result of a positive drug test, and those who received criminal charges and had their lives put on hold while they had to overcome the onerous penalties imposed by the state for a simple possession charge, among others. 

NORML Political Director Justin StrekalThis was yet another effort in our ongoing quest to educate our legislators on the need to to end the prohibition-industrial-complex and respect the basic rights of those who choose to consume marijuana, a substance safer than currently legal products like alcohol or cigarettes.

Never in modern history has there existed greater public support for ending the nation’s nearly century-long experiment with marijuana prohibition. The continued criminalization of adult marijuana users is out-of-step with the views of adults throughout America, 93% of whom support medical marijuana (Quinnipiac, 2017) and 60 percent of whom endorse the outright legalization of recreational marijuana (Gallup, 2016).

On April 20th (4/20), long considered the unofficial marijuana holiday, marijuana consumers and advocates will gather around the world to show their support for ending marijuana prohibition. NORML for its part will hosting an online day of action, driving tens of thousands of constituent contacts to members of Congress in support of HR 1227, the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act. 

You can sign up for the 4/20 online day of action by clicking here. 

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  1. 4/20 is a celebration day of awareness for Marijuana legalization fight. Please tell congress to get out of your business! What happens in your own home that isn’t harming another person they should have no right to pass laws or arrest you. States should be able to tax it and use funds to provide services to our country. Inferstucture,schools government office repairs and equipment. To bring back classes like P.E. and music, home ecc.shop basic car inspection. HANDWRITING OK RANT OVER.

    1. Hi my name is david I live in kentucky I cant EAT unless I use cannabis due to legal pan pills from a car wreck.I go days without eating because my meds are illegal its not fair iam suffering every day of my life heck I could go to jail just because I want to EAT its not fair I THOUGHT WE LIVED IN A FREE COURTRY.Iam trying to be herd and get the word out cannabis is a safer then pills.Thats all the doctors want to do for my belly is shove pills down my neck.I remind you iam in the shape iam in due to legal pills.There is 29 states that see the benefit of medical cannabis but not my state man its hard on me going days with no food I don’t want to move but that’s looking like my only option.I haved lived in Kentucky for my whole life 32 years and now I might leave cause of out dated unjust stupid laws!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST WANT TO BE ABLE TO LIVE A HALF WAY NORMAL LIFE AND BE ABLE TO EAT IS THAT TO MUCH TO ASK FOR

    2. Please dont forget to bring back Civics to the core curriculum of what is left of our public schools. 50 years ago average Americans had a better grasp on how the government works. (Which doesnt explain what happened to Trump… guess Daddy paid for that class…)
      I would go so far as to say we should have fairly taxed revenue from recreational marijuana pay for Canniversities, agricultural programs for youth, and even a course on the American History of Cannabis. That’ll teach kids how prohibition in our government works to NOT work.

  2. YES.

    This is a winning strategy. KEEP IT UP.

    People who have been negatively affected by this terrible war need to have their voices heard and their faces seen.

    If you all want to fly my legally blind ass out to DC so I can give these fools hell…let me know…

  3. Go visit our state and federal legislators in person. Lobby for pending marijuana reform legislation listed on this blog. Dress well and prepare for the day in the capitol. Its empowering. Its righteous. You wont regret it.

  4. over a billion vehicles on the worlds roads,
    generating ongoing head injuries thru crashes,
    one manifestation being – epilepsy –
    including mine, now cured [20 yrs fit free]
    by deliberate use of cannabis [cbds]
    based on early canadian research..
    epilepsy alone,, demonstrates brain effects
    – now known – of this natural herb..
    two things; scheduling, dosage education..
    there is no dosage information/education !
    decisionmakers see only overdosed users..
    base opinions and decisions on overdosing..

    1. Congratulations! Thats wonderful news. If you havnt already, you should contact local epileptologists and encourage them to support marijuana reform in your state.

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