The FDA Wants To Hear From You About Marijuana Scheduling

…At least that’s how the public comment process works. 

This year, the United Nations World Health Organization is due to review the current international classification of marijuana, THC, cannabidiol, and other related compounds and preparations this year. In the lead-up, the WHO is asking member nations submit feedback, of which no nation is more influential than the United States.

Between now and April 23rd, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is seeking public comment from “interested persons” (I.E. you) regarding the international Schedule 1 Status of marijuana under international agreements.

We have made it incredibly easy for you to make your voice heard and need you to join your voice with thousands of other NORML members in making it clear: Cannabis does not fit in a controlled substances agreement, let alone Schedule 1.

Click here to submit a comment. 

Right now, we are collecting comments and will be delivering them by hand to the FDA offices on April 23rd.

In the action alert, you will find a pre-drafted comment that we encourage you to amend and include any other important aspects you deem worthy. You can draw additional information from our Factsheets and About Marijuana pages to expand your position for these public comments.

Don’t forget, democracy is not a spectator sport. Go on record with the FDA and fill out a comment to recommend the international descheduling of marijuana NOW.

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  1. I suffer from anxiety and and never get sleep at night. When I was younger (18) now 26 I would smoke before bed and got a good night’s sleep. Now with all the medications doctor’s prescribe for anxiety i.e( xanex,klonopin,valium) I would get really angry and still wake up the next day experiencing drunk like feelings that almost cost me my good paying job. Never had that with marijuana. But can’t use it b/c it illegal and I have random drug tests.when / if this is desheduled, drug tests for this should also be done away wth!

  2. Cannabis is a plant. Why is a god -given earth- growing planet be illegal?
    Please re schedule the plant! Thank you

  3. I strongly agree on Legalizing marijuana!!It does have Health benefits. That has been proven, your not going to die off this and that should be your concern!! We have deaths everyday off leagal thing’s drinking,pills with serious side effects that can cause death and cigarettes. I never smoked a cigarette till I was 43 I smoked marijuana now to see my Doctors you can’t have it in your system.I smoke cigarettes I’m 54 now and they have already made things worse.It is the only thing that most agree on Legalize marijunan it will get us out of the Debit!!!

  4. I have had two grown daughters die of legal opioids from their doctors.
    It’s past time to take the opioids off the market and legalize rec marijuana
    I could write a book on my life and relapsing m/s and how marijuana is about the best meds I can get Period !!

  5. Cannabis should be totally removed from the list of controlled substances and de-scheduled. The scientific evidence is very clear. This government wants to keep their conspiracy against the citizens of america alive and well. The government wants to keep all those private prisons for profit going to fatten their undeserving bankrolls. The corrupted law enforcement drug task force criminals need to be shut down once and for all. The Americans people are aware of law enforcement corruption.

  6. Repeal prohibition on cannabis IMMEDIATELY! It is a plant from God for our usage and HOW DARE YOU EVEN THINK FOR ONE SECOND you have the right to prohibit it period

  7. As a student of global affairs, I say that this is of great importance, and long overdue. Do not forget about Canada this July, either!

  8. Thank you Justin, for making the quick link so we can tackle this FDA commentary on a lunch-smoke break 🙂

    Everyone please remember to copy and paste your comments to the FDA link here on this webpage. We get 5000 characters so add these links!

  9. the FDA take orders from DEA. DEA knows nothing about drugs.Fudds+duds= same old same old. good luck. I`ve been waiting for these geezers to croak off for 45 years they must be cloning each other.

  10. This should have been legalized years ago. Besides the jobs that would provide the lower crime rates, and the benefits of the tax revenue, which would pour into the different states, would be a tremendous help. Look at the states that already legalized it, better schools,better roads,lower crime rates, and they are benefiting all the way around. Not to mention the great medical benefits.And I for one can formally say since I am a victim of chronic pain I have tried it numerous times and it has worked which gives me a great option to avoid opiates of which I don’t like anyway. I hope I pray that finally we could legalize this fantastic plant that has unbelievable usage.

