Let’s Get Registered! #WeCannaVote

Pass-the-Joint_NCF16_Credit-DUKEofHEMP-of-Sospact(dotcom)-(225)-WMIt’s time to exercise your civic duty and ensure that you are registered to vote!

2018 is a critical midterm election year, and NORML is partnering with the National Cannabis Festival and HeadCount for the #WeCannaVote Voter Registration Drive. The goal is to register thousands of new voters before the 2018 National Cannabis Festival on April 21 & to educate those in and beyond the cannabis community about their right to vote. Click here to register.

2016 was a great year for cannabis reform, with 8 states (out of 9 total) across the US passing ballot initiatives to legalize marijuana, 4 medical and 4 adult-use. Here’s a quick breakdown of the 2016 results:


Arkansas Issue No. 6: Medical Marijuana
53% YES, 46.9% NO

California Proposition 64: Legal Adult-Use Marijuana
56% YES, 43.9% NO

Florida Amendment No. 2: Medical Marijuana
71.2% YES, 28.7% NO

Massachusetts Question 4: Legal Adult-Use Marijuana
53.5% YES, 46.4% NO

Maine Question 1: Legal Adult-Use Marijuana
50.1% YES, 49.8% NO

Montana Initiative No. 182: Medical Marijuana
57.6% YES, 42.3% NO

North Dakota Initiated Statutory Measure No. 5: Medical Marijuana
53.7% YES, 36.2% NO

Nevada State Question No. 2: Legal Adult-Use Marijuana
54.4% YES, 45.5% NO


Arizona Proposition 205: Recreational Marijuana
51.9% NO, 48% YES

As you can see in Arizona, we lost by an incredibly close margin. If only a few more thousand voters turned out, we know we would have won. This just proves how important it is to get out and VOTE! Make sure that you are registered NOW.

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    1. Ohio, what is so noteworthy about ohio… The only reason we have a disastrous medical law was to shut down the good medical amendment from moving ahead. The only reason why we don’t have legalization is because Ohio people are dumb as DIRT. Ohio people are STUPID with all capital letters!

    2. the only bright point about Ohio is Decriminalization, i think that was mid 70’s.

      Ever since Nixon, Ohio has been searching cars on the side of the road looking for pot. They are looking for some drug-war-reason to jail your ass. Ohio is a very anti-American place to live and travel.

  1. Texans:

    Do you want to legalize marijuana both state and nationally by making Beto O’rorke our next Senator? Or would you like 6 more years of private prison @$$ ki$$ing from Ted Cruz?

    If you’re with Beto about ending the drug war once and for all join the team here:


    And help gather signatures so he doesn’t have to pay the filing fee for the primaries. (Be sure to get a reputable notary and screen signatures for registered voters. Let people know they are committing to vote Democratic for the primaries but they can vote for whoever they like …including Beto… R or D up and down the ballot during the general election).

    Beto’s small donation campaign doesn’t have to take money from Big Pharma, Private Prisons, Big Oil or Big Agriculture; all with stakes in prohibiting cannabis. Let’s keep it that way.

    I went to his recent fundraiser in Austin and even offered to lobby for NORML PAC to donate to him… which I was already doing; He refused. Doesn’t take PAC money. He’s the real deal. So we’re donating to him individually. I also asked him in front of a large crowd of doners if he would
    “consider joining the Cannabis Caucus.”

    He said

  2. This is the one, folks! Activists can get it on the ballot, and activists can lobby elected officials all day long, but it’s the voters who make it all a reality!

    You can’t vote for marijuana legalization if you don’t vote at all! If you don’t punish corrupt politicians, they will just keep right on screwing you! But you can’t vote if you don’t register, so take advantage of the link above, do it now, for peace of mind, as the elections approach!

  3. Damn right register and vote, THIS is your once in a blue moon chance to speak your mind and be HEARD. I live in a state that has a church on every corner and a cop in every church and we now have MMJ, because and only because enough people cared to vote.

  4. If you’re a Virginian, please do not vote for Gillespie. He is a prohibitionist!

    Cast your vote for Northam (if you want to have cannabis legal in Virginia) and don’t let the negative ads against Northam that have been created by the Gillespie election team sway you!

  5. Replacing drug warriors like Ted Cruz not enough to convince people to register?

    Read this:


    Legalization is helping the US economy grow.

    Tax Revenue

    Job Creation


    Increased Home Value

    Reduced Crime

    And this doesn’t even add what legalized idustrial hemp will do for our quality of life, ecological sustainability and our economy.

    If all this doesn’t convince them just pivot back to “We get to replace Ted Cruz. Sign here.”

  6. VA needs to step up on supporting NORML & the American Legion. Right now a VA doctor will lie to persecute/prosecute legal mj cardholders that have used a private doctor to obtain state-level protections. Since Obama never could get the support to re-schedule mj it is legally provable from a VA doctor’s perspective (and DOJ Sessions) that the patient requires short-term psychiatric care and possible indefinite detention. Ken Kesey’s old book “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” has new meaning 50 years after Nixon. Considering the racist aspect expected on the front lines from POC by military leaders since before Caesar, America’s prohibitionist laws are the root cause of millions of problems, incarceration and ruined lives. The VA should tell their doctors to get their heads out their asses or go work for Iran. This should be a central issue in local elections with large veteran populations who right now do not realize what UNCLE SAM has in store for them in their old age- many disabled or disfigured badly at a young age, for the rest of their lives, fighting simply for honor- and now want the beauties of proper mj consumption. These are not insane people as your VA doctor may be preparing to institutionalize right now today. Not all VA docs are bad in my opinion but I would never go to another one again if I can help it. American Legions are now a good place to recruit new NORML voters to fix 2018/20 and the VA should be next to help us swell the voter rolls.

    1. David,
      Brother, I encourage you to keep posting truths in the manner of which you just have. So many veterans wont respond with a reply here but will with vital subsequent research that leads them to freedom. Keep preaching the truth. At least NORML, unlike ALTERNET, can still gain in this new search-world where everything is attached to Google and Facebook. (Although if every NORML member googled “Alternet Marijuana” we could revive the attack on true investigative reporting worldwide…)

      1. “…revive the resistance on the attack of true investigative reporting…”

      2. “…revive the resistance against the attack on true investigative reporting…”

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