Las Vegas NORML Ramps up Advocacy Efforts

1294bbf7-8ed0-450d-9f98-5f7fd0090ae4With state lawmakers in Nevada quickly approaching their fast-tracked deadline of July 1st to implement the state’s new adult-use marijuana program, NORML is focused on ramping up our activism efforts in Las Vegas!

Over the past two months, we’ve been busy planning, attending legislative hearings, tabling at events, doing community outreach, volunteering at our local community garden, and more to get the word out about our new chapter, and post-legalization activism in Las Vegas.

So far during the 2017 legislative session, there have been several key pieces of legislation introduced. One of the most important bills that we’re currently pushing is Senator Tick Segerblom’s SB 329, which would safeguard many protections for marijuana patients and the legal marijuana industry. These protections include re-establishing patient grow rights, allowing medical marijuana research facilities, allowing marijuana establishments to be organized as a corporation, and adds PTSD as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana.

Another important piece of legislation that we’re watching closely is SB 236; if adopted by lawmakers, this legislation would permit social use marijuana clubs across Nevada. With the issue of social marijuana consumption quickly becoming a main issue for marijuana advocates in post-legalization states, Las Vegas NORML believes this legislation would be the first step in providing marijuana consumers with a safe and legally defined space to responsibly consume their legally purchased marijuana.

To learn more, join us for our next meeting on Tuesday, May 23rd where we’ll discuss the various pieces of marijuana-related legislation in Nevada! Get involved and invite your friends!


Creating a Space for Marijuana Activism

We’re at a crucial time in the legislative session, so we need our members and supporters to speak-up for Nevada marijuana consumers by urging their representatives to support marijuana-related legislation. To help facilitate this, Las Vegas NORML has organized a postcard writing party! This will give everyone a chance to share their personal stories and reasons why they support marijuana legislation with their lawmakers.

We also have two guest speakers from Nevada’s marijuana industry that will be joining us: DB Labs and Sahara Wellness. DB Labs will be educating our members on marijuana testing in Nevada, and Sahara Wellness will be sharing their story of helping patients in the community. Plus we’ll have event sign-ups, membership packages, legislative updates, and even FREE SNACKS! Who can say no to that?

Be sure to RSVP using our Facebook Event Page, and invite all of your friends in Las Vegas!

For more information on Las Vegas NORML, please find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or email us at

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  1. Another GOPer Gov wants to poo poo freedom. Hey people, those of you who keep voting GOPer, I honestly can’t figure out what you’re thinking. How many times do we have to be shat upon?

    I know there are Dems who are asswipes too, but their numbers pale compared to those who are GOPers.

  2. Nevada needs to hurry up. Vegas would be an AWESOME addition to our victory…and to the future. I have a former roommate who was the president of his fraternity while in college, another friend also is a resident…..

    What really worries me with Nevada…..we have a GOP governor….just like in Maine, and, I could be wrong here, Massachusetts?

    What worries me is that Sessions will ORDER Sandoval, probably by the end of July, to rescind legalization. Legal sales liscenes are slated for July 1. Nevada has a Republican governor, who, if I read correctly, is no fan of weed.

    I will stay on the side of optimism.

    Let me repeat, one more time though, we MUST do SOMETHING about Jefferson Sessions. He will NOT destroy us, but let’s try to avoid any damage he might do.

    1. Also, sorry, folks, this is Matt, not Anonymous, and thank you very much, NORML, for posting. I do always remember to keep it appropriate. But thank you, as always.

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