Federal Medical Marijuana Protections Temporarily Extended

Medical marijuanaCongressional leadership voted to enact a two-week continuing resolution that maintains present federal spending levels and priorities through December 22, 2017. The resolution extends medical cannabis patient protections imposed by the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment until that date.

The amendment, which has been in place since 2014, maintains that federal funds cannot be used to prevent states from “implementing their own state laws that authorize the use, distribution, possession or cultivation of medical marijuana.”

“While we are pleased that these critical protections will continue, two weeks is not enough certainty for the millions of Americans who rely on medical marijuana for treatment and the businesses who serve them. As Congress works out a long-term funding bill, it must also include these protections. And ultimately, Congress must act to put an end to the cycle of uncertainty and permanently protect state medical marijuana programs—and adult use—from federal interference. The American people have spoken. It’s past time that Congress catch up.” – Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-OR)

Reps Rohrabacher and Blumenauer are both co-chairs of the bipartisan Congressional Cannabis Caucus.

Congressional leadership must reauthorize this language as part of the forthcoming budget in order for the provisions to stay in effect. In July, Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) offered identical language before the Senate Appropriations Committee, which approved it. However, House Rules Committee Chair Peter Sessions (R-TX) has refused to allow House members to vote on similar language. The provision will now be considered by House and Senate leadership when the two chambers’ appropriations bills are reconciled.

Send a message to your federal lawmakers in support of continuing these protections beyond December 22nd by clicking here. 

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  1. Transgender rights do not exist. If you are “queer, one of “those” %$$#@” GET ON THE GROUND!
    Repeal/destroying environmntal landmarks, such as Bear’s Ears, etc.
    No recognition for Palmyra, ancient Mosul museum….Syrian rufugees….

    Sessions says there is ZERO medical for marijuana, how he begins his attack on rec. is yet to be seen.

    Always the pessimist

    RB will fail. Not that the movement will, of course not. Federal law reigns supreme. Until we have this under control….

  2. Rohrabacher-Blumenauer must pass and be expanded to legalize adult recreational in synchronicity with Canadian legalization. Canada and the U.S. legalize, with July 18 the date that a federal cannabis tax goes into effect. As much as I loathe the word “tax” Wall $treet want$ a tax cut and the ma$$e$ $till want Obamacare $o cannabi$ money replace$ that revenue that$ been $hifted to Corporate America.

    If you could get Sessions to keep his mouth shut, or better yet flip him. Short of that have Congress members keep barraging him with letters and briefs that are pro-legalization. I’m tired of your dick-moves, Sessions.

    You prohibitionists don’t have a better plan for where the money is coming from to pay for your tax cuts AND keep Obamacare or whatever kind of national health care it morphs into. Give it up already! Legalize!

  3. My brother is a disabled vet with the deep brain injury and cannot take Pharmaceuticals and I have a broken xiphoid complex and have to take daily opioids that I would be proud to stop taking I have a tried cannabis for pain relief and it does work but we really need to get cannabis out of schedule 1 drug classification so that it can be researched properly keeping it illegal is only helping the black market and deniging quality control cannabis has always been here and always will it doesn’t make sense why the government doesn’t get involved with what they can do to regulate the medication side of it

  4. The roll call for the House Senate Conference Committee which will decide whether the Rohrabacher Blumenauer amendment gets renewed by the 22nd (less than two weeks) are as follows;

    Brady, R,TX
    Nunez, R, CA
    Roskam, R, IL
    Black, R, TN
    Nome, R, SD

    Neal, D, MA
    Levin, D, MI
    Dogget, D, TX


    Hatch, R, UT
    McCarsky, R
    Cornyn, R, TX

    Please click on the act tab or the link above in green to contact your Congressman to renew the Rohrabacher Blunenauer amendment and keep the Sessions parasites from preying on sick Americans. If you have not contacted your Congressman before, do not be afraid to disclose your address or phone number. This is not law enforcement youre writing to. Were not even writing Sessions… (the equivalent of negotiating with a tape worm)… Our Congressman work for US. Call them here;

  5. Political realities. Let’s face it folks, MJ is a backburner issue for most folks in office. It is not as big a deal with the general public either. So with that in mind, let’s figure that any sort of give our way for medpot or recpot can go through without a ton of opposition so long as we can give some equivalent small potatoes back.

    On the other hand go obstructionist with an antifa attitude and you can kiss your current gains on MJ away for a while, maybe a long while. Not everyone who likes MJ is a leftist. Not everyone who opposes MJ is a rightist. Try not to be a-holes and make a deal instead of being ideological sticks in the mud to git ‘er done. Politics is the art of the possible but it most certainly is possible to tick enough people off to make getting to Yes very tough.

    1. Have you even read much less sent any of NORML’s prescripted letters to Congress linked on the ACT tab of this web page?

    2. @ politics…etcetcetcetc,

      Now listen here, you fascist fucker.

      I’m a free goddamn American, and I don’t like being told what to say, or what to do. So first of all, screw you.

