Just Introduced: The Marijuana Justice Act is in the House

Today, Representative Barbara Lee of California along with over a dozen original co-sponsors have introduced the Marijuana Justice Act into the House of Representatives.

“I’m proud to introduce the Marijuana Justice Act – bold, progressive legislation to address the legacy of racial bias in marijuana enforcement and to end the failed War on Drugs,” said Congresswoman Barbara Lee. “Today, we are asking Congress to turn the page on decades of unjust marijuana prohibition and forge a new path forward. It’s past time that we take decisive action to right the wrongs from decades of misguided policies.”

This marks the first time that companion legislation has been introduced in both chambers of Congress to remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act (CSA).

This robust legislation not only removes marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act, it also provides a path forward for the individuals and communities that have been most disproportionately targeted by our nation’s failed war on marijuana consumers. As you may be aware, throughout the country African Americans are arrested for violating marijuana possession laws at nearly four times the rates of whites, yet both ethnicities consume marijuana at roughly the same rates.

Click here to send a message to your lawmakers in support of The Marijuana Justice Act now

The Marijuana Justice Act of 2017 would:

  • Remove marijuana from the list of controlled substances making it legal at the federal level;
  • Incentivize states through federal funds to change their marijuana laws if marijuana in the state is illegal and it disproportionately arrests or incarcerates minority and poor people for marijuana-related offenses;
  • Automatically expunge federal marijuana use and possession crimes;
  • Allow individuals currently serving time in federal prison to petition a court for a resentencing;
  • Create a community reinvestment fund to invest in communities most impacted by the failed War on Drugs and allows the money to go towards the following programs:
    • Job training;
    • Reentry services;
    • Expenses related to the expungement of convictions;
    • Public libraries;
    • Community centers;
    • Programs and opportunities dedicated to youth; and
    • Health education programs.

As you already know, the ongoing enforcement of cannabis prohibition financially burdens taxpayers, encroaches upon civil liberties, engenders disrespect for the law, impedes legitimate scientific research into the plant’s medicinal properties, and disproportionately impacts communities of color. It is time for federal lawmakers to acknowledge this reality. 

So click here and send a message to your federal lawmakers now in support of The Marijuana Justice Act.

After you send your letter so it will stay in their official records, click HERE to find your Representative’s office number and then call their Washington, DC office.

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  1. Please support and vote for this legislation. As a nurse, I know alcohol causes crimes because it makes people less inhibited and increases anger. Marijuana actually decreases anger and acting out in anger. It is ridiculous that alcohol abuse which causes organic brain syndrome, liver damage, kidney damage, heaet damage is not a controlled substance and yet marijuana, which decreases violent crime is a controlled substance. The irrational disinformation and emotional response to marijuana by lawmakers decades ago needs to be corrected. Legal sales of marijuana keeps people away from criminal persons who might also sell other dangerous drugs. This Bill makes sense. Let legislation be based on practical outcomes not incorrect, illogical and emotional reaction to marijuana as a controlled substance. Let us get marijuana into legal sales, proper research and tax revenue production. Incarceration of people using or selling marijuana is cost prohibitive & wastes taxpayers money. Be sensible and logical about marijuana

    1. I agree. If I don’t use a CDL for work and not governed by DOT, then why can’t I consume on my free time? I’m a tax payer, constituent and productive citizen. Maybe when the old timers fall off, Congress can pass this. If it passes now with old timers in, I’d be shocked. It would be a great step forward for the USA to treat its people with dignity and give adults an option.

      1. Actually marijuana is largely consumed by older individuals
        I am 66 yrs young and I’ve been consuming marijuana since 1970. I have severe depression & PTSD. Marijuana helps me cope. I am allergic to alcohol & I take as few pharmaceuticals as possible.
        In my life I have gone to college, had a wonderful career in cardiopulmonary therapy, raised a family & paid my taxes. Without the help of marijuana I would probably have successfully committed suicide at some point. Marijuana is truly a gift from the Gods. A perfect herb that has a TON of used.
        Food, Fiber, Fuel & Medicine. Several of our forefathers smoked cannabis. Homesteaders
        carried hops & cannabis seeds to plant. Our Constitution is written on hemp paper. Which is probably why it still exists. It was also legal until 1935. One acre of marijuana is equal to four acres of trees.
        Please end the WAR on God’s perfect gift to the world.

      1. I was a cardiopulmonary therapist,now retired. In 1978, when I started my career, marijuana was given by prescription to oncology inpatients. It was the norm. Until Nancy Reagan.
        It is exciting to see research, mostly in Europe,
        discovering new medicinal uses for this miracle plant.

  2. It’s been a complete Injustice to all ! I personally was able to quit my alcohol addiction with it’s help !

  3. I pray we can end the injustice on Cannabis, no plant,no natural herb should be illegal, especially when the FDA and the Government approve more harmful and deadly items. How is it legal and justified to have cannabis as a schedule one with no medicinal value but the same government have 2 patents in it for medicinal value. The benefits outweigh the stigma, it’s time to do the right thing and free the weed. I don’t want to go to jail over saving my daughter’s life. Help us and the million others that want a natural choice not just ones that others can profit from that harm and kill us. I have medical documents that show before and after use, and there’s significant improvements documented, plus I see my daughter. Proof Cannabis is a God given plant meant to be available to those that want or need it.

