Norton Files Amendment To Strike Anti-Home-Rule Rider For DC

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes NortonRep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) has introduced an amendment to strike all four anti-home-rule riders from the House fiscal year 2018 District of Columbia Appropriations bill. This amendment would strike the riders that prohibit DC from spending its local funds on marijuana commercialization and on abortions for low-income women, as well as those that repeal D.C.’s medical aid-in-dying law, the Death with Dignity Act, and budget autonomy referendum. Norton’s marijuana amendment has already received bipartisan support in Congress and there should be no reason to prohibit DC from spending money in their local politics.

In 2015, D.C. voters overwhelmingly approved Initiative 71, which legalized the cultivation and possession of limited amounts of marijuana for adults 21 and older. However, because D.C. cannot control its own budget, Congress was able to block the District from legalizing, taxing, and regulating the sale of marijuana. This lack of regulation of non-medical marijuana has caused D.C. to lose out on millions of dollars in tax revenue and hundreds of good jobs in the marijuana-market. Additionally, because residents cannot legally purchase non-medical marijuana, this has lead to more grey and black market sales. The District should have full control over its budget to implement and regulate the sale of marijuana.

In a press release statement, Norton stated, “The anti-democratic interference in D.C.’s purely local affairs flies directly in the face of the oft touted Republican principle of local control, and I am making sure no Member gets a free pass on abusing congressional authority over the District. Republican Members from states where medical aid in dying and recreational marijuana are legal should particularly apply the same right of local autonomy that their states have used to the District of Columbia. In addition, I am prepared to fight any and all new anti-home-rule riders introduced by Republicans later this week. We will not be used as political fodder for overeager Members who would rather spend their time meddling in the District’s affairs than working on behalf of their own constituents.”

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  1. It will not matter. If Donald TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP, says NO to medical marijuana, agrees with Rep. Andy Harris, NO to recreational….

    ‘Hey man, got some great medicine/weed today,” *sirens…..louder and louder* “GET ON THE GROUND!! *sirens* -ET ON THE GRRROUND! *sirens*

  2. Eleanor Holmes Norton rocks.

    DC is predominantly black. Republicans are predominately ,white male racists; and because they support Trump, they are fascist Nazi collaborators as well. Essentially, Republicans suck.

    Eleanor Holmes Norton says, “I am prepared to fight any and all new anti-home-rule riders introduced by Republicans later this week. We will not be used as political fodder for overeager Members who would rather spend their time meddling in the District’s affairs than working on behalf of their own constituents.”

    I hope she beats Andy Harris like he was a red-headed stepchild!

    1. Exaggerate much? Oh do I love the smell of leftist extremist heads exploding in the morning…LOL!

      Hint: Not all those who believe in conservative principles are racist or fascist. Try to avoid conflating so much please!

      Oh, and don’t forget to exhale!

      1. @ MAGA Man,

        Let’s start with Trump, a racist and a Nazi and a traitor.

        Trump appointed Sessions, who is a perjurer, a racist, and, because he is a Trump supporter, a Nazi collaborator and a traitor, as well.

        The Senators that confirmed Sessions, Sessions being a known and proven racist at that time… All those Senators are racist assholes, and their vote to confirm Sessions proves it.

        When Mitch McConnell censured and silenced Elizabeth Warren for trying to read Coretta Scott King’s letter about Session’s racist crimes, he proved conclusively that he, Mitch McConnell, is a racist asshole. All the rest of the Republicans who quietly went along: fucking racists. Silence in the face of racism is complicity, particularly when you have sworn an oath of office to serve honorably.

        Finally, all you MAGA type losers who vote in these repugnant Republican motherfuckers? You’re all racist by definition. You want that retarded wall? You’re a retarded racist! Hate Muslims? You’re a fucking racist! Hate Obama? You’re a fucking racist.

        Fuck the Republicans.

        So take your sissified Tiki-Torch can fuck off, MAGA Man! Nobody’s buying your racist redneck bullshit around here!

    2. So you would alienate the republicans that support Medical and recreational cannabis by false flag name calling? Remember Nazis are National Socialists. While they are inline to republican’s anti-globalist policies they are in line with democrats on socialism. The Nazi man that ran over the girl in the recent clash was a democrat Hillary supporter. So keep your hate to yourself and focus on the issue. Democrats and Republicans can both be convinced to side with us all on this issue but you get nowhere with republican by calling them fascist. Calling us racist is an old socialist ploy that no longer works. It just makes your argument look childish.

