This 4/20, Demand To End Prohibition, Again.

image420actionIt’s that time of the year again. Long recognized as the national marijuana holiday, April 20th presents us with an opportunity to make our voices heard: 

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When Jeff Sessions was nominated Attorney General, NORML worked with all of you to send out a “Thunderclap,” a powerful social media tool that enabled us to reach more than 2 million people with our #JustSayNoToSessions campaign. While we were unable to stop Sessions from being confirmed, he did hear the message loud and clear. Just last week, he said:

“When they nominated me for Attorney General, you would have thought the biggest issue in America was when I said, ‘I don’t think America’s going to be a better place if they sell marijuana at every corner grocery store, (People) didn’t like that; I’m surprised they didn’t like that.

Now, with the establishment of the Cannabis Caucus and the introduction of the Ending Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017, we must make every member of Congress feel the same pressure.

NORML has been in this fight for over 47 years because we believe that responsible adults who choose to consume marijuana should not be be persecuted or stigmatized. Despite our recent victories, the forces of the prohibition-industrial complex remain strong and the government’s marijuana misinformation campaign that has spanned from Reefer Madness to D.A.R.E. is still deeply entrenched. However, just as we have for decades, we will fight on and not be deterred.

We must continue to educate our legislators and neighbors alike. That is why on this 4/20 we are calling upon Americans to contact their members of Congress and say “Enough is Enough” to marijuana prohibition. 

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  1. Well said Justin.
    One of the most important revelations of our success is not that Jeff Sessions is “surprised,” that Americans are less than content with his archaic stance on marijuana policy, but the revelation of who is financing prohibition like Insys Therapeutics. And the length of lies people like Sessions will go to cover up the decrease in the number of American deaths due to the for-profit-opiate epidemic in states that have legalized marijuana, recreationally or medically.

    When California first passed legislation to legalize medical marijuana in 1996, Mexican and US cartels infiltrating various drug agencies began to shift focus on production of methamphetamines.
    Today, increased state legalization has private prisons focusing on immigration “detention centers.” In other words, to fill private prisons up with immigrant women and children without due process to replace all the low level marijuana posessions theyre losing. No more clear example could be found than in Houston; where Harris County recently decriminalized marijuana. Now, no thanks to Trump and Sessions, a new immigrant detention center will be illegally incarcerating children without proper education nearby very soon:

  2. While we can certainly celebrate our victories here on 420, let us never settle for trading victims with innocent people where the profit-driven punishments do not fit the crime: fleeing the country of one’s birth due to OUR made-to-fail drug policies. Lets remember who we are legalizing marijuana for: the poor, the sick, the young and the very old: for the drug war refugees, too many just children; for the 4000 immigrant-informants who have been enslaved, passports taken, risking their lives annually by the DEA to essentially operate their margarita-making slush funds:
    This Drug War will end. We will MAKE our Congress end it. And we will not stand by and let it be replaced by blaming Mexicans or any immigrant for a war these parasitic bureocrats started by blaming Mexicans on US demand for marijuana in the first place. We stand united in our reform for marijuana, and remain confident in the victory of Good over evil. And we will not settle until every drug war prisoner is set free and the DEA stands not for Enforcement but Education.

    1. @ Julian,
      Thank you for saying that we legalizers must never accept white supremacist fascism, not even in exchange for legalization. This is what Trump supporters have been saying — “Oh, Trump will leave marijuana alone, too much money in it, yada yada yada.” Like they’re buying us off!

      But we cannot be complicit in Trump’s crimes against humanity.

