Vermont: House Blocks Marijuana Depenalization Bill From Further Consideration

marijuana_seedlingMembers of the Vermont House of Representatives decided late last night to block a marijuana depenalization measure, H. 511, from further consideration this legislative session.

The vote came after Senate members approved the bill, which eliminated civil and criminal penalties for the private possession and cultivation of small quantities of marijuana. Republican Gov. Phil Scott – who had vetoed an earlier version of the bill in May – had also recently expressed his support for the revised legislation.

Further action on the bill during this week’s special veto session required the votes of three-quarters of the House. But only a majority voted to take action on the bill, with almost all Republican House members voting ‘no.’

If enacted, the bill would have permitted adults to legally possess up to one ounce of cannabis and to grow up two mature plants at home.

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  1. Disappointing? Yes. However, it is important to remember that H511 was not going to take effect until July 1st 2018. The legislature meets in January of 2018 and will take up the measure again with the same effective date so the failure to pass this year was nothing more than postponing the inevitable.

      1. No, no I don’t.
        Communism is a police state. Thats what Nicon observed when he went to China. Its what the CIA observed they needed to make a buck pushing drugs with the mafia; arrest nonviolent Americans who consumed drugs that question authority in order to maintain a tax free drug racket with prohibition. You should really get out of your fake news bubble.

        The link above shows how the vast majority of Democrats rank better on marijuana reform, but thats just the Federal level.

        At the state level Ive worked with my Republican state Representative on marijuana reform, but Rep. Isaac is a shining exception among the GOP.

        My comment reflects not only upon the Republican lust to throw our freedoms under the police state of prohibition, but backing Russia, Trump and Sessions? Thats more than commie… thats treason.

      2. This interested me, “Nicon” sounds like some kind of supercamera capable of generating icons? “Nixon” reminds me of 1974 slogan, “Nixon knew!” which sounds like “Nix on you!” Subtitle for his famous vendetta against Blacks and Hippies?

      3. Ha! Mexweed, I thought the word “Nicon” would interest you because you woulda thought it meant some kinda new Nicotine Vaporizing device!

        In fact I bought a new screen for my phone at the mall. Trying to support the jobs that are actually getting lost by on-line consumption instead of automation. And what do I get? A shitty phone that mispells words. Shoulda stayed home and got stoned. But hey! After 30 minutes I found a non-synthetic shirt for $10 at Footlocker! That was amazing! (Once again, I should build a hemp farm in Mexico and import my own damn shirts… with a NORML logo on them!)

      4. Yup,

        You obviously don’t like liberal “Commiefornia.” Yet, Commiefornia passed MJ Rec legalization. Let’s list the US Nazi-GOPer states that haven’t:

        Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, SD, ND, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Wyoming . . . I could keep going, but you get the picture.

        Yup, instead of criticizing a state that HAS voted to legalize, and yes it’s a LIBERAL state, you should criticize all the bright red police states that haven’t. Just another Fox-bot hypocrite who pretends he’s for legalization.

    1. @Sean seems to be convinced we are all stereotypical dopy stoners incapable of thinking up any techniques for hastening the process. Don’t be cowed by troll sneering, get on with the work, hit the tab as Julian has reminded you.

      1. Thanks Mexweed… for reminding him because you just reminded me that my post got deleted. Is it my phone? What kinda technology is doing that?

  2. It’s a shame when the majority of the people make the decision for what is best for us. But congress will allow alcohol which causes deaths every year. Ridiculous !!

  3. It’s a shame when the majority of the people can’t make the decision for what is best for us. But congress will allow alcohol which causes deaths every year. Ridiculous !!

  4. I wouldn’t doubt there are acts of bullyism among the Republican legislators to be so one sided on the marijuana issues.

    1. Only the worst bullies on earth; from synthetic pharmaceutical predators to the cartel mafia within our own DOJ.
      Momma always said stand up to a bully. Might get yer @$$ kicked but they wont pick on you again. Problem is they target the weak and vulnerable… like poor, uneducated, unemployed people in West Virginia getting targeted by synthetic opiates and lies to vote Republican/Trump, like the p.o.$. Bully-extroardinaire is really gonna bring back their coal jobs. News flash; even if the GOP flips the tax incentives to turn us into smog-choked police state China… (and Trump owes big to the Bank of China) it takes just 6 guys and a giant excavator to level a hill what used to take 100 men working in a coal mine. Those jobs aren’t coming back and they shouldn’t.

      Of course a legal marijuana industry with a domestic industrial hemp economy could create millions of clean jobs… but that would cut into the profit of the Koch brothers dirty patent$. So here we are still trying to legalize marijuana and fight their evil Cro$$check Program.

      But instead of making fun of our opiate-addicted, less educated Republicans, we need to stand up for them and show them a better Democratic, marijuana reforming alternative. Its not enough to stand up for ourselves. We need to help the weak if we are strong. Thats what NORML chapters and the is for.

      1. What I meant was that a rookie Republican congressman who has a heart and does understand the benefits of marijuana may still vote against it out of fear, and choose to be blind like the rest of them on marijuana issues. It is very similar to the Republican activities of the George W. Bush administration. “Either you are with us or against us.”

      2. To quote Yoda,

        “Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose. Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

  5. That cop should have never shot that guy in the head. The cop aw to be locked up in the hole for ever.

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