Bill To Exclude Hemp From The Controlled Substances Act

hempfieldCongressman James Comer (R-KY-1) and 15 co-sponsors have reintroduced legislation to amend the federal Controlled Substances Act to exclude industrial hemp.

Currently, the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 labels hemp as a Schedule I drug.

H.R. 3530 excludes low-THC strains of cannabis grown for industrial purposes from the federal definition of marijuana.

The majority of US states have already enacted legislation redefining hemp as an agricultural commodity and allowing for its cultivation. In 2014, members of Congress approved language in the omnibus federal Farm Bill explicitly authorizing states to sponsor hemp research absent federal reclassification of the plant.

All parts of the hemp plant can be cultivated and used to produce everyday household items. It can be grown as a renewable source for raw materials such as clothing, paper, construction materials, and biofuel. Not only is it useful, but growing hemp is much more environmentally friendly than traditional crops.

According to the Congressional Research Service, the United States is the only developed nation in which industrial hemp is not an established crop.

Click HERE to urge your Representative to support this legislation.


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  1. Hemp prohibition exposes the lie of marijuana prohibition, by rendering all the reefer madness justifications for prohibition irrelevant, as a result of the simple fact that hemp won’t get you “high!”

    So they say, “Well, you know, it will confuse the cops.” Please. That’s like being afraid of kittens because they look like bunnies. So what?

    Being a cop is a dangerous job,granted; but let’s keep it real — the real agricultural threat the cops should be worrying about is Monsanto, and their mindless genetic tinkering with our food!

  2. Sent it. Glad to know that NORML is teaming up with Votehemp’s efforts to legalize hemp at the federal level. With that said, it is more likely we will have more success at the state level.

    Sending letters like this to my House Rep, Lamar Smith, feels like sending letters to the Dark Side of the Force asking them to please stop destroying our planet. Meanwhile I’ll send another $15 to his opponents in next year’s campaign, McFadden and Kopser, and vet them for marijuana and hemp policy.

    The history of hemp and marijuana policy in America is the history of the way unchecked capitalists and parasitic bureaucrats used ignorance, racism and the government to rip humanity from our sustained coexistence with our planet.

    Here is our history; Enjoy the pics and videos:

  3. I would not vote for this bill. I (we) want ALL forms of hemp/Cannabis removed from the Controlled Substances Act. Why should big business be thee only one who benefits. Free us all!

    1. @ Pat,
      Here’s why we should support the hemp bill: harm reduction. Think of it like when a psycho takes hostages at a bank… You want to negotiate for the peaceful release of as many hostages as you can. It doesn’t, in itself, eliminate the psycho, but it does save lives.

      Similarly, it makes sense to remove the DEA from the agricultural and farming communities! Doesn’t mean we aren’t going to take out the psycho when we get that chance, if you follow the metaphor — the “psycho” representing DEA, and Drug Warriors in general.

    2. @Pat, I agree. The less informed will use this bill to say “we have you your hemp, so you must only want the indica’ s and sativa’ s to get high. Although that is a perk Cannabis has over 100 different Cannabinoids present. THC and THCA HAVE medicinal value as well. It is my fear that the far right will use this bill to shut down the process for full genus legalization, taxation and regulation.

  4. Nice to NORML supports FREE SPEECH! Why did my comment not get displayed? I Will say it again. I would not support this bill. All forms of hemp should be removed from the Controlled Substances Act. Why should big business be thee only one who benefits. Why cant my voice be heard?

  5. Check out this hemp activist, Mrs. Hemphill, at an town hall with the Texas Agricultural Committee in San Angelo:

    “Believing that marijuana is going to grow out of a hemp field is like thinking youre gonna get a Great Dane out of a couple of Chihuahua’s.”
    -Mrs. Hemphill

  6. It needs federal passed then slowly. This aloud each stat to engage laws on distribution manufackering and introduce the product to each and.every country in all states that are interested in partisapating .This way they don’t misinterpret the laws and conditions the federal gov. When it finally gets passed.

  7. re; H.R. 3530 excludes low-THC strains of cannabis grown for
    -industrial purposes-
    from the federal definition of marijuana.

    will NORML contact these 16 congressmen, and urge them to resubmit this bill as;
    excludes low-THC strains of cannabis grown for
    -ANY purpose-
    from the federal definition of marijuana.

    that would allow anyone to grow it for PERSONAL USE;
    medical use (charolette’s web)
    food use (hemp seeds),
    and SMOKING use.
    (it would not get you high, but it would be a safe alternative to cigarettes)

    i cannot grow an ‘industrial’ amount in my back yard.

    if it is not dangerous to grow one hundred acres of hemp, or a thousand acres,

    why would it be dangerous for me to grow one hundred plants of hemp in my yard ???

    the war; marijuana, or no marijuana,
    is almost over, we are winning.

    the coming war; ‘grow your own’ or ‘corperatate grown ONLY’ is allready in the works; the big tobacco companies, and others, would love to corperatateize legal marijuana, so there would be no such thing as ‘grow your own’.

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