Supporters of Marijuana Legalization Rally in Easton’s Centre Square

10917798_556577754478075_8539327547197949760_oFor more than three decades, supporters of marijuana legalization have gathered in cities across the country on 4/20 to celebrate all things marijuana, and to protest the federal government’s failed War on Drugs. From what started as a loosely organized group of people protesting federal marijuana laws, has now grown into a nationally recognized movement, and now, a day of action.

To continue this tradition, members of Lehigh Valley NORML organized the 4/20 March on Easton; an effort to highlight the need for marijuana law reforms on the local and state level. With Easton Mayor Sal Panto Jr. and more than a hundred supporters on hand, Jeff Reidy, executive director of Lehigh Valley NORML and his colleagues provided educational materials to attendees and spoke about several marijuana bills being considered by state lawmakers.

“This year’s March was an announcement that we plan to press our policy-makers, offer up facts, and influence change in our community and across this state,” said Jeff Reidy, executive director of Lehigh Valley NORML. More than 100 attended the event, both young and old, meandering about Centre Square, holding signs and sharing the moment, while celebrating the leaf.”


With marijuana decriminalization measures adopted in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Harrisburg and recent comments by Philadelphia’s Mayor Jim Kenney and Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale to end marijuana prohibition in the Commonwealth, advocates are hopeful things will change as the conversation advances in Eaton

“We are grateful for our community of supporters here in the Lehigh Valley, but know we need to grow that support and strengthen our voice, in order to effect change,” added Reidy. “The fight continues, but damn, this is one 4/20 I will long remember.”

TAKE ACTION: Contact Pennsylvania lawmakers and urge them to support House Bill 928 by clicking here!

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For future updates on marijuana law reform efforts in Pennsylvania, follow Lehigh Valley NORML by visiting their website and Facebook page!

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  1. I only hope you had educated presenters that dressed and spoke appropriately so a concise message could be conveyed and if necessary intelligently and respectfully rebutted.

    Remember Legalization without Commercialization.

    1. Oh fuck, Donna, really?

      (Sigh…) Alright, let’s spell it out together…


      And as for the stereotypes on stoners which seem to persist in late night comedy…

      Intelligent stoners need to come out of the shadows. Not sayin you gotta post your pic on this blog, but you can march, talk to local media and represent in NORML meetings.

  2. Wow, more than a 100. That’s horribly disappointing. Honestly, that would fill about a third of a single bleacher in a high school gym. And who’s the dude with the sunglasses and the sign covering his face? Make ya just want to trust him. At least Santa looks happy (dude to the left)or is that a ZZtop band member; nah probably Santa. Girl in front (holding sign) looks like a good spokes person; attractive and intelligent looking. That being said her right eye looks a little fuck up, just me? It is nice to see Whoopi Goldberg showed up; always the activist. Well good luck to the magnificent 0.7%

  3. Easton is close to New Jersey, where MMJ is up and running.

    Look at this National District Attorney Association going with the current prohibitionist law. Shit, I was hoping they’d have some chutzpah and recommend the law be changed, but instead they are churning out statements based on the same old disproven points of the prohibitionist argument as their position statement.


    I want a memorandum from Sessions saying that he’s staying the fuck out of the way of the states in ALL things cannabis, medical or recreational. Same thing from Mnuchin, same thing from DOJ. Get the IRS off my back, Mnuchin!

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