  4. Send a message to your legislators and support this outstanding and forward-thinking bill! Remember where the funds will be going! I know it faces a potential uphill battle, but the time is now and we can get this done! Also, don’t forget to contact your reps. about the upcoming RB amendment on Fri! If we get it renewed we will be even stronger than before, especially if Vermont and others join up and legalize ASAP. Thanks, NORML

    1. and thanks to the outstanding Sen. Cory Booker, Rep. Barbara Lee, and the great co-sponsors!! You are making a better future happen! We stand with you!

  5. and sigh…just a sidestory…

    more wasted resources and time…have to catch that evil, dangerous, weed smuggling granny…smh….

    poor couple, hope they beat the charges. Wonder if AG Peterson or whomever is Nebraska AG will use this case to try and pull the stupid anti-Colorado lawsuit again, knowing SCOTUS is more conservative now. Sigh…wish the best for them both, hope they beat the charges and enjoy wonderful weed the rest of their days!


    Just sad..legalization cannot come soon enough for Nebraska or anywhere.

  6. It is not the mandate of government to legislate what is or isn’t allowed to be consumed by people. The very fact that it is “legal” to have sex with a horse in 26 states shows that government isn’t really interested in what “the people” want.

  7. I have to chuckle sending this bill to my now retiring Republican climate-denying prohibitionist Representative Lamar Smith… these are bills that make progressive Democrats show up to the polls and teach moderate Republicans they may temporarily have to become Progressive Democrats!

    Check out this great Cali-Potumentary on the Green Rush;


    1. And to prove my point;


      Pete Sessions, R-TX and chair of the Rules Committee forces a partisan conmittee withdrawal of the McClintock-Polis amendment.

      But unlike 2016 when he had zero Democratic challengers, this year Pete Sessions has all kinds of Dems in the primaries to take his seat:


      Vet our reps for marijuana policy, prefer Democratic Progressive candidates that dont take PAC money and check the voter guide at www. Texasnorml.org … and PLEASE donate to Texas NORML! Were OUT of funding and about to lose our full time staff if we dont rake in some cash soon so we appreciate any support for the cause!


      1. Pete Sessions sounds like just one more right-wing prohibitionist asswipe. People like him should not be anywhere near positions of responsibility. I’m glad his ass is going to be challenged next election. Asses like him have skated freely for far too long.

      1. I wouldn’t say that. They put a spotlight on injustice and they do good research. We can’t allow our fear and anger to impede our clinical judgement. That rings true for everyone, right or left.

      2. LegalizeNow,

        You surely must be talking about Fox “News,” the GOP propaganda network. ” . . . bunch of idiots that spew stupidity, fear and hatred non-stop.” Yep, Fox “News.”

  8. Beverly, I agree with every point you made.

    Also, I clicked and sent the message to my two Senators and congresswoman.

    1. How bout we pass a Constitutional amendment to prohibit prohibition and outlaw black market incentives and deschedule marijuana permanently and tax toxic and addictive substances?

      You should google “alcohol prohibition.” Then “Al Capone.” Didn’t work out so well.

      1. Compromise answer to this dilemma: instead of prohibiting anything, REQUIRE that any retailer who sells alcohol beverages have in store at all times plenty of shirtpocket 2-ounce Microdose “airliner” bottles of all brands and genres– beers, wines, liquors– so no customer is ever tempted to buy and consume (or throw away part of) a 12-ounce overdose of anything.
        Parallel: REQUIRE every legally registered or tolerated Cannabis Dispensary to have 25-mg-single-toke utensils for sale

  9. Yes! Now this is a great thing. Thank you Sen. Cory Booker and Rep. Barbara Lee!

    Pay attention folks, this is wisdom…

    Support H.R. 1227 & H.R. 2020 & Marijuana Justice Act.

  10. Hello, I’m totally in agreement 200%.
    I live in Louisiana what steps should I take to
    Contribute to this cause.

    1. @ Linda,
      I suggest making use of the tools that NORML provides! Use the links to take action, and contact your representatives!
      Or, hit the green “act” tab at the bottom of this website!

  11. Past due legalization is at hand.
    Today we know there are medical benefits of cannabis.
    And more to the point we understand it has no place being scheduled as a ‘schedule 1’substance.
    End the hypocrisy ??

  12. 22 of our veterans take their own lives EVERYDAY…40% by opioid overdose. The prohibition on cannabis has caused more harm than good. It has destroyed otherwise productive, healthy, and happy lives. The proof that this plant has medicinal value has been WELL established. Time to reschedule this life saving/giving plant. Please help to support and overturn the harmful cannabis laws now!