      1. Thank you Mark. I know you have a short fuse for fascist bull$#!+ and I respect that. Im training myself to write more educating work that invites people to learn, instead of attacking or being defensive which tends to switch off the learning part of our brains. But sometimes we need to vent, and this blog and website gets used for both and more. (Hence the ol Act tab). I still remember the first time the concept hit me that we as citizens have a responsibility to educate our Representatives. We take so much for granted.
        We cant trade our freedom for someone elses; the private poison prisons are still there, lobbying for any opportunity to throw marijuana consumers back in the can, or any innocent person that they can convince us “deserves” the work-camp torture they are selling. We have three-year-olds growing up in squalid U.S. prisons without education or due process. Their mothers complain the conditions are worse than the Hell they left in their homelands that OUR drug policies created. This hypocrisy cannot escape us. If we are to be honest, the marijuana legalization movement has always been about replacing drug incarceration with drug treatment (i.e. medical marijuana) and ending private prisons for profit. To do any less, to trade the freedoms of the brave tax-paying marijuana consumer for the incarceration of the worst victims of the drug war such as opiate addicts and drug war refugees is to cut off our nose to spite our face. Or another way to put it, it would be like voting to build a wall we cant afford across the border with our third biggest trading partner just so we could build roads for the oil industry with our tax dollars and then giving the Rio Grande to Mexico. (Oh wait, thats not a metaphor, thats a real administrative policy… we are soooo fucked…)

      2. Don’t get caught up in nation dividers who hate people who voted. Yes Trump is president. So we work together. We don’t act like babies and riot. We present real cause without the tantrum nonsense. One thing that won was Trump and his admin listened and listen…To grownups. So this issue of prohibition of marijuana must end. Get your big boy pants on and bring common sense approach, real believable pitch to make America better..Not some childish garbage that the nation won’t follow unless paid by some retard nation dividers. And finally people are coming together with real agenda that includes yes people who voted for Trump and whom ever they voted for. End marijuana prohibition.

      3. @ Freedomandliberty,
        You off your meds again. I’ll ring for the psych nurse. Try not to drool so much.

    2. Since when did my dr become a cop. Ok I need pain meds I can’t live without meds but I smoke so i must suffer? Its cruel and just wrong. I’ve had heart attacks a stroke and what’s gona kill me pot laws.

  3. I live with pain key word live I’ve smoked.Pot over for over forty yrs never caught. Now manitory ua i lost pain meds I need to live.

  4. I cared for my dying husband alone my back is painfull mri shows heavy damage I need pain meds daily ive been watching this debate since 1975 dec issue high times soon its gona be legal its to late for me after never getting caught 42yrs a tiny amount cost me meds i need to walk live independant a hell of a price its time for some commen sence legalize it

  5. Political, manpower and budgetary realities are the deciding factors folks. Florida voted for Trump. Yay! Florida voted even more bigly for medpot at 71%. More yay! Now combine the two. Does Trump want to win Florida in 2020? Yes. There ya’ go, a dose of political reality and a POTUS who is a realist instead of an ideologue. His son in law and daughter who are close to him in the White House happen to be more liberal in social issues too. That’s the seasoning.

    The DOJ like any other bureaucracy has just so much money and so many people in it. Right now the Drug War hot button issue is heroin. Guess where the limited resources go? Yeah, I’m sure even the stupidest stoner gets the answer right…LOL! So how much is left to go deal Big Green a big blow? Not much. Then add in the inevitable lawsuits brought forth by states with legal medpot and recpot. The swamp is mighty muddy and will drain the DOJ first! Nothing happens fast in government so noise and fury signifying nothing is the forecast.

    Money: Either collect taxes or pay for enforcement. There’s your two money flows. Which one has more appeal to the government at all levels, taking in or putting out? Just let that dynamic do its job to settle down the Reefer Madness people since those who prize precious dinero are way more numerous.

    Besides, the GOP is not monolithic on this issue and Trump has proven he can change his mind. The Cause Is Not Lost! Don’t panic.

    1. @Phootball Phanatic,
      You had me until “Don’t panic.” Our Finasteride-popping Commander-in-Chief from Lil Dick’s Anonymous is dangling his phat phinger over the nuke button with N Korea just to distract us from Congressional investigations over his dirty loans and ties to the Russian mob and you say “Don’t panic?!”
      Im not your easily provoked panic-button Liberal, but for fuck’s sake, he just appointed Chris Christi to direct a special Presidential Commission to fight opiate addiction!
      Ok, Im being somewhat sarcastic; I agree with you on one fundemental point; We must not allow our fear and anger to impede our clinical judgemental, much less our resolve to change the predatory laws that create prohibition of marijuana. If chaos wishes to distract us we will become more focused in the way we educate our Congressman; we will offend and defend less to bring more education and understanding. Congress has to share this planet too. Even lost and sold despotic orange leaders, despite themselves…

      1. “Clinical Judgement.” (Not “judgemental.”) I don’t know why that bothered me enough to post a correction, but it did. So there. Smoke on.