      Secondly, I am proud to be on the political Left. We stand for Freedom for the People. The political Right, on the other hand, stands for freedom for corporations and the point-one percent. Not to mention racism, bigotry, sexism, being a fucking traitor, being a fucking pedophile, being a fucking liar, being a fucking idiot, and… OH YEAH, YOU IGNORANT DUMBASS, SUPPORTING THE WAR ON DRUGS!!!

      Which brings me to my second point: Fuck Trump.

      Yes, yes, yes… Fuck Trump, and fuck all his sick-fuck surrogates and supporters. We will never cut a deal with the Republican Trumpanzees.

      Why? Because we’re not Trump suckers, that’s why… We’re not that stupid! There is no reason to believe those compulsive liars would ever honor any deal we might make.

      Finally, Antifa ain’t shit. It’s The Resistance Trump needs to worry about. If they are committing violence, they’re not one of ours. They’re probably right-wing plants.

      That’s my best offer. What do you say to that?

  6. So, House Rules Committee Chair Peter Sessions refuses to allow House members to vote on language similar to Patrick Leahy’s submission to the Senate and millions of patients across America will suffer. That’s not right! Let’s move this forward for the good of all.

  7. https://www.washingtonpost.com/powerpost/voters-head-to-the-polls-in-contentious-senate-race-in-alabama/2017/12/11/26e36b56-deb7-11e7-8679-a9728984779c_story.html?hpid=hp_hp-top-table-main_alabamaweb-8am%3Ahomepage%2Fstory&utm_term=.b801c5beb240


    My first thought watching the poll numbers rising unexpectedly for Democrat Jones over the pedophile Republican Moore was the song “Sorry Ms. Jackson” by Outkast.

    All of the last names “Jackson” in Alabama, a last name that votes %90 Democratic, were purged by the Republican Cro$$check program.


    So the only thought in my mind after that is that those %10 of Jacksons that vote Republican? “Sorry Ms. Jackson! (I am fo reaaal… nevah meant to make yo daughtah cry, I apologize a trillion times…)

    THIS is history my fellow marijuana legalizers.

    Taking the former Senate seat of AG Jeff Sessionsby a marijuana friendly Democrat?!!


    Roy Moore’s son (and loser from American Pie Two) has been arrested several times for mj possession. And yet Roy was against mj legalization. And now your sick pedaphile @$$ LOST!!!! In your mall-trolling, Trump-supporting FACE!

    Oh… God Bless Alabama…

    1. @ Julian,

      Right on! I am so very gratified to see Alabama put it’s best foot forward.

      Congratulations, Doug Jones!

      A coalition of the decent, led by the black women of Alabama! Now that’s a sight for sore eyes! (Getting misty… the wind must have blown some dust in my eye…)

      Amber, on Late Night with Seth Meyers, makes a truly excellent point: She said, after you get done thanking black women for saving America (you’re welcome), feel free to “appropriate” our black behaviour, she says (should be easy, you do it all the time), AND VOTE!


      1. Yeah, Seth was like “You LET that go to your HEAD, Amber!”

        Democrats need to be all inclusive. If white people want to vote for Doug Jones for their own reasons, let’s let them without bringing in the “Appropriations” Committee.

        With that said, while I feel Outkasts’ “Sorry Mrs Jackson” is a completely appropriate message for all the %10 of Jacksons who voted for Roy Moore or even stayed at home, especially considering the ENORMOUS hurdle the Republican Cro$$check Program presented for this pivitol, historic and decisive black vote in Alabama…

        … WTF wuz up with the music at Doug Jones’ victory speech?! “Do the Dougy?” REALLY? PLEASE tell me an excited black staffer was DJ that night and not some white progressive redneck… What next? Is Jones gonna strut into Congress like “I gotta Jones in my Bones” by D’Angelou? (Well… as long as he struts, I guess that would be alright…)

      2. I of course was also thrilled by Jones’ victory–and Roy Moore’s defeat. Drumpf backed the wrong horse twice in that election!! (I suppose he was tired of winning, lol.)

        Actually, Jones doesn’t completely thrill me–he thinks we should stop talking about Drumpf’s sexual misdeeds and concentrate on other things–as if that’s all mutually exclusive. But he’s probably as good as we’re gonna get from Alabama. Anyway, it’s one fewer GOP senate seat.

        But this election shows what happens when you get the electorate electrified. (DNC, I’m looking at you. Tom Perez, I’m looking at you.)

        PS–Julian and Mark, you’re right about the black women vote–that made the difference in this election. (DNC, I’m looking at you. Tom Perez, I’m looking at you.)

  8. I am s Veteran I suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD and issue from a TBI. I am non political since there is no one worth a shit to vote. Cannabis has made life more enjoyable and help with my pain and mental health issues. Fuck pharmaceutical drugs that does nothing but turn US veterans into zombies or drug addicts. Fuck everybody I’m going to have cannabis, use cannabis and grow cannabis and tell the shit stain Sessions to eat a dick. You can have my weed when you pry it from my cold dead hand.

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