  11. With opiods being epidemic and alcohol a legal substance that makes a person sick, pass out, or die, how can you make the assumption that marijuana is bad when all medical studies and medicinal mj patients show that it isnt? Thousands of doctors, nurses, scientists say there are no overdoses on mj, nothing harmful like your tobacco that kills and alcohol that kills. These are legal substances with horrendous repercussions, making you addicted, and does not cure one thing. Mj does not cause addiction nor is it a gateway drug. Live Science just discovered that ALCOHOL is the gateway drug that kids first get hooked on; then they go on to harder drugs, not marijuana. Do your research and help Americans who need this medicine to survive. Have you ever been in so much physical pain that you fainted? I have, in a doctor’s office, with 2 herniated lumbar discs and a broken back. Instead of using the heavy duty pain meds docs want to give me, why can’t I choose the drug that will work the best for me without me becoming addicted to my pain pills. Make marijuana legal, you will help so many many people; and save many many lives from the legal stuff now promoted.Thank you kindly.

  12. I’ve had Crohn’s disease since 2011, my doctors have never been able to get it under control. Since Pennsylvania legalized medical marijuana this year I’ve gotten off of 3 of my medications including the 180 15mg Oxycodone I was getting a month. I’ve never felt better.

  13. Marijuana is a therapeutic plant. The prohibition of marijuana supports opioid addiction, for profit prisons and pharmaceutical profit. A schedule 1 status has no base in fact. It should be unscheduled by the federal government, giving state law and individual freedom control.

  14. I feel that if we really want to make the world a better place for the younger generations, some not even conceived yet, and fight the opioid crisis. Then we need to focus on medicine that will actually help people live a more fulfilling and productive life. I have personally consumed cannabis on a daily basis for at least the last 20 years, and nothing have ever helped my back, shoulder, and neck pain more. Nor has anything else ever given me the amount of energy and focus that cannabis does. I believe that we need to de-criminalize cannabis in order to be a better country and better people all around. It really does help. Especially for those of us that allergic to opioids, which is probably a significant number of the population (it can’t be just me, that’s not possible). If the government is truly trying to work for the people, even the little insignificant people like me, then please let it be true and work with us, let cannabis users PROVE that we are productive members of society and that cannabis does NOT affect our ability to do so.

  15. Cannabis helps me with my chronic depression and anxiety/bi-polar disorder. I, too, believe cannabis ought to be legal in all 50 states!

  16. all of the orgs. that are against mj.check there pockets,because they have checks in them from big pharma.

  17. My knowledge of Cannabis has grown A LOT in the past few years. Once I cleared myself from listening to the false propaganda about the so called “dangers” of cannabis, for which there is absolutely NONE whatsoever, I became aware of this awesome plants full potential, especially when I have a wife who has rhumatoid arthritis and a sister and a close friend who both have MS. I get very frustrated when I look at the news and I hear about someone dying from a drug overdose or someone that has died from alcohol poisoning. It disgusts me that Cannabis is compared to so many very deadly substances, in which some are very legal. ie: alcohol and tobacco.

    This has got to stop. We need full legalization immediately. Do it for the sake of any loved ones who you know could very well benefit from Cannabis. The fact that no one dies from weed, should be enough for it to become legal nationwide.

  18. If we free the weed who will fill all the private jails and how can we educated the next generation of criminals.

  19. I am aggravated that the govt chose to create ‘Reefer Madness’, that hemp clothing and other products have been unavailable due to govt, that all this time this medicine has been kept out of use, that valuable data from legintimate medical studies have been suppressed.
    And we can get high, so what? Is that different that alcohol? People with money or influence can still get cannabis, why not the rest of us? The govt needs to get off their addiction to civil forfeiture, which is totally unconstitutional. Shame on all those who supported this ignorant prohibition.

