Poll: Americans’ Support For Marijuana Law Reform At All Time High

legalization_pollA record percentage of American voters support reforming the nation’s marijuana laws, according to polling data released by Quinnipiac University.

Sixty-one percent of voters believe that “the use of marijuana should be made legal in the United States” — the highest percentage ever reported by the poll. Support for legalization is strongest among those between the ages of 35 to 49 (77 percent), those between the ages of 18 and 34 (71 percent), Democrats (70 percent), and Independents (67 percent). Support is weakest among those age 65 or older (42 percent) and Republicans (37 percent).

With regard to the use of medical cannabis, 94 percent of voters say that adults ought to be able to legally consume it therapeutically. Among those polled, no group expressed less than 90 percent support for the issue.

Finally, 75 percent of voters oppose “the government enforcing federal laws against marijuana in states that have already legalized medical or recreational marijuana.” Super-majorities of every group polled, except for Republicans (59 percent), hold this position.

The Quinnipiac poll possesses a margin of error of +/- 3.4 percent.

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  1. Statistics like these make it harder for the Keebler Elf to impose his prohibition.

    Republicans of course are lagging far behind everyone else on this issue. They are the biggest impediment to MJ legalization today.

  2. It’s only a matter of time!!! Im off in 2 weeks to get my medical card.. So it dosent matter to me but this country needs legal weed!

  3. (Foghorn Sessions):

    “Well, I say, I say, HOW is a drug warrior suposta blame a Mexican for all this violence from US drug policy with all these FACTS floatin around the internet? Next thing you know they’ll be makin a Constitutional amendment for the Controlled Substances Act! A travesty, I say, I travesty!”

    1. I’ve noticed that the Trump supporters on this forum have largely disappeared into the weeds. Wonder if they’re feeling betrayed by his Orange majesty yet.

      “Hey man, he’s for states’ rights! He’d be stupid . . . ” etc etc

      1. @ Evening Bud,

        I say, Either vote Democratic, or don’t vote at all.

        Here’s why: First, Republicans are evil, on all levels. The day I decide to dedicate my life to serving Satan, that’s the day I will switch my registration to Republican.

        So then, why would I utter the blasphemy “Don’t vote?” Because of the fucking “neoliberals.” Neoliberals are the reason Democrats are a bunch of pussies when it comes to legalizing marijuana, because they are too scared, or greedy, to confront their corporate masters. Hillary was a poster child for this kind of condescending horseshit. If Democrats cannot stick up for social principles, they will continue to lose a one horse race. When your opponent is a pile of shit like Trump, there’s no excuse. Neoliberals, There is no “middle ground” with fascist white-supremacists, so cut the crap: we see your leash in the hand of your master, Corporate America, which opposes marijuana legalization. We’re onto you, so knock that shit off! Your Democratic “Pathway to Marijuana Legalization?” Not good enough anymore. Your “purity test” is here, whether you like it or not. It could be single-payer healthcare; it could be marijuana legalization. Start sticking up for the underdogs: the human beings! Stop treating “society” as a dirty word! Don’t fail!

        Now: Republicans, stop gloating. Screw you. I will never support you. That would be much, much, much worse. Trump proves that conclusively. So take your right wing nut job alt-facts and shove them up your ass.

      2. Freedom. Personal freedom. Personal freedom over Corporate power. People before profits. How hard is that to understand?

        The only people offended by that tend to be people who represent corporate entities which are not, in fact, actually people! But they also tend to weild great power; therein lies the problem.

      3. Mark,

        You hit the nail on the head! The neoliberals ARE killing the Democratic Party. I’ve engaged in heated(!) debates with members of my own family, all of whom are lifelong Dems like me, over that very issue. And yes, Hillary is part of that problem; so I’m glad she’s history.

        I can tell you, Mark, that I’ve let my Dem Senators and congressmen here in NM know how I feel about neoliberals and their conservative policies.

        I also wholeheartedly agree that once we weed out those throw-backs, the path to legalization with be much smoother.

        Of course, the neoliberal Dems look downright enlightened next to most GOPers.

      4. @ Evening Bud,
        Dig. I appreciate that.
        I consider myself part of the Resistance, and I will vote for anybody but Trump, in order to defeat Trump, if and when that time comes.
        But while the Democrats are soul searching, now is the time to try to make them understand that they need wake up from the corporate dream, where corporations set the reference frame for what is considered politically and socially acceptable, including marijuana prohibition, drug testing, and ongoing reefer madness.
        If we allow corporations to exist outside the realm of political accountability, they will continue to exploit us at will, like we are cattle walking into a cattle chute!
        And, let’s keep it real, Democrats should never take a single progressive vote for granted, no matter how repugnant the Republicans are.
        Marijuana legalization is now low-hanging fruit for the Democrats — so pluck it, already!

  4. Maybe it’s time for the 60(?)% of the country with legal weed to do some freedom rides into the backward states. Pick one state at a time and overwhelm the local authorities with civil disobedience

  5. YES!!! I’m 60, (grew up in the 70’s ?) in alot of pain from brositis & fibromyalgia, I’m definitely in favor of nation wide legalization! Iowa didn’t even have it on the last ballot to vote on!! Time to go forward!! YEA!!!!

  6. Democrats & Independents : Legalize Cannabis Freedom !

    Republicans & 65 or older : Your Name … Is Toby !

  7. If an adult had been charged with selling my underage grandson a bag of weed, that adult would have been charged with a Felony and my grandson would still be alive, but he sold him a bottle of whiskey, watched him drink it, watched him pass out and fall flat on his face, and waited about 3 hours to call 911. The kid was pronounced dead from alcohol poisoning, the adult has not been charged with anything that I am aware of, even if he is eventually charged with contributing to a minor, that is a misdemeanor and a small fine. So if you want to commit murder and never be charged with a crime, buy some kid a bottle of booze, the Law will protect you, but do not sell them marijuana because you will go to prison, and the kid will be no worse off for it, I can not make any sense of the irony of our Laws in America, or the Fucking Assholes that make these Laws.

  8. Your link under (polling data) in the above text goes to the wrong poll. It’s about transgender people serving in the military. Please update that hyperlink. Thank you.

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