NORML Endorses SQ 788: Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Access Initiative

Oklahoma City: The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) is proud to endorse Oklahoma’s State Question 788 — a statewide ballot measure that provides patients regulated access to medical cannabis. SQ 788 is a patient-centric plan that empowers physicians to use their discretion when determining their patient’s ideal health care plan.


Oklahomans will go to vote on the measure on June 26.

“We’re excited to offer NORML’s support to the Vote Yes On 788 campaign,” said NORML Outreach Director Kevin Mahmalji. “Together, we will build a broad-based coalition to ensure that lawmakers do not unduly interfere with the bonafide doctor-patient relationship, and that patients are no longer subject to arrest for accessing or growing this important medicine.”

State Question 788 also establishes a licensed system of medical cannabis distribution.

“State Question 788 was designed to make Oklahoma the most patient-oriented and business friendly state for the medical marijuana industry. SQ 788 will create jobs, sorely needed tax revenue, and possesse a number of patient protections that simply don’t exist in other states with similar laws,” said William Jones, campaign manager for the Vote Yes On 788 campaign.

Under the plan, licensed medical marijuana patients may cultivate up to six mature plants, and may possess personal use quantities of marijuana flower, edibles, or infused concentrates. Statewide polling data finds that over 70 percent of residents endorse patients’ access to medical marijuana.

“Recent nationwide polling shows 94 percent of US adults expressed their support for the legalization of medical marijuana, similarly the vast majority of Oklahomans are ready for a new direction. Regardless of the increasingly hostile from Attorney General Jeff Sessions, voters in Oklahoma and throughout the country will continue to support common sense marijuana law reforms over the failed policies of prohibition,” said NORML Outreach Director Kevin Mahmalji.

Between now and June 26, representatives with the Vote Yes On 788 campaign will be traveling statewide and meeting face-to-face with voters. NORML will also be focusing its resources in the coming months to support these campaign efforts.


To follow the Yes on 788 campaign, click here. To donate to the campaign, click here.

More details on SQ 788:

Licenses would cost $100 and expire after two years. Those that are recipients of Medicaid, Medicare, or SoonerCare would pay $20 for a license. An individual 18 years or older who wants to obtain a medical marijuana license would need a board-certified physician’s signature and an individual under the age of 18 would need the signatures of two physicians and his or her parent or legal guardian. SQ 788 does not list specific qualifying conditions, thus giving more discretion to licensed physicians to determine wellness plans with their patients.

3410000930_95fc2866fa_zUnder this initiative, employers, landlords, and schools are forbidden from penalizing persons for holding a medical marijuana license, unless failing to do so causes a loss of benefits under federal law or the license-holders possess or use marijuana while at work.

Individuals possessing a medical marijuana license would be authorized to consume marijuana and possess up to three ounces, six mature and six seedling marijuana plants, up to one ounce of concentrated marijuana, up to 72 ounces of edible marijuana, and up to eight ounces of marijuana in their residences. However, possessing up to 1.5 ounces of marijuana without a license but with a medical condition would be deemed a misdemeanor.

For additional information, contact NORML’s Outreach Director Kevin Mahmalji at:

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  1. $100?! For a license?! While here in Texas we had to fight the DPS down from 1.2 million to half a million for a damn mmj LICENSE?!

    People of Oklahoma need to sign this and get in with it. The collateral benefits from Tulsa government to Indian Country are beyond our current imagination, and will extend far beyond the heart of America.

    1. As a cancer survivor enduring the grueling long term effects of chemotherapy and radiation, I know how medical marijuana has been a major benefit in tolerating treatments over 25 years ago and can make life tolerable today and look forward to tomorrow. I am living with several debilitating forms of chronic pain and inflammation and am a slave to opioid pain medications. I am sick and tired of not being in control of how I choose to self medicate with something natural and non toxic to my health!!

      1. Stay strong Randy. There are many Americans who have successfully kicked an opioid habit using whole plant marijuana to manage their pain and good old fashioned perserverence. It might take a couple of years to wean yourself but you CAN do it.
        And for a $100, you could open your own cannabis treatment center for opioid addiction and help others! (Well, that’s the application fee… try GoFundMe to get the lights turned on, then lobby for state mmj revenue to keep going).

