FDA Seeking Public Comments On CBD

oil_bottlesOn Regulations.Gov, right now, the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is soliciting public comments with regard to the therapeutic utility and abuse liability of various controlled substances, including cannabidiol (CBD).

The agency will consider these comments prior to preparing a formal response to the World Health Organization, which is considering placing the substances within their international drug scheduling code.

Now, to be frank, it’s a little silly that the FDA is seeking public comment on a topic that would normally be judged based on the merits of evidence-based science and data. But prohibition itself would be considered silly if not for the detrimental effects of a criminal record and lifelong penalties and stigma associated with it.

That being said, cannabidiol is defined by the US Drug Enforcement Administration as a Schedule I controlled substance, despite:

  • Its therapeutic properties and lack of abuse potential, despite the safety trials which have determined the substance to be non-toxic and well-tolerated in human subjects
  • Seventeen states explicitly recognizing by state-law that CBD as a therapeutic agent
  • The head of the US National Institute on Drug Abuse publically acknowledging that CBD is “a safe drug with no addictive effects” 

So a request for public comment should never go unfulfilled. So we made it incredibly easy for you to do so.


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  1. Done!
    Thank you, NORML, for making it easy for me to get my views across! Speak Truth to Power!

  2. Medical Marijuana gave me my life back.

    12 years ago i had flares 2-3 times a week

    Pain so bad it made me scream.

    Was not able to leave home because i never knew when a flare would hit.

    4 years ago i came to try cannabis medicine.

    Since then crohns went from being hell on earth to an inconvenience.

    Im out of adult diapers

    The pain and stomach feeling as if it would explode are simply GONE.

    I am able to go back to my normal lifestyle.

    So far in 2017 i have only had two minor flares.

    Cannabis medicine is a real GOD SEND for me.

  3. my leg gave me trouble in the hamstring area so like anybody I went to the doctor saying when I sit on the toilet seat the back of my legs are killing me so he gave me a shot and made me feel funny, If I smoke high CBD cannabis the pain when sitting on the toilet is reduced 95% and no shot which is I feel better for me.

  4. 66 years old, been told all my life marijuana was terrible, thank god i have a 42 year old son who saw his father is so much pain he kept at us to try CBD oil. We went to meeting and learned and still learning the benifits from marijuana. My husband and i are both on cbd oil, both lotion and internal plus thc at night. I have not slept for over 8 years, more that 2 hours after taking thc i can sleep 7 to 8 hours. My husband who has had back surgery, knee surgery could barely move from the pain, the doctors were fast to precribe pain pills by the bottle, but left him not feeling anything, on cbd and thc he has 60% less pain and can walk without pain, and we have only been using it 2 months. i am expecting him to improve more. We have been told lies all these years, all the people that could benifit from cbd and thc are living a hell that shouldn’t have to. the paharmaics that are spreading the lies should be shut down, all thier pill to is mask the problem, no healing.. Sure you will still have the idots who just want to get high(you alway will) but as an elderly person cbd and thc are wonderful and the population should be told and not be afraid.

    1. I think this is a fake post because you’re calling your son an idiot. Don’t thank God, thank NORML and HIGHTIMES.

      1. This is obviously your first time reading todd she didnt call her son a idiot they said people that just want to use it to get high were idiots it was because of their son they tried CBD. Please read the entire post before commenting. It makes the world a better place.

  5. Cbd oil helps me with my joint pain. It calms the pain enough for me to exercise. But cbd works best with thc in small amounts it also works as a pain reliver. It helps me stay active without the need for other medications. Big pharmaceutical companies are killing us slowly. Cbd oil has no side effects that I know of and it works well for what I need. Please put cbd oil and thc on the safe list.

  6. My mom is battling four different types of cancers all which are stage four. This is the only medication that she can take that does not make her feel like a zombie (so she would say). Please allow my mom and everyone one else in need of this plant have the access to its natural resources.

  7. Thank you Justin, and all of you at National NORML. I waited to send my letter until just now knowing faithfully you would create a link. I love the goal-bar-meter. But 200? Are we being modest? NORML members surpassed 420,000 members long ago as I recall. Its time to walk the walk NORML members!

