Alert: Effort To Protect Lawful Marijuana TODAY

Legalize marijuanaThanks to the tens-of-thousands of individuals just like you, Congress seems to be starting to wake up. Right now, today, Republican Representative Tom McClintock and Democratic Representative Jared Polis are circulating a letter in support of their amendment to defund the Department of Justice’s ability to enforce federal prohibition in the states that have reformed their marijuana laws, both for medical and responsible adult-use.

Today, one in five Americans resides in a jurisdiction where the adult use of cannabis is legal under state statute, and the majority of citizens reside someplace where the medical use of cannabis is legally authorized.

Click here to tell your member to co-sign the letter NOW

There has never been as much support in favor of Congressional action. This is because the politicians are finally starting to get the point. The polls don’t lie: outright majorities of Democrats, Republicans and Independents are in favor of full marijuana legalization.

They want to deliver the letter tomorrow, so it’s crucial that we make our voices heard quickly. Click here to send a message now.

After you send your letter so it will stay in their official records, click HERE to find your Representatives office number and then call their Washington, DC office.

Thanks for standing with us, we will keep you posted as this continues to unfold.

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  1. This amendment has monentum to be included in next week’s spending bill. Sign it!

    Justin, thanks for all the hard work lobbying in person with out federal Congressman to get these sponsors. Were gonna smoke a joint from a NORML curved paper in DC if this passes!

    Congressional hotline is:

    Just put in your zipcode and choose “speak to staffer directly option.
    Call three times, once for each Senator and one more for your Representative.

    “I am a voting constituent and my vote hinges on the Senator/Reps support of the McLintock-Polis amendment. Will the Senator/Rep support this amendment during the upcoming budget vote?”

    1. This sounds great! Where’s the amendment? I’d love to read it.

      Sounds like another state thing. We need federal laws to change not just states laws.

      H.R. 1227 & H.R. 2020.

  2. I’ve been working with the Senate campaign for Representative Beto O’rourke. I let Tami, his campaign manager know about this amendment and asked her to get Beto to cosponsor it, (if he hasn’t already). In return I could work with Texas NORML to update our voter guide and National NORML could update our Congressional Scorecard.

    Leverage; let’s use it.

    1. exactly! HR 1227 is the only acceptable end to the federal WAR on cannabis and those who cultivate, dispense and use it. Where is NORML’s email telling us all to contact our representatives to support this language.

  3. Copy and Paste this amendment everywhere!

    Trump and Sessions’ actions in rescinding the Cole memorandum have placed Republicans squarely in the racist-prohibitionist category on the issue marijuana reform for even the most jaded Russian-Fox “News” viewer. And Republicans are going to pay for it in midterms. Let’s use this momentum to get Democratic marijuana reforming Congressman elected, like Email their campaigns, pass them the link today!

    1. Your link is no good. The Washington Post keeps blocking the artical with adds.

      Is there another link?

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