Alaska: Voters Decide Against Municipal Marijuana Bans

cbd_trichomesVoters in Fairbanks and on the Kenai Peninsula (south or Anchorage) have decided against a number local ballot measures that sought to prohibit the operation of cannabis retailers and providers. Each proposal lost by wide margins.

Under a 2014 voter-initiated state law, local governments may opt out of regulations licensing the production and retail sale of cannabis to adults.

If the ballot measures had been approved, local retailers would have to had to close within 90 days. A significant portion of the state’s cultivators and retailers are located in Fairbanks and on the Kenia Peninsula.

Proponents of the ban cannot put a similar issue before voters until 2019.

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  1. In Alaska the threat was municipal bans. In Canada the threat is from provincial monopolies and baseless delays;

    How does this police chief argue that its “impossible” for law enforcement to be prepared to determine if someone is too impaired to drive by July? What happened to “follow the line?”
    And what the hell do road tests for impairment have to do with allowing cartels of organized crime to “take over”? They already are taking over under prohibition. These desperate extinction tantrum-comments from a Canadian police chief prove that point.

  2. Oct 3
    Fairbanks 69%
    Fbks North Star Borough 70%
    Kenai Peninsula Borough 64%
    Voters saved the new Cannabis market, this time.

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