AAA Is Doubling Down On Their Marijuana Distortions

Legalize marijuanaFirst, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the thousands of you who responded to NORML’s request to contact the American Automobile Association and urged them to “stop lying about marijuana legalization.”

But even as public and media pressure grows, AAA affiliates are doubling down on their reefer madness rhetoric.

At a recent AAA Texas-sponsored event, attendees were falsely told that drivers testing positive possess a 25-fold risk of accident compared to sober drivers. But the actual study cited by AAA concluded nothing of the sort. Rather, the study in question — conducted by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration — determined that THC-positive drivers possessed virtually no statistically significant risk of motor vehicle accident compared to drug negative drivers.

Similarly, AAA Mid-Atlantic is continuing to distort the truth about cannabis. Despite having been provided with peer-reviewed evidence to the contrary, a recent reply by their Director of Public and Government Affairs office shows that the agency is refusing to listen to the facts with regard to cannabis regulation and traffic safety.

“We are deeply concerned that lawmakers are considering the legalization of recreational marijuana,” the AAA’s response states. “AAA opposes the legalization … of marijuana for recreational use because of its negative traffic safety implications.”

Yet, recent studies of federal crash data find that changes in the legal status of cannabis are not associated with a rise in traffic fatalities – and, in some instances, regulating cannabis has been associated with a reduction in deadly motor vehicle crashes.

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Nonetheless, AAA Mid-Atlantic opines, “The problem of drugged driving … will only get worse if [a] state legalizes it for recreational use.”

AAA further argues that a 2015 Governors Highway Safety report finds that “drugs were present in … fatally-injured drivers with known test results, appearing more frequently than alcohol.” However, AAA fails to acknowledge that the Governors report was primarily highlighting a rise in the presence of prescription medications and over-the-counter medications in fatally injured drivers. As acknowledged by the paper’s authors: “For this report, a drug is any substance that can impair driving. There are four categories of drugs: illegal drugs, legal non-medical drugs, prescription medications, [and] over-the counter medicines.” The Governors’ report also fails to identify whether the drug-positive drivers identified by the study were either impaired at the time of the crash or even culpable for the accident.

Further, the Governors’ report has fallen under scathing public criticism from other traffic safety groups, including MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), who publicly repudiated its interpretations. “There is no way you can say that drugs have overtaken alcohol as the biggest killer on the highway,” MADD responded. “The data is not anywhere close to being in a way that would suggest that.”

They’re correct. Specifically, a 2014 review of US fatal traffic accident data by researchers at the Pacific Research Institute in Maryland reported definitively that alcohol remains a greater contributor to crash risk than all other drugs combined, concluding: “Alcohol was not only found to be an important contributor to fatal crash risk, … it was associated with fatal crash risk levels significantly higher than those for other drugs. … The much higher crash risk of alcohol compared with that of other drugs suggests that in times of limited resources, efforts to curb drugged driving should not reduce our efforts to pass and implement effective alcohol-related laws and policies.”

If we are going to achieve sane policy solutions in regards to cannabis reform, it is essential that we call out those who seek to deceive the public, even if we appreciate their roadside assistance.

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Tell AAA to stop spreading disinformation on the impacts of legalization.

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  1. Dear AAA,

    The renewal of my continued, canceled subscription to AAA depends on your immediate cease and desist of propaganda surrounding whole plant marrijuana and driving while positive with THC.

    THC is psychoactive, not intoxicating.

    Whether someone is impaired driving with active THC must be determined by controlling any influence of alcohol or prescription medications FIRST, and a standard impairment site test for balance and coordination. Any study must be longitudinal and peer reviewed. Such studies are availalble on this website by clicking on the “library” tab or on PubMed.

  2. Seriously. Get your act together or I’ll cancel my membership. There’s others ways for me to get into my car if I lock myself out.

    1. Most car insurance co’s provide roadside assistance coverage often at no added cost. the only difference is they won’t come if you’re on your own property.

