New Leadership Energizes NORML Chapters in North Carolina

North Carolina NORML along with several other pro-cannabis organizations recently organized the Tar Heel State’s largest pro-cannabis march in recent memory. There were people from across the state, and even some long time residents that had to move to a state that allows them to medicate the way they want, despite having a majority of their families here.

On April 20th, we saw the biggest push for reform at a federal level ever by North Carolinians. North Carolina NORML along with veterans, people with disabilities, and folks from all walks of life were able to come together and march in solidarity with one another.

The cannabis movement has been stagnant in North Carolina, at best. There is a great divide in supporters who are ready for any small step, even if that means giving up their right to grow their own or even to medicate with “flower” or bud. Other supporters within the state have a sense that if they settle for “extract only” laws or laws that restrict growing rights, that they will not be able to get those rights added in later.

To see fractions of the movement come together for this event is enormously satisfying. Under new leadership, North Carolina NORML has began turning up the heat and focused on getting people involved. We understand that people need to be constantly involved otherwise they get bored and move on. We need to make sure everyone is engaged, and informed , and that is what we have done, and will continue to do.

In addition to the 4/20 march which focused on an end to marijuana prohibition federally, we also took part in the Global Marijuana March on May 5th and have held monthly public meetings across the state to increase visibility and to give people an opportunity to start their own chapter. To continue the fight, North Carolina NORML is hosting its first Lobby Day next Tuesday, May 22, 2018, where members will be focused on inviting supporters of marijuana law reform efforts to educate lawmakers (RSVP HERE).

If you are a North Carolina voter, look forward to a voter guide on NC NORML’s website to help you choose candidates in the general election who favor (or not) and will sponsor bills if elected. Incumbents also have a chance to show supporters’ what they have sponsored or co-sponsored in the past. Reform is coming for North Carolina, and we refuse to be the last state to do so.

For more info, please call 828-455-8203 or email You can also follow North Carolina NORML on FaceBook and Twitter!

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  1. We look forward to move to north Carolina. We have been caregivers in Michigan for over a decade.


  2. “We understand people need to be constantly involved otherwise they get bored and move on.”
    Coming from someone who barely missed a post on the National Blog for 5 years I would concur…

    Let’s also remind eachother that it’s we who are disconnected from reality and need to be engaged in the legislative process… because marijuana and hemp prohibition “involves us all” in unforseen ways, and in every aspect of our human global identity, economic sustainability and our coexistence with this living universe. The truth about cannabis and marijuana reform and every aspect of how it involves us from effective, affordable medicine, sustainable bio-fuel, nutritious food, carbon trapping shelter to the way we govern ourselves as a nation and society is only there waiting to reveal itself. Let’s take the journey together …citizen lobby… and create better laws for ourselves and the generations yet to come.

  3. Prioritize your first principles.

    Which principle takes precedence: a) marijuana legalization; or, b) states’ rights?

    NORML is a national organization. Implicit in the mission of advocacy for marijuana consumers is the premise that marijuana legalization is for ALL citizens.

    Thus, NORML, and indeed all who claim to support American marijuana legalization, must prioritize a) (legalization) over b) (states’ rights), in order not to engage in two-faced situational ethics.

    Those who prioritize b) over a) cannot rightfully claim to support marijuana legalization, because they DON’T support marijuana legalization in those states that do not allow it. The ordering of their principles prevents it.

    But, we legalizers don’t advocate for states rights; rather, we challenge those who do hold that view to be consistent — to walk their talk, and to support legalization efforts in those states that HAVE legalized it, and in those that wish to do so.

    We legalizers say, “If YOU support states rights then YOU must support legalization in CO, CA, AK, WA, OR, and so on. Otherwise, YOU are full of shit. But WE legalizers support marijuana legalization in principle, even in states that do NOT allow it. We legalizers even support marijuana legalization in other countries, whether they be democratic or not.”

    For a marijuana legalize, nationwide marijuana legalization takes precedence over a states’ right to prohibit it.

    You see, it is prohibition that is precisely what we oppose, regardless of which state institution it may be that just says “No.”

      1. I think that voter that are in favor of legalization should vote for the party that is for legalization, and promises to pass bill as soon as they are elected.

        If everyone that smoke week would convince 5 friends that is favor of legalization, and we all vote, we could change this law by 2020. All the people that are against legalization would read the book “Green Greed by Robert Platshorn” I think their minds would change. Presidents, the news media, especially newspapers, have lied to the people since the 1930’s. President Nixon appointed a man to study the pro and cons of marijuana use. He reported back to Nixon that marijuana should not be a schedule 1 drug as heroin is, and that it should be legalized, Nixon threw the report in the trash and later started the War on Drugs campaign. People, we have to stop referring to marijuana as DOPE, It is a plant put on this Earth by God. If we are a Free Society how can we be locked up for using a plant that I call “The Mother Plant. I could go on and on but I will stop here. We as American Citizens have a right to this plant. Legalize and tax just like the main drug in this country ALCOHOL.

    1. Many Republicans say they support marijuana legalization, simply because they love marijuana and don’t want to get arrested for it.

      But that’s not good enough.

      Being for marijuana legalization does not mean you love marijuana, it means you oppose marijuana prohibition. There is a big difference.

      That is where Republican voters jump the tracks.

      The Democrats support marijuana legalization.
      The Republicans support marijuana prohibition.

    2. Some good points here Dain. I especially like your “consistency” argument regarding states’ rights.

  4. great to hear from the great state of NC. Also, and there is at least one article….legalized sports betting and states rights to set a precedent? Watched SCOTUS debate dialogue yesterday. NC, GOP state, though it has shown variances…..transgender, elections, Raleigh, big chemical industry city.

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