  20. Yes. Should be like tomato’s grapes and other things should not be scheduled with other drugs ?

  21. I spent 27 years as a deputy sheriff in macomb co. Michigan. In all those years l never had to fight with anyone using marijuana. Never saw anyone overdose or go through withdrawals. I fought with many a belligerent drunk. If you’ve ever seen a person withdrawing from alcohol it’s not a pretty sight and can cause death. I went to many heroin overdoses, some more than once. And many that didn’t make it through. I have a 34 year old son that is an addict as well as both his baby momma’s. Between them they have 6 children all being raised by us grandparents. All 6 are on public health ins.THANK GOD for that. My son is a thief and is in jail again. Please legalize marijuana and tax it. Take the tax money to fight opioid abuse,both illegal and legal. If my son doesn’t break this habit soon I pray that I live long enough to get his youngest child through highschool and possibly college I have to make it into my 80’s…thank yoy

    1. Brad,
      God Bless you and your family. And thank you for your honesty.
      While you click that story to the FDA, have you ever heard of the Law Enforcement Action Partership? They can offer you some support and a legal network where you can get your voice out to your Congressman. Your story needs to be told to your state and federal representatives faces.

  22. If the politicians schedule pot they do so that the pharm industry will put money in their pocket and the pharm will control legal weed. Its a no brainer because most doctors wont prescribe it then. Especially in the south.

  23. Hemp and cannabis should be descheduled at a federal level. As a cdl driver, I could use hemp cbd oil for pain instead of opioids and alcohol.

  24. Sent my letter in to FDA today,If FDA reschedules Justice Department has no case to prosecute.If WHO reschedules Cannabis world wide FDA might reconsider it’s stance on it’s efficacy.Yes voting for pro cannabis politicians will help us move forward.A lot of people are suffering needlessly because they can’t get access to legal cannabis.We don’t let dogs suffer in our society,it’s time to apply that to people.

  25. Since “racism” was the true basis for it to begin with. Ban all MARIJUANA laws.

  26. Been smoking since 1973….Dont have any problems with it and dont know of any friends who used stronger drugs because of it

  27. I am a mid 50’s professional. I suffered a severe brain injury as the result of a stroke. 2 years of traditional medicine did not relieve the neurological pain. Without any other options, a friend gave me some marijuana. It changed my life. It changed it so much I became a care giver so that I could have marijuana that I could track from seed to me. I was able to return to work in the white collar corporate world with the use of marijuana. It does not impede my job performance in any way but allows me to function as a productive member of society rather than being on disability. I had to abstain for 60 days in order to pass a drug test. During that time, there were no withdrawals, but a steady declination of my physical health. Once I was given the job I went right back to using marijuana to alleviate the effects of the stroke and became a high producing member of my corporate environment. It isn’t addictive (it is habit forming like soda) and it helps some of us so much that I can’t see a downside to full legalization of marijuana. Have you ever seen people die from marijuana, no. Alcohol, tobacco yes. It is cruel to keep this plant from the general public.

  28. Why the govt needs to make money of a seeded herb while real drugs are killing people is just beyond stupid. Schedule 1 which no studies were allowed now Pharma wants solely to utilize a few parts of a very beneficial herb. The lung cancer argument is abolished. It has proven itself in real world trials. And is blatantly not toxic unlike a lot of food additives. The double standard needs to go. So does the greed. Quit controlling lives. We all know it’s for profit. Gig is up.

  29. Time to legalize medical marijuana in all 50 states! Legislatures need to read the evidence from clinical trials!

  30. They’re taking away our rights as human beings by keeping this plant illegal. It’s very insulting to us as creatures of the earth. Right this wrong, please!

  31. Adderall, Oxycodone, and Fentanyl. Three reasons to legalize marijuana. Less health problems, less overdoses, and people should be able to make their own choices on what they put in their body.

  32. Legalize Now! Get up from underneath that rock! Cannabis helps people.

  33. STOP WASTING OUR TAX DOLLARS !!! on a policy that in the end,the FED. WILL LOOSE. Apparently,some of the smarter than us lawmakers forgot Prohibition of the 1920’s.FYI. You lost,and what did that fiasco cost US taxpayers in money,and human life?
    Just except defeat graciously,and stop with the nonsense! the debate is OVER go home.

  34. Marijuana should be legal anyway. It was made illegal under false pretenses which is a violation of the oath of office of every official that has enforced these laws. It is harmless and helps with many medical issues. Please reschedule it and work on legalizing it for recreational use. It being illegal also violates our right to safe medicine in many ways.