  13. Please support this bill, I’ve dealt with depression for most of my life and found out that marijuana helps with battling depression that most have prescribed pills for it. Marijuana has so many benefits and help with so many illnesses while not causing any addictions when using it. It also helps with cancer, PSTD, and hundreds of other conditions while prescription meds makes it worse & lose lives.

  14. Please do more research on medical cannabis, this is scheduled too high on the list, it’s nothing like heroin, cocaine, or other illicit substances. Thank you

  15. Please support and vote in favor of this legislation. I’ve had many of friends from all social statuses pass away from the drug epidemic created by Big Pharma! Jails and Hospitals should not be thriving…People and new opportunities should be thriving! Not to mention all of the medical miracles that marijuana has been linked to for centuries! I’d rather be in the presence of a happy stoner than a mean drunk any day of the week and marijuana has NEVER directly killed anyone. How many lose their lives to alcohol and other drugs each minute? I have a Brother that is a well published, established R&D Chemist, and he shares the same opinions as I do and millions of others! Think about how productive all the tax revenue is in our pioneering states! Look at other countries that are either going this way or have been this way for a long time. Try doing something right by the people and for the people…We have spoken loud and clear from the highest mountaintops!

  16. Too many add ons! When it comes to writing laws, liberal and conservative legislators both try to pile up the crud. Just say “It’s legal” and let it go at that.

    1. I would agree if we were talking about giving Germany fresh credit after WWII, but thats not whats happening here. Clearly you never went to jail for possession of marijuana.

  17. re; Kim says:
    Please do more research on medical cannabis

    -there are OVER 20,000 medical studies of marijuana.

    the problem is not a lack of information;

    the problem is mythology and money.

    money from the sale of alcohol, tobacco, and pills,
    buys off the politicians.

    mythology / ideology; “drugs are bad”,

    and “taking drugs takes you away from god”.
    (even though god made pot)

      1. More studies = more delaying tactics. I wonder how many “studies” they conducted when they ended alcohol prohibition in 1932.

  18. It’s not racial bias. Possessing weed was illegal and still is in a lot of states. If you got busted for it.. you got criminally reprimanded for it. To pretend these people are convicted for doing nothing is wrong.. they broke a law.

    1. @ bill,
      What you are ignoring is the fact that law enforcement systematically targets black communities very differently than it targets white communities.

      Furthermore, your statement is wrong on its face. Ever heard of the phrase “driving while black?” Do you know what it means? I’ll tell you: It’s a crime to drive while being a black person. Do you disagree? Have you ever tried it?

    2. Yeah, it’s not racial bias, because Bill says so. You got proof that it isn’t, Bill? There were laws against “witchcraft” in the late 1600’s. By your idiotic and thoughtless “it’s the law” logic, would you be for hanging people accused of witches? You don’t have to answer that because basically you already did.

  19. I’m going to tell my senator, Cory Booker, to support the marijuana justice act right away. Ohh wait, he already knows about it… I love this guy. With Al Franken gone, he’s now my favorite.

    1. @ George Mccuumber,
      No, let’s not. Rather, let us spit on the ground in disdain, each and every time the fake word “MAGA” is used.

  20. The crap going on in CT is beyond stupidity. Malloy refuses to even consider legalization because he is too ignorant to look at the facts- and he simply has no balls. He adheres to the fallacy that Cannabis is dangerous and highly addictive and leads to the use of other drugs. This is exactly the type of illogic that has led to Cannabis maintaining it’s incorrect status as a schedule 1 drug in the US and is due to incorrect facts as well as Big Pharma and the Alochol and Tobacco industry paying off the Fed to keep it illegal, because Cannabis obviously represents a tremendous threat to the gross profits these greedy industries maintain. It’s only a matter of time before we get Trump and his idiots like Sessions booted out of office and enact fair and just laws in this country. It’s a shame that such a useful herb is illegal on the federal level and is a crime in my opinion to the citizens of this country

  21. It really is sad that sick children’s parents who don’t
    want to treat serious disorders with pharmaceuticals
    due to the dangerous side effects must jeapardize
    their jobs or freedom to safely medicate their child.
    It’s proven beyond all reasonable doubt their is no
    documented overdoses, organ failure or addictive
    ingredients. The human body has a cannaboid system
    which tells in years past cannabis has been so widely
    consumed or bodies matabolize and recognize the
    makeup of this natural plant medicinally and as a part
    of our diet. I myself no the downfalls of these so called
    man made medicines after undergoing multiple heart
    surgeries. Twice becoming addicted to opiod. I have to break
    law daily to stop the pain in my lower legs and feet from
    diabetic neuropathy. I refuse to be a test subject for the
    pharmaceutical companies any longer. Unfortunately
    this country chooses money over health. Free this plant…

  22. The previous method/s of making a Plant/Substance Illegal that has been Safely used Medicinally, and Recreationally for Thousands of years, and which was formerly in the Legitimate Pharmacopeia of the United States of America before egregiously being made Illegal for dubious reasons must be rectified.

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