      1. In any case, Republicans need to vehemently challenge their representatives on their dishonest and dangerous stance on cannabis. Collectively, the GOP is determined to go backwards under the Trump Admin. If the GOP wants a better image, how about trying a little liberty for a change?

        And Democrats are feeling the effects of their own unwillingness to solidify sensible cannabis policy under Obama.

      2. @ Ron,
        It is my hope to alienate you. The marijuana legalization movement doesn’t want or need the help or endorsements of the likes of you. We don’t wish to associate with white nationalist Nazi motherfuckers like yourself. We don’t want you around. We don’t want your dirty money.

        Did I offend you? Then please leave. Please go.

      3. My grandfather was a field medic in Normandy sawing off legs and arms to prevent gangrene because people like you couldnt tell the difference between a Nazi nationalist socialist regime that slaughtered innocent people and a Democratic socialist… which is anyone on medicaid or has ever been defended by our socialist military. Don’t you ever compare nazis to whats left of our Democratic Republic. Or you dont know the meaning of “American,” much less “socialist.”

      4. @Ron: Liar liar pants on fire! You are spreading fake news! I call BS on your assertion that James Alex Fields Jr. was a Democrat and a Hillary supporter. That is false on both accounts. So here we have it on full display: The Trumpsters are spreading lies and falsehoods even on this site, but then again, that really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Don’t let them con you!

    3. While there is no such thing as collective guilt regarding Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, or what have you, I have to look at the legislation and the policies the help or hurt people of color and minorities the most. Tally it up. Dana Rohrabacher is a Republican friend to the cannabis community, but by far more Democrats are friends to the cannabis community. When you look at which of the modern parties in the two-party dominated political system in the United States today, the Democrats have definitely done more to give people of color a helping hand. I sure wish the Republicans in the cannabis community would come out en masse to turn the prohibitionists in their party over to our side, the pro-legalization side.

  3. Americans need to know that the Representative of our nation’s capitol does not have a valid vote. On the license plates of DC it reads “taxation with(out) representation.”
    We are actively oppressing the tax paying citizens of Washington, D.C.

    But Eleanor Holmes Norton doesnt give up: she provided us Congressional councel to navigate the rider that tried to stop D.C. from legalizing.

    And now, God bless her, she is introducing a states right amendment and rubbing it in Republicans faces that voting against this amendment votes against their own principals. Go get’m Norton.

    This is exactly the kind of amendment we need in the face of House trickery of the Rorhabacher-Blunenauer amendment that could allow a crackdown on mmj as early as next month.

  4. Going to a long workday, now. Hope I do not see it in the news.

    Kevin Sabet is a real THREAT.

    Kevin Sabet and SAM says that the Federal Government should crack down on marijuana.

    Kevin Sabet, of Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM).

    He has been vocal for a very long time, with his letter to Sessions, he is now a DANGER.

    He could convince a crack down.


    1. I did some reading on the SAM/Sabet website. I note that they oppose “Big Pot” which they see as a successor to “Big Tobacco”– an industry making profits off addiction, illness and death. There is some merit in that point they are making, though as yet Sabet et al. don’t seem to realize that if there is a “Big Pot” it is the hot burning overdose monoxide Joint, yielding 4221 combustion toxins (or maybe more, we don’t know yet).
      They do favor allowing verified medical uses and speak of “smoked marijuana” or unregulated edibles as the main problem, not marijuana itself.
      Those who saw comments by me previously probably know or sense that I am not someone trying to make a profit off some cannabis-related device, as shown by the fact that I refer readers to the DIY article “How-to-Make-Pipes-from-Everyday-Objects”. Everyone can learn to make their own flexstem oneheater. No big deal!
      The task is to convince those well-funded advocacy organizations, especially SAM, to ENDORSE the extended drawtube oneheater as a VAPORIZING rather than $moking utensil, help promote the EASY-LEARN, HEAT-NOT-BURN use method which can solve the pathology referral and drugged driving problems SAM refers to.
      Getting rid of “Big Pot”– meaning the Joint– will eliminate 90% of all problems presently ascribed to “marijuana” and it will speed the reduction now in progress (down to 15% of U.S. adults addicted, previously over 40%) in “Big Tobacco” (mainly $iggerettes) which still kills 6,000,000 a year worldwide (one hell of a holocaust).
      Achieve that, and NORML will get a share of that $1.5-mil. Knowitwell Prize. See you in Oslo, everyone!