  3. I will not be renewing my membership unless the retract their lies!

    As someone who has driven under the influence of cannabis > 1000 times I have never had a single accident! Skill level and paying attention to your driving is what really matters.

  4. So, AAA offers emergency roadside assistance, travel planning, racial profiling, warrentless roadside searches, drug dogs, finger fuckings by cops, vehicle and cash forfeiture, and jail time.

    Happy trails!

    1. I forgot to add to the list of AAA services: “shoot you dead on the spot if you’re a black man, traveling with a woman and a child, and the cop thinks he smells marijuana.”

      To hell with AAA! Boycott the shit out of them!

    1. Haha… “cannibal.” We know thats a spellcheck error but if AAA executives started eating eachother that could be an alternative solution to our boycott…

  5. And, btw, I just want to say one thing. My posts have been out of order since I started typing loudly about Jeff Sessions and how I “know that he will crackdown,” such statements or so as this one, others. I just want to say that I usually do not comport myself so erratically, perhaps just attaining two new good jobs and other factors caused me to snap. The news, btw, today, would be one of them, as our President, (their, President) continues to attack and destroy progress for human beings in our country. Recent news about re-militarizing police, destroying transgender rights, destroying healthcare for HARD-working families who barely get time to sleep at night, the hurricane tragedy, ongoing, other horrors Trump is starting as he terrorizes our country and abuses the most needy. Soon, DACA, etc. One more post, con.

  6. So, again, as I usually do, and to employers, I apologize for my rants and raves recently. I ACTUALLY did not feel too much like responding for a while after I heard that the Task Force report for Sessions was coming in. I feared the worst, but it actually WORKED for us! haha, Sessions was rebuked. Also, Nevada is finally hopefully coming online. Sessions STILL has not made a necessiarly MAJOR move, (I know, assest forfeit. is a real danger), it is, quite possible,

    folks, maybe he realizes he CAN’T completely crack down. I have read comments on the Cannibist saying marijuana has no medical benefiits, another on another site, AGAINST FEDERAL LAW, all that. It is sad. So backwards.

    Kevin Sabet’s letter, however, is a real potential danger, as is the AAA problem here. Sabet has apparently written to Sessions, or SAM has, and perhaps the AAA. If they keep pushing him, ESPECIALLY KEVIN SABET, Sessions might become more aggressive.

    Kevin Sabet is a SERIOUS threat, Scott Gagnon out in New England, Bill Bennett, formely of the DEA, Mel Sembler, the gentleman, forgot his name at the moment, out of Las Vegas, casiino magnate, who apparently helped fund the Arizona anti-leg. campaign.

    Stay strong, friends. Sometimes my rants are not in the right state of mind. This one is.

    Kevin Sabet and the AAA could prove very real dangers. I still maintain Jeff Sessions is very, very bad problem for us. Later, M

    1. One last thing, my friends, there is a link to the The Cannabist article on Kevin Sabet in this comment section, the post commencing with “We’re finished for the next eight years.”

      Everyone, Kevin Sabet is a real danger, he or SAM are now calling on Sessions to crackdown, Sabet is getting aggressive. If Sessions is convinced, Sabet wins. Despite all our progress, and he knows it. We have to stop him.

      The link to the story is in the comments section. Sabet is a dangerous influence, and he must be stopped.


      1. There is some reason that marijuana has been so consistently targeted and it has nothing to do with societal welfare. Somehow it fits into their agenda which has been in progress since reagan.

  7. The worst “drug” of all are those damn smartphones. They’re the most addictive thing out there!

    1. @ Drivers … Mothers,

      It’s a good point. Safety is the goal here, not moral judgement. Who hasn’t seen a driver waiting at a green light because they were on their “idiot phone?” This is a real problem! I blame corporate America and the crap products they churn out and shove down our throats.

      Having said that, nothing justifies drinking and driving.

