Washington State Releases Update On Legalization Findings – High Hopes Are Rewarded

yesIn their second formal assessment on the impact of legalization in the wake of the implementation of I-502, the Washington State Institute for Public Policy (WSIPP) issued the next regularly scheduled report – and suffice to say, the news was very positive, unless you are still relying on tired and debunked prohibitionist talking points.

Key takeaways from the WSIPP report:

– Found no evidence that greater levels of legal cannabis sales caused increases in overall adult cannabis use
– Found no impact on hard drug use in adolescents or adults
– Found no evidence that state medical marijuana laws caused an increase in property and violent crimes reported by the FBI but did find evidence of decreased homicide and assault associated with medical legalization
– Found evidence that nonmedical legalization in Washington and Oregon may have led to a drop in rape and murder rates
– Found that among respondents under age 21, those living in counties with higher sales were significantly less likely to report use of cannabis in the past 30 days
– Found no evidence of effects of the amount of legal cannabis sales on indicators of youth cannabis use in grades 8, 10, and 12

As Kevin Oliver, the head of Washington NORML, always tells me: Legally High Regards.

You can read the full WSIPP report by clicking HERE or read further analysis of the report by NORML’s Deputy Director Paul Armentano HERE.


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  1. What a concept! Conscious, legalized weed-consuming adults show their ID for a clean, effective, quality product and suddenly the demand drops for pesticide-ridden illegal brick weed. As those demands drop so do so many street dealers. As more street dealers disappear theres less predation on youth for a variety of illegal contrabands.
    Another point of view is that legalized weed is not as attractive to rebellious teens who were more interested in the adrenaline from getting caught then whatever they were consuming. D.A.R.E. had alot to do with that. (Any wonder why Sessions wants to bring that purposeful failure of state-sanctioned terror and misinformation back? It was a commercial for cartels in and out of the DOJ). For those teen-rebels, take away the illegality and the lies and we take away the real drug they were looking for: honest attention.

    1. Julian, I think you hit the nail on the head in regards to your rebellious teens comment. I used to think that concept was poppycock, but in thinking back on the behavior of some of my peers back when I was a teen, I am now convinced that they were exhibiting that very behavior when they snuck a beer here, snuck a drink from daddy’s whisky bottle there, smoked a joint behind the house, etc. Several of my peers from those years come directly to mind.

      I am more convinced than ever that legalization will decrease the underage use of MJ.

      1. I had it all figured out in high school (or school high…) before I even began smoking weed at 18. I was friends with so many different kinds of people in such a diverse and yet oddly segregated school that I saw an exclusive view of teen behavior and the decisions we make that affect the rest of our lives. Why couldn’t the dealers see the bosses were all informants working for the DOJ? I didn’t need to hussle weed to learn that; all I had to do was research and read. But if youre poor, disadvantaged and needing quick money theres a willful ignorance on one spectrum that one will always be disadvantaged just as there are wealthier Trumpians who truly believe their success is genetically predispositioned and have nothing to do with the socioeconomic inequality that “Obama started.” What a crock o $#!+.

        But DC changed so much since I went to high school there, thanks to private legalization. And Dems are winning in special elections, and anyone Trump endorses is getting cursed like Strange. Marijuana legalization, eliminating disproportionate incarceration is the healing equalizer of our nation. There is a social homeostasis created by marijuana legalization that transends the toxicity of an unchecked capitalist economy. Growing two plants per home in DC has much to do with this balance.

  2. The evidence has shown for years there is a very very small percentage of actual use as compared to smoking cigarettes or alcohol in teens and even then it’s not due to access it due to behavior modification before they even went down that road ..
    Without giving my age away , in middle School they tried a educated method called scare me I guess as they put all the kids in the auditorium and watch a movie called go ask Alice this was a bad idea as it only promoted drug use and made it look inviting .. fast forward 40 years, it’s about education of the truth and not teaching a myth as kids are brilliant if you tell them the truth then it takes away the mythical fairy tale that will entice them .
    Some of the government people are really out touch with reality, they keep trying desperately to keep this a schedule 1 so desperately there repeating the same non conclusive backing over and over they can’t move forward with any real new developments .. this actually makes me wonder the intelligence of the US AG , does he really believe repeating himself of the same vocal desperately trying to change the meaning ?
    The definition of insanity is just this..

  3. Bear in mind that the effect of increased “drug”-testing terror-profiteering in many school districts will show up as reduced or non-increased youth use rates overall.

  4. Obviously you are completely disconnected from any interaction with youth under 21. Having worked in and around adolescents I know that all the legalization did was send an message to young people that drug use is ok. Your report is BS.

    1. —> because the system has lied to these same children that cannabis is bad, and drugs are bad, and they see that cannabis, however bad it is, it is not that bad, and so when the logical barrier falls all the actually bad drugs are left wide open in that same reasoning-

      we should have been being accurate and telling the youth the truth from the start.

    2. @ Rod Price,
      I hate to break it to you, but drug use IS “okay,” at least from a moral and ethical perspective. But some drugs are more dangerous than others. Safety is the key; and marijuana has a safety track record that is second to none.

      By the same token, I would personally advise steering clear of heavy pharmaceuticals with godawful side effects like “risk of suicide” and “sudden death.” Don’t mess with that dope! Get yourself legal, and then hook yourself up a palette of indicas, sativas, and hybrids as a first line of defense against ill health.

      The worst health risk associated with marijuana use is marijuana prohibition itself.

    3. @Rod Price: you are using anecdotes to prop up your holier than thou “I know better than you” drug warrior talking points. So that makes your post, BS! Attn: Norml! Beware of drug warrior trolls!

    4. I will have to disagree with you on that, from my own personal observation experience with young teens and as a parent/grandparent and Haven taken part in group therapy’s .
      In one out 36 actually smoked this herb while the other 35 used alcohol and smoked cigarettes and used opiates, the fact is the degree of effect of this herb does go beyound the use of alcohol in a different way there for making alcohol a easier route followed by cigarettes , it takes a certain mind set to actually continue use of this herb yet the overall lasting health effects is almust none as compared to alcohol and cigarettes .. must teens I have known that used this herb did so once or twice and never really tried again and this also applies with some of the adults I have known as well,how ever must teens I have known that have gotten to alcohol and cigarettes have continued it’s use into adulthood. Alcohol and cigarettes are alot easier to digest in the consciousness mind and not everyone that has used this herb continues it’s use because of this,the issue again is real education and not the symptoms but the education of the purpose.

  5. So…Deputy Director of the DEA, Rod Rosenstein…says the DOJ and, essentially, the DEA, does not only have to listen and adhere to the Cole Memo…..but

    they might be coming after us. Jeff Sessions says “Federal Law remains in effect.”

    If we face a crackdown, we have to be ready.


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