      2. Thank you for your replies. I have taken a medical break to a recreational legal state and it was such a great experience to witness firsthand how much different things can be with legalization even at the medicinal level. It angers me that I have to live this way in our state. Isn’t this the United States? I am also a disabled veteran. I didn’t put my life on the line for the rights of a few states, and am made to be a criminal in my home state if I choose to use natures medicine. I am pleased that we will have a vote in our state in June, but that is not enough to keep national laws from overreaching what we vote for. I know I am preaching to the choir, but laws must change at the highest level of government. I plan to attend a meeting at my local NORML chapter soon, health permitting, to see for myself how reform happens. Thank you for your service!

      3. And thank you for yours!

        Here is a link to Oklahoma NORML:

        You still have time to register to testify in a hearing as a US veteran; allow me to encourage you to register and wear your military attire proudly. You read like a wiser man… you dont know how many passionate and intelligent young veterans I have to explain to that they should NOT talk to their VA doctor or their local law enforcement about marijuana, medical or otherwise; protest to our state and federal Congressman! They work for US! And they wont send the gustapo to knock down our doors and they wont cut our military funds off. But they might introduce or cosponsor a bill…

  2. What a fantastic proposed law. As someone who lives on the Arkansas side of the border and looking forward to the opening of our own hard fought for dispensaries later this year, it looks like probibition is tumbling faster than a jenga tower. Vote!!

  3. Why do I have a feeling getting a doctor to recommend cannabis is goi g to be like pulling teeth from a great ehitd.

    1. “Recommends” is the appropriate language for state mmj laws until we legalize federally and doctors don’t have to worry about losing their license.

      Be glad if Oklahoma uses “recommends” in their language. Here in Texas were still fighting to get the state to change it from “prescribes,” and it leaves me wondering if we will legalize federally before we change it next year.

    2. I’m sure there will be a doc just like in California that will never turn down a person for medical cannabis ever. Thats the dream anyway.

  4. I am a navy veteran with PTSD and chronic pain and fibromyalgia and I am following the guide line’s of my Dr. I am on all kinds of meds opioids Xanax and many others I believe medical marijuana would help my life in many ways thanks for listening.

    1. I empathize with you Mark, it seems like it’s okay with our Dr.’s to treat our physical health by numbing our senses away without concern for our mental and physical well being long term. A lot of us have already become so disabled that it’s tough to fight for ourselves and what we believe will help our individual health needs.

  5. Medical MJ has been legal in AR for a year now with little progress. The gvt red tape is growing and of course nothing is going to happen until the government extortion is full addressed. MJ should be decriminalized and available like aspirin. Grow your own or whatever. If I have a headache and need to take a hit so what. I shouldn’t have to have a special condition, find a special doctor and go pay an exorbitant price!

  6. It is a Win-Win for patients and citizens of Oklahoma. Not only will patients have another choice for treatment but also allows doctors to be doctors to treat their patients with another option.
    It will also give the State of Oklahoma another source of employment and tax revenue.
    Imagine how much money would be saved for patients access and use of marijuana over DANGEROUS prescription drugs. Patients wouldn’t have to worry about ALL the DEADLY side effects from prescription drugs.
    Legalization of marijuana would also free up taxpayers money for law enforcement to use correctly for REAL crimes like murder, rapists, child molesters, car jackets, home invasion, terrorist, ILLEGAL aliens.
    It would also empty out our prisons from non-violent people costing millions of taxpayers dollars. It would also allow law enforcement officers pay raises and eliminate the scam of District Attorneys getting their un-Constitutional Bonus taxpayers money for every conviction of prosecuting people for possessing marijuana. That is the number one reason that the District Attorneys oppose legalizing Medical Marijuana including FULL legalization of marijuana.
    Prohibition on Marijuana doesn’t work and hasn’t for over 60 years of WASTING over a trillion taxpayers money. Prohibition didn’t work for alcohol. It is time for the FASCIST laws against Marijuana be eliminated and start taking care of our citizens and untie doctors hands in treating patients.

  7. So I’m sure Oklahomans will all be wondering if having a medical cannabis card, will there empolyer be able to terminate them for having a medical cannabis card or using cannabis, because it doesn’t follow there “policy or guidelines”?

  8. Good for pain control, yes. The question as written should not be passed due to lack of control. Other states have 1 oz in possession, this wants either 3 or 4 ounce possession, ridiculous. License is 100 dollars unless you are on Soonercare then it is 25, everyone should pay the same for a license. They want to be able to grow 6 mature and 6 seedling plants at home, once again ridiculous. This allows for non license holders free access and it gives the capability to sell for profit not to mention easy access for minors. If people can grow it at home they won’t be buying from dispensaries so how does the state benefit financially. As written it is a sham and I will not support it.

  9. Find out about your state question 788 I live in mccurtain County and on property

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