  8. Could not resist. AAA. I have the membership, because I hate mindless manuel labor v. responsiibility and immediate concerns if I have a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, but….

    hate to lose a great company because they decide to go anti-legalization. Really apprecate the convinience and the service instead of having to change that tire or get myself out of the ditch for even higher payments but…..

    AAA, just do what you do best. Focus on service to customers. Let lawmakers handle the rest. Don’t go political, I miss the old AAA. Now, I need to winterize my car, as the roads are bad here in MI in the winter.

    I hope I can count on my AAA membership!


    1. Use your membership renewal as leverage. Write them often. Call their execs. Push the issue: Lay off MJ AAA!

  9. Just thought of it, everyone….

    the legal states shivering and overly-anxious, afraid….

    a pair of ominous, glaring eyes, staring at them….for

    now…. just staring.

    Noone knows yet if/what Sessions will do, just stay strong. LAST post on this, other than replies, lol. M


    Jeff Sessions monster comming ta GET YAAAA!

    Emperor Palpatine, restrict those rights, get that weed, police-state, GET ON THE GROUND.

    Just chill, like I am to some Dr. Dre., Snoop

    “I don’t think we need to be legalizing…..

    marijuana…..” Jefferson Beaurugard Sessions

  11. As a 30 year old, who loves to see that smile on the face of a young women, serving or OTHERWISE civilian…and listening to this great, empowering music…

    It sure will be a shame and a CRIME, if Trump says no more rights for women, and no more hip-hop, rap, hoodies, dreads, whatever else…

    Hold fast, everyone. The power of FUTURE generations will not waver! RESIST DONALD TRUMP! RESIST FACISM AND ULTRA-MORALIST INSANITY.

  12. Support legalization in your state. Personally, HOPE MI succeeds next year. Don’t let fear and nutjobs like Sabet and Jeff Sessions deter you. The FUTURE, cannot be stopped. One of my favorities from uni…

    Woke up to my new, RANDOMLY selected roommates. Great! 😀 They, all three of them are now highly successful, one has a graduate degree!

  13. Cry wolf !!! For thousands of years this plant has provided several antidotes to the human , there has been no change in human status in the past 100 years of this plants uses , people was using it while it was legal , they use/used it while it was illegal and now it’s on ifs way of being legal again , during those three stages there has been no documented evidence of potential human harm even through the FDA testing guide lines it is the safest herb on the planet .. there was no harmful statistics presentation while illegal in any documentation other then opinions based on no facts . The use of this herb realistically has not gone up overall within the last 100 years it has how ever gone down just a little as in comparison to opiates used with alcohol ..
    I recently attended a drug relapse prevention program for 2 months out 36 people only 3 was in it for cannabis use one was a highschool student , one was a dock worker and one was my self every single other individual was an opiate alcohol combination user that did include DUI,s.. I seen for my self in a actuall group setting the numbers , nothing has changed since they are legally allowed to use this herb , the only increase is the vocals towards the approval or disapproval because now it is more openly discussed . As for AAA this is 90 percent of the battle because it’s always been used for determination of lawsuits and this is big money playing with insurance money and lawyers this is 90 percent why there is job testing 90 percent why it is even illegal , we keep fighting the small battles hoping to avoid this big battle how ever it’s time to change the tides of war . AAA is a main insurance company holding billions of dollars in investing schemes through out the world and again this is a main hurdle to over come ..

  14. Hi, everyone. STUPID Jeff Sessions, and Morgan Fox….much remains to be seen…but, again, a physical crackdown is NOT likely, Sessions might seize finances…I do not know, letters…

    Sessions still has not cracked down, Californa in January, other states, building the future.

    Marijuana legalization is the one thing, so far, which has survived, the Trump administration disaster.

    A video watching right now, of many:

  15. How appropriate. Lose two jobs in one day, and my former college state says NO to medical marijuana.

    Today, surely, will be a good day.

    Backwards Ohio. Such a great day.

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