  35. It should be legal to buy, grow, and use on one’s own property. Should have been legal in all 50 states years ago!

  36. Cannibus has so many healing affecrs on the mind and body its nateral infredient for people that suffer pain depression anxiety nausia arthritus migranes helps apitite its helped my asthma i used to have to go to the hospital for searing pain inside my head and eye im so allergic to pain meds and the pain so extreme unable to hold down food i used to get them back to back 2 to 3 times a month since cannibis medication ive had 3 in eight months.cannibes heals many elements it releives pain and pain causes sadness depression pain managed your more out going happy.legalize it and stop discrimination of cannibus users some docters are against it they have less patients.cannibus is a more echinomical solution comparred to pharmicuticals mental healt and gives people power to manage their own health care.

    1. Legalize cannibus and stop suffering and harrasment of cannibus perticipents i get alot of flac jehove witnesses stalking and intimidating cannibus users like theyre the devil and its the end of the world

      1. That’s odd. Because I had some JW clients that were smuggling all kinds of laundered drug money across the border with Mexico.

  37. Marijuana should be legal for medical and adult responsible use in all 50 states. It has helped me with headaches, stomach aches, and chronic back pain and arthritis.

  38. Marijuana should be legal, even for recreational, not to EVEN MENTION MEDICINAL! It truly helps with pain. Much safer than any opiod, that is LEGAL FOR BIG PHARMA, YES?

  39. I’ve been Smoking it since i was 18, and there aint nothing wrong with me that a joint can’t fix….

  40. More than the fact that cannabis has been PROVEN to be helpful against so many diseases and chronic ailments, this is about the people’s right to choose their own lifestyle. It’s called “the pursuit of happiness”, the right to choose for ourselves. I do not need a perpetual parent to oversee my choices. Marijuana should not only be legalized; it should be decriminalized.

  41. I cared for my dying mother who had neck cancer. In her final days, she used, WITH GREAT SUCCESS, cannabis to relieve her pain and anxiety. I would in no way have allowed her to be hooked up to a MORPHINE DRIP that would render her unconscious during her final days with absolutely NO QUALITY OF LIFE and no way to communicate with her in her final hours. Instead, she was able to experience the outpouring of love from her friends and family: QUALITY OF LIFE even until the end is ESSENTIAL!!!
    I have FORTY YEARS of pharmacy experience and have seen WAY TOO MANY “LEGAL” ADDICTS due to the STUPIDITY of THC and/or CBD being A SCHEDULE ONE DRUG–STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!!! SERIOUSLY!! Cannabis was used for medicinal purposes for CENTURIES prior to the early 1900’s when it was DEMONIZED due to POLITICAL MANIPULATION and GREED. Remember when it was found in the US PHARMACOPEA?!?!? I’m sure you DO!! PUT IT BACK and give American Citizens the OPTION to make BETTER choices for themselves when it comes to dealing with their pain, anxiety, needing an appetite stimulant, AND YOU KNOW THE LIST GOES ON AND ON AND ON!!!
    DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR AMERICAN CITIZENS!! Reschedule THC and CBD at LEAST to a SCHEDULE 2 for crying out loud!! This isn’t a request from America: THIS IS A DEMAND!!

  42. I was on ten lorocet,ten dogbones(Xanax)four oxy twenties a day plus twelve beers plus whiskey every day and came off of it smoking weed. Even the libriarians here are just amazed and can,t for the love of them see why weed is not legal to use especially to come off a bunch of life destroying junk.

  43. WE only need to look at the true reason it was ever put on the schedule one list originally. Cannabis was deemonized for political gain. Some industries will gain competition with the descheduling of cannabis and competition is good.

    NEXT: To continue : Schedule one says no medical value and so to continue cannibus on the schedule one list is to pcontinue lying to the people and withholding a much needed resource in the figbg t;ght against opiates

  44. Ijuan big buds Agree, it should be legal and taxed. period all 50 states.I t is so dumb that whiskey and cigcancer is legal. making billions.

  45. When it comes to Marijuana, the Government thinks that we are in Kindergarten and the people are too stupid to make right choices. The fact is, the Government is a Kindergarten full of immature childish kids.

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