    2. Trump betrays all who join with him, and he will betray you,too! Don’t say nobody warned you.

    1. Susan, you’re dating yourself with that phrase. I recall that phrase well whilst cruising around with a car full of buddies in the 1970s.

  6. IF the president, being a businessman, could have a listening meeting with NORML, LEAP, SSDP and a handful of the people involved, Ethan Nadelmann, Russ Belville, some of the CA people, hemp farmers and industry types…. He would come away with a new understanding on the issue and it would make sense to de-schedule cannabis and maybe delete the CSA altogether.
    Trump is different, he is not a political or party-line idealog, he is a ‘political outsider’ without a set party-aligned agenda like most political types. President Trump ‘Can See the Light’, if he gets the chance.

    1. @ dave,
      Trump is a scumbag.

      Trump has no principle, no morals. We legalizers want nothing from that fraud. Anyone who tries to cut a deal with Trump eventually gets screwed. We won’t be foolish enough to make that mistake. We won’t be foolish enough to think Trump is capable of cutting a deal and sticking to it. We won’t listen to anything he says, because we already know it’s bullshit by definition.

      In summary, fuck Trump. We don’t need him, we don’t want him, we don’t trust him, we don’t respect him. Fuck him good and forevermore!

  7. Canada is pussyfooting around the United Nations and these international treaties that prohibit cannabis worldwide. Canada is talking about labeling cannabis legalization as one huge scientific experiment. WTF! Just legalize it outright, and fuck the U.N.! If Trump had the balls he claims to have as a freakin’ negotiator he’d pull the U.S. out of all of them at the same time as Canada and legalize at the same time as Canada. Trump, if you would lead on legalization you’d have a coalition of countries right at your side who also want to legalize. You are not alone. Tons of people want cannabis legalized worldwide.

  8. Just saw where Bill Osmeilly, the fox news far right highest paid most watched marijuana prohibitionist from hell anchorman got canned for sexual harassment. I have watched this guy talk down marijuana, and the people who use it like THEY are the criminals in America, and it is people just like him who are keeping it illegal.

    1. I’m shedding no tears for the demise of O’Reilly. I blame him and Limpballs and Newtie Gingrich and Fox “News” for the political rancor in our country since the mid-1990s. GOPers used to be relatively reasonable, capable of actually compromising; not since the emergence of the far right TV and radio shows, tho.

      1. Watch it with the namesnarling, someone might accuse you of being a maggot-infested dope-smoking hippy. (After a toke) go out and perform something that competes successfully (“free market”) against the Goppytalk monopolizing the broadcast machinery. I have a noisy fake violin you can show off to infants and toddlers.

      2. PS Population control will be achieved without abortion by compulsory genome investigation at birth, and those infants found destined for oversize or overweight will be sterilized. The families will be compensated, the individuals will receive lifetime education and career benefits, grow up to be politicians and lawyers, and their nickname will be “Newties” because of their beautiful new ties that they wear in court and congress.

  9. We must come together. To end marijuana prohibition. Throw out your nonsense hate and nation dividing. So what we have a president name Trump get over it. We have to come together or continue with your hate and nation dividing …Get off your hate of Trump and Trump supporters. This isn’t about that it’s about coming together and ending marijuana prohibition.

  10. End marijuana prohibition. Unite the nation. End your hate and nation dividing. End marijuana prohibition.

    1. @ Freedomandliberty,
      Never,ever,ever accept Trump as anything but the scumbag he truly is.

    2. Put yer Big Boy pants on READ, moron! Trump appointed Jeff Sessions to DOJ, Tom Marino to Drug Czar and Chris Christi to a “special Presidential Commission on opiates” …Three of the most high profile prohibitionist “dividers” in the known universe. You aint foolin nobody here. You just read out as reaaaaally uneducated by average competant standards.

  11. 4:20 and no events in Nashville, TN? What is happening towards the movement? Duck and cover? Firing one up for you Sessions.

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