    Here is an attached option to paste on the prescripted letter;

    “According to the CDC and acting DEA director Chuck Rosenberg, neither CBD nor whole plant marijuana have killed anyone, ever, in all recorded human history. And yet, CBD and whole plant marijuana are under schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act, in the same category as heroin, allegedly having “no medicinal value.”

    And yet we know marijuana saves lives. Over 25,000 peer-reviewed studies supporting the medical efficacy of whole plant marijuana exist on PubMed. Longitudinal, controlled studies are found on this subject in PubMed. Countless more first hand experiences of whole plant marijuana describe a reduction of tumors, whether through inhaled smoke, vapors or topical oils of cannabinoids rubbed through the flesh, directly over the tumor.

    Meanwhile, two substances not even included in the scheduling system of the Controlled Substances Act, tobacco and alcohol, kill more than a half-a-million Americans each year.

    It is time to deschedule CBD and whole plant cannabis.”

    1. Adding in the point that cannabis saves the most lives precisely by being a SUBSTITUTE for tobacco and alcohol, a PREVENTION of addiction– and overdoses, too! Please everyone, promote and popularize microdose utensil legalization (yes, that does mean flexstem oneheaters, which were developed precisely for convenience with sifted cannabis flower but apply to other herbs too including tobacckgo).

  8. I used CBD after having a stroke the first of this year. I had drooping on the left side of my face and eating and drinking was difficult for me. After about five days of taking CBD my face returned to normal and you couldn’t even tell i had a stroke. There is nothing wrong with CBD it helps people. It really helped me and continues to do so. This is a wonderful plant. Thank you for listening to my story.

  9. “the FDA is seeking public comment on a topic that would normally be judged based on the merits of evidence-based science and data.” This is quite illegal of the FDA.

    Congress shall make no law …abridging … the right of the people … to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. (Amendment 1)

    In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right …to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor. (Amendment 6)

  10. I didn’t realize CBD oil was still considered a controlled substance despite its non-psychoactive effects. Hopefully these public comments will help give it a better reputation and lead to a change in policy.

  11. Ridiculous that that CBD which has no psychoactive effects and has been shown to be highly beneficial
    For a lot of conditions and is non toxic and cannot be abused is even considered illegal.

  12. http://www.marijuana.com/blog/2017/09/01/dr-sue-sisleys-ptsd-research-in-danger-of-shutdown/

    Dr. Sue Sisley is facing a critical deadline next month on Oct. 1st. She only has 22 out of the 76 veterans she needs for her critical FDA and American Legion approved research on marijuana’s medical efficacy for treatment to turn PTSD into PTSGrowth. If you or someone you know is a willing veteran candidate to participate in this life-saving research please contact Dr. Sisley at


  13. CBD oil may be fine for some. Whole plant is what the masses want and need. My husband who contracted HIV/AIDS in the early 80’s, lived through chemo due to Carposy’s Sarcoma, is alive today because he would finish the chemo, go out to his car and smoke a joint. All 15 other patients who did not smoke died.
    The old lie (since 1937) is complete bs. EVERYONE knows cannabis is no more, or less dangerous than aspirin, and much less toxic than alcohol which is readily available in all 50 states.
    Wake up America.
    Deregulate, legalize, and give this country the freedom to grow. Cannabis should be no more regulated than growing your own tomato, cucumber, carrot, or rosemary. It is simply a plant that was demonized by corporations in the 30’s because it was cheaper and would have destroyed the wood pulp (newspaper) industries.
    I speak for many. Get a clue

  14. I thank CBD for giving back my life! It infuriates me that big pharms and the all mighty dollar are trying to prevent us from getting relief from pain, anxiety and depression by seeking out natural products. I discovered HempWorx CBD Oil and it has changed my life, my wife’s life and our dog! We need the freedom to choose what we want to do for our own health.

  15. I had broken my thumb and every time the weather changes, I’d feel a very unpleasant sensation at the point where it was broken. CBD Oral Spray for pain relief definitely helped a lot. Thanks CBD

  16. No Question CBD has been big in helping my Chronic Pain. I have been able to reduce Gabapentin and I forgot about Advil! Last year I had 4 different neck and back injections and procedures. With CBD, it’s really helped a lot!

  17. I had broken my thumb and every time the weather changes, I’d feel a very unpleasant sensation at the point where it was broken. CBD Oral Spray for pain relief definitely helped me a lot. Thanks CBD

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