NORML Founder Keith Stroup to Speak at First Annual Cannabis Fund Gala & Awards

Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR)
Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR)

Portland, OR: The Cannabis Fund, a PAC created by Representative Earl Blumenauer to support cannabis-friendly candidates, will be hosting its first annual Gala & Awards on October 6th at the Marriott Waterfront in Portland, OR with NORML founder Keith Stroup as the featured speaker.

“It is an honor to support Rep. Earl Blumenauer and The Cannabis Fund in 2017. I first met the Congressman in 1973, when he was a freshman state legislator in Oregon who helped pass the nation’s first marijuana decriminalization bill, ending the practice of treating marijuana smokers as criminals. It is exciting to see him continuing to lead the charge to legalize the responsible use of marijuana under federal law, co-founding the Cannabis Caucus in Congress, and author HB 1823, the Marijuana Revenue and Regulation Act,” said Keith Stroup, founder of NORML, “NORML is proud to stand with Rep. Earl Blumenauer in his efforts to end marijuana prohibition and establish a regulated market.”

Congressman Blumenauer’s Cannabis Profile:

For more than 40 years, Congressman Earl Blumenauer (OR-03) has fought for the reform of our outdated marijuana laws.

As an Oregon state legislator, Blumenauer supported the Oregon Decriminalization Bill of 1973, which abolished criminal penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana.

Elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1996, he has championed several legislative efforts to protect medical marijuana patients, allow the federal government to tax and regulate marijuana, and normalize taxes and banking for marijuana businesses in states where it is legal.

Blumenauer received the National Organization for the Rationalization of Marijuana Laws Award for Outstanding Public Leadership in 2010. In February 2017, Blumenauer launched the bipartisan Congressional Cannabis Caucus.

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  1. Off topic, but I use McAfee to secure my mobile phone from bad websites. However, it has concluded NORML to be unsafe and has (at times) made it difficult to view blog posts. Is there any chance you have a solution to mark the site as safe, as McAfee does not?

  2. The old saying is we reap what we sow. And we are what we eat. Well then Keith, you are a bountiful harvest of cannabinoids my friend. While the war is not over, let us relish the victory of another battle won;

    Look at these enormous beautiful marijuana plants. Are they not a joy to see? Theyre f*ng TREES! This is what I imagine when I think of the “burning bush” or “tree of wisdom” that grew under a holy ray of light inside a cave where God speaks to Moses. (That sounds better than “the burning bush in the cave of Moses”… people will think Im talking about a venereal disease). I could hear angels singing and got goose bumps watching that video! Amazing! (Unless that was the herpes… haha… jk… “burning bush…”) 🙂

    Im glad I watched this video until the very end. Not only did I learn interesting facts about water conservation growing cannabis outdoors but at the very end before it cuts off Will mentions organic fertilizer and mentions how synthetic fertilizers contain toxic metals. This is important because cannabis will draw up toxins so well they were planted after Chernobyl to contain radioactive waste. This is a key resource on synthetic fertilizers for my research on the Koch brothers’ incidious incentive for hemp prohibition.

  3. I want to offer a sincere Thank You to all of you at NORML! You are doing our nation a great service by helping to spread the truth about cannabis.

    There is absolutely no doubt that cannabis has enhanced my life in many ways. I believe that I am healthier and happier than I would be without it.

    It is terrible that the Federal Govt continues, after 80+ years, to be so willfully ignorant and downright mean with regards to their treatment of good peaceful cannabis consumers. We can only hope that the Trump administration is the one that finally does the right thing and legalizes it nationwide! That be wonderful! I was terribly disappointed that President Obama, after all his admitted usage, did so little to help the cause…

    1. Miles,
      I’ve read plenty of your posts and know you recognize the threat the Trump administration is to our marijuana movement and our personal freedom. Its odd to hear you attack the Obama administration when his Cole memos are responsible for both allowing state legalization to proceed and preventing the DOJ from a crackdown from Trump appointees like Sessions. What do you mean Obama “did so little”?

      1. I could be wrong but, in my opinion, I think he could have done a lot more. For example, he laughed off the online audience question about legalizing. Perhaps he never tried very hard because he probably figured the mostly republican congress would never allow it. Still, he could have spoke out in defense of his fellow cannabis consumers. He could have told us all about how he used it and it never caused him to murder anyone. He could have told the world that in spite of his use he, and most of us, are still good functional people. I wanted him to be a champion for all of us since it seemed to me that was part of his campaign platform.

        I think he let us all down. He should have done more while he had the power.

      2. I don’t speak for Miles, of course, but I can personally remember evaluating a junior Senator from IL named Obama on his position on marijuana legalization. He said he was supportive of the idea as a progressive, but that he didn’t plan on spending much political capital on it as President. That’s what he said going in.

        There is an old Ren and Stimpy cartoon, which reminds me of the difference between Democrats and Republicans on marijuana policy, in which Ren goes through a sci-fi device which cleaved him into his two separate halves: his Evil half, and his Indifferent half. So it goes with Republicans and Democrats.

        A lot of us hoped President Obama would just legalize it, but he never ran on that. I voted for him twice because, when it comes to Drug Warriors, I will take The Indifferent over The Evil any day! Under Obama, we flourished.

        Now we have fuckwad Trump and dickhead Sessions to deal with. Now that’s regressive! Fuck Trump!

      3. I feel like I’m stuck in that joke from Louis CK about the “n___ who fell asleep on the forklift.” (Youtube it. Its f*€king hilarious).
        Guys, youre missing the point;
        WITHOUT OBAMA SIGNING THE COLE MENOS WE WOULD NOT HAVE STATE MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION! As in AT ALL. The federal government would have used the supremacy clause before Colorado or Washington’s initiative took place. End of our movement. Our high? Blown back to the stoned age.
        When Obama took office support for legalization was less than %50 where it teetered before his reelection in 2012. Then we soared past %54 that year after his reelection and never looked back. The following year the Cole memo was signed:

        Since then we’ve already seen the Supremacy claise get slapped down in court over marijuana legalization. On Obama’s way out we heard him tell NORML Board Advisor Bill Maher “Cracking down on state legalization will be untenable.”
        Now all that stands in the way of a crackdown is us pressuring Congress to renew the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment.

      4. Julian and Mark, just so you know, for the most part I really like President Obama and consider him to be one of (if not the) best president to have served during my lifetime. I’m still disappointed though…

        As for Trump, I admit to occasionally being overly optimistic that he will ever do anything right or good… The truth is I hate his stinkin’ guts!!! Most of the country does not want this madman to be the president and it is insane that this friggin’ self-centered bully won the election because of the idiotic electoral college!

        I salute Republican Senator Corker for his courage to stand up to this so-called president and hope others will soon find the same courage. Also, I sincerely hope that Special Counsel Mueller busts his seemingly crooked administration.

      5. I know you dont like Trump Miles which is why I asked you to clarify what you expected from him.
        (Now Mark I KNOW hates Trump and expects nothing from him save perhaps disappearing into one of those hurricanes or California forest fires climate change “didn’t create.”)
        Either way, guys forgive my durrogatory tamtrum on this blog. As you can see from another recent post it takes a whole lotta weed and patience to explain marijuana policy these days, (no patience to explain $#!+ after 8 beers in the evening…. I am stoned right now this morning which appears to have a drastic improvement in my demeanor and ability to portray sarcasm through the typed word).
        Learning and teaching should be enjoyable. I can’t create with all that hate. Lets agree to stay tuned in and stoned at this NORML University of Marijuana Reform blog…

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