      1. Mexweed,
        I have enjoyed your posts over many years yet you have to be clear about much more than whether you are “selling devices,” of which your drumbeat of homemade directions contradicts…
        How do you feel about jailing people who simply “smoke” weed to get their medicine while oils and vaporizers are legal?

      2. Against jailing, education (training) is the answer. Most of the “$mokers” $moke because they don’t yet know how to vape (or make their own utensil out of $1.29 worth of stuff lying around in the garage, some #40 screen and some quarter-inch flexible pvc tube).

      3. Mexweed, that’s a bit short-sighted, isn’t it? Assuming most people just havn’t discovered a flextube one-hitter and thats the only reason they still smoke? I tried a vaporizer that was given to me for free once. I went right back to smoking weed. Not the same kind of high I enjoy. You and I are different in that way, but I would never go on a campaign to get people who vape incarcerated. (Well, unless they were REALLY annoying…)

        Because vaporizing is more expensive… because a rosin press to make concentrates is not something we find at the corner store for $10… once again the poor and most vulnerable citizens are affected by a prohibition of smoking weed.

        I’m not sure that you’re advocating jailing people who smoke weed, but when you don’t clarify that after trashing the smoking of weed you seem to insinuate it. With states like Pennsylvania, NY and Florida making the laws ok for legal vaping but continue to jail people for smoking weed you must realize how your words echo an anti-smoke-weed campaign and are used to further incarcerate our fellow Americans… mostly those with limited resources and income who are either too poor or too sick to obtain vaporizers. Smoking marijuana is a more immediate and accessible form of consumption. As much as you are passionate about vaporizing let’s be clear about how pharmaceutical companies and private prisons are trying to exploit the false pretense that smoking marijuana is somehow bad. Promote vapes all you want.. but please don’t condemn the smoke.

      4. Toxins, carsenagens, all sorts of Halloween hanks. If smoking the devil’s lettuce is soooo… bad. How do people like Willy Nelson sustain life.

      5. I have followed Kevin’s crusade for many years . Kevin’s forte is moving the goal posts. Project Sam’s position is to decrim. but allow no distribution or production. Ridiculous. After going 4 for 5 and committing a felony in Mass. last time around his monetary support took a dive. That Radio guy. Russ, has several shows on Sabet. Pull them up.

  5. Meanwhile all is not well In OR, WA, CO and
    – [ ] CA report on assisted suicide is incomplete: How many self-administered as promised?
    What is missing in the CA report on assisted suicides?
    So after a year in CA how many self administered the poison as was promised when the concept was marketed? By omitting an ordinary witness all the flaunted safeguards are eviscerated and our choices are ignored and not honored allowing exploitation of us all.
    State Documents in Oregon indicate that 20% of their assisted suicide deaths could have been bullied by the corporate facilitators forcing the poison. I take exception to the push polls yes 60%, even the religious, favor the concept then 95% change to not-in-favor after they learn how easily the laws can be wrongly administered saying “I’m not for that”. Risking us all,all ages, to be exploited by predatory corporations and predatory new best friends or heirs.
    Read the language of the laws to decern the double speak, omissions and commissions to reveal the normalized, the exploited, the expended, the euthanized.

    1. I wondered what your comment about “assisted” suicides had to do with this blog and reforming marijuana laws, but it occurred to me if the hot burning overdose suicidal Joint were eliminated from use and replaced by a legalized microdose vaporization technique, many sufferers might experience pain relief to the extent that they’d forget about suicide, problem solved. (Except now we might have to help them figure out what kind of work to do during the rest of their life. Any ideas? How about urban produce gardening? Camera-equipped birdhouses?)

  6. Congress is not qualified to run any budget, ever. The argument could be made in court that congress is incapable of any budget decisions based on past performance. End of that story.

  7. It’s ridiculous that even on here we can’t get away from commenters fighting among each other. Talk about a divided nation.

    1. Adam, tell the squabblers you run across to post over at RIU. Let’s see how normls do when stupidity is met with category 5 rhetoric.

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