Nevada: Licensed Adult Use Marijuana Sales Set To Begin Saturday

Nevada Legalized MarijuanaStarting on Saturday, July 1, specially licensed medical cannabis dispensaries in Nevada will have the opportunity to engage in the retail sale of marijuana to adults.

State tax regulators finalized temporary rules on Monday governing adult use sales. Regulators so far have issued over 80 licenses to business establishments seeking to engage in activities specific to the production, testing, or sale of cannabis to adults.

“Adults in Nevada will now be able to access cannabis in a safe, above ground, regulated environment,” NORML Political Director Justin Strekal said. “To their immense credit, lawmakers expeditiously to implement the will of their voters. Elected officials elsewhere would do well to follow Nevada’s example.”

Adult use sales are anticipated to be limited because of an ongoing legal dispute regarding who may legally transport cannabis to retail stores. Last week, a Carson City judge issued an injunction prohibiting any entity other than liquor distributors from engaging in retail marijuana transport. As a result, retailers will only be able to sell their existing inventory.

“While we applaud Nevada for moving to enact their voter approved legalization initiative in a timely fashion, interested parties must now move quickly and decisively to resolve the pending issues around distribution. If supply remains constrained in the state it will drive up prices and ultimately lead to most retail outlets being entirely out of sellable product for the recreational market.” NORML Executive Director Erik Altieri said. “This will only serve to continue to drive consumers to the black market, the very thing residents voted to demolish, and will deprive the state of needed tax revenue that will instead go to underground operators.”

A majority of voters decided in November in favor of the Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act – a voter-initiated regulating the adult use marijuana market. In May, state regulated decided in favor of expediting the timeline for retail marijuana sales from January 1, 2018 to July 1, 2017.

Seven additional states — Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Washington — no longer impose criminal penalties with regard to the adult possession or use of cannabis.

Businesses in the state still do not have protections from the Justice Department, led by militant prohibitionist Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who recently stated marijuana is “only slightly less awful” than heroin.

You can click here to easily send a message to your federal lawmakers in support of pending legislation, HR 1227: The Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act by clicking HERE.

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  1. We need to pass a bill or law so that drug testing for a job can be saliva rather than urine in states that have legal medical or recreational use so people that have jobs aren’t getting fired for smoking in their off time!

  2. Good.

    Las Vegas is often a destination for the other states-
    thus, this will give even those from illogically rigid states a chance to see legal cannabis in action-
    and, with the trade-marked mantra of freedom from the routine, many who would not have may now encounter legal cannabis-
    and they will, “see it’s a blessing
    and its not a curse”
    (Ben Harper / Burn One Down).

    This will be a win-win. Excellent.

    The wall crumbles…

  3. How is the state tracking the supplies? Are their limits to quantities of sales and distribution? If its anything like Colorado no supply limits can solve the distribution problem.

    Either way any legal marijuana sales are cutting into Sheldon Adelson’s gambling profits. As the alcohol and gambling gets replaced with marijuana, the buffet and… god forbid… genuine entertainment… the quality of showbiz will have to up their annie… and actually entertain. Better polish up your acts; those guys in the front row arent as drunk as they used to be!

    One thing’s for sure; the Mob museum is going to have to update their exhibit with the DOJ and money-laundering casino owners like Adelson.

  4. Las Vegas and Nevada are great prizes, to be certain, in addition to our mother, California, right behind her. But I am worried. The governor is Republican. We have an Executive Attorney General, and his second-in-command VP Rosenstein watching. We have Rosenberg still running the DEA with his clown side-show remember that picture of Rosenberg with the staff behind him? Come off it….).


    The threat of a crackdown is very real still. I am so glad we have started sales in Nevada. I am literally, right now, listening to blasting fireworks behind me as I sit at home, thinking about perhaps hitting a pub or two. But….please, everyone, remember that, even with Nevada sales starting today, the stupidity is still out there. I have recently gotten into an argument on the “Federal law” and “this is a democracy, just because you love weed….” arguments…Also….

    I do not know about some of you, I recently have found a little time for TV,…..

    anyone else SICK of seeing police shows congrats on each other for weed busts? I am so so sick of it….

    Nevada has done a great thing this day, fitting, right before our Indy Day.

    My GREATEST fear is a crackdown…..

    1. Hi Matt, just had to respond to your comment about cop shows like “Cops” … Back when I actually used to watch TV, can’t believe I used to actually think I needed TV to entertain myself, but it was shows like COPS that made me stop watching TV as a normal activity.

      One moment from one episode in particular has stuck with me for years as particularly repugnant: two white cops in a squad car, speeding down the highway, in pursuit of “drugs,” as the over-adrenalized cop in the passenger seat says, “Here, Druggie Druggie!” like he’s calling a fucking dog!

      I found that so offensive and repugnant, I never forgot it. That’s why I hate fucking cops. You want to give them respect, but you can’t, because of dumb-shit redneck dumb-fuck cops who say stupid shit like “Here, druggie druggie!”

      Go fuck yourself, pig!

  5. I recently JUST made a major contact with my state of MICHIGAN’s effort to legalize. I have some videos and details. I will be posting those soon, I have an awesome contact email, and I have some more from Michigan’s SECOND drive (you recall we were shut down in 2016 because we did not get the sigs in six months…..). So, I will be back, folks. Have a SAFE, and great weekend. Yes, God Bless America.

    To legalization. To the FUTURE

  6. It’s good to see progress being made on the legal front! I hope Nevada handles their new freedoms well and the rollout runs smoothly.

  7. RE: NV “legalized” sales :: ‘Specialty licensed’…HA! What a crock. Only a (1) SELECT FEW that (2) ALREADY have alcohol license, and are (3) approved of (totally biased) by the State. If you meet all 3 you can sell for adult use for period of time until complete regs are adopted. So State is creating a monopoly and creating a retail sales atmosphere that is intentionally contrary the intent behind the basis of capitalism itself…interesting. Now, I may just be a Californian city boy, but I don’t think that’s entirely legal…someone should file for immediate interlocatory judgment…*wink*

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