Oklahoma: Polling Shows Strong Voter Support For Upcoming Medical Marijuana Vote

By a margin of nearly 2 to 1, Oklahoma voters support the passage of State Question 788 — a voter-initiated measure to permit patients access to marijuana for therapeutic purposes. Oklahomans will decide on the measure in a special election on Tuesday, June 26.

According to polling data compiled by SoonerPoll.com and released today, 58 percent of likely voters endorse the measure, while 30 percent oppose it. Public support for the patient-centric initiative — which empowers physicians to use their discretion when determining cannabis therapy — has largely held steady, even in the face of growing, organized opposition from members of law enforcement and certain business leaders.

Under the plan, licensed medical marijuana patients may cultivate up to six mature plants, and obtain personal use quantities of marijuana flower, edibles, or infused concentrates from regulated dispensaries. NORML formally endorsed the measure in January.

Initiative proponents gathered sufficient signatures to place the issue before voters in 2016. However, the vote was postponed because when the state attorney general attempted to reword the initiative’s ballot title in a misleading manner. Initiative proponents sued to restore the title’s original wording. This year, proponents fought back legislation which sought to preemptively amend the initiative in a manner that would have curtailed the rights of both patients and their physicians.

Voters in three other states — Michigan, Missouri, and Utah — are anticipated to decide on Election Day on statewide marijuana reform initiatives. Recent polling from those states finds majority public support for all three measures.

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  1. About time! Few years ago, they were suing Colorado! Take that, Lankford and Pruitt! OKLAHOMA!

    1. Exactly…it helps me more than anything else w my Neuropathy and MS. Plus I’ve had 2 pharmaceutical drugs effect me badly none of those bad side effects w MJ

    2. I just took my third dose of morphine for the day. Anything is better than living like this.

  2. This is some of the best news I’ve read since Republican strongholds like North Dakota legalized mmj or Maine overruled the Governor’s veto.

    We shouldn’t expect that a Republican legislature in Oklahoma won’t try and do the same as Maine and Massachussetts and defy direct democracy by modifying and denying voter initiatives as much as possible, especially home grow.

    This almost makes up for my disappointment with Canada’s delay on legalization… my summer road trip in July up from Texas to Canada then back down through DC takes me right through Oklahoma within days after the special election. It will be interesting to get Oklahoma’s take on legal mmj, and what they think about their reps leading up to November elections.
    Send that Koch-$ucking AG back under the rock he crawled out of.

    1. and, oh yeah, those backwater SWAMP creatures will delay, more of that ULTRA anti-marijuana, and anti-marijuana CULTURE stink. The outdated idiots will have their wins for a while…for a while….but we shall ultimately succeed. Maybe Lankford will at last EVOLVE. Remember AG Scott Pruitt. About time….OK is a backwater Trump-obsessed police state!

      1. Yes we are a republican state , but that doesn’t mean
        The people here do understand right from wrong.
        Both parties are at fault for where we are all at right now.
        I feel the same about our previous president as you do about
        Our current one. So maybe we leave that part of politics
        Out of our conversations , other wise we become as
        Unwilling as the politicians in office to make change
        Mostly because it wasn’t their idea that made the change happen.
        The cool thing is we all have the power to make the difference
        And take the power back , that is beinging proven
        All over this country right now!
        Looks like med. mj will pass in Oklahoma.
        So plan your road trip.

      2. Byron,
        You can’t “leave politics out” of marijuana legalization. Politicians make our laws and change our laws. Marijuana legalization itself is political activity, so is voting.

        We don’t have to pretend Republicans aren’t the worst of the Drug Warriors, just to protect your hurt and tender fee-fees.

        Trump, Sessions, McConnell, Ryan, Putin… All Republican picks, all lunatic Drug Warriors. So bite me!

      3. Byron, I grant you that a great many people in red states are generally ahead of their red state politicians on cannabis reform. However, I do not accept your premise that both parties are equally to blame. That’s just factually incorrect.

      4. Byron,

        It’s important to note that Republican prohibitionist Reps in OK do not represent the marijuana reforming desires and needs of their Republican voters. OK too often gets an unfair description of being “backwards” on mj policy when in fact the politicians they send to Congress betray the voters.

        But as the Irish say, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, it’s time to vote an opposing party into this two-party system. After the second time around we have to start asking where the majority of the private prison, synthetic pharmaceutical and petrochemical-timber money is going to. And I’ll be the first to call out a Dem that takes that money.. like Debbie Washmoney Shultz out of Florida. (An Independent Tim Canova is the only solution for Miami and Broward).

        But think about this: Can you name me one Republican who refuses PAC money? Yeah, I know. That’s the problem.

        It’s a false equivalence to say Dems are “just as bad” on mj policy:


        That’s the kind of mentality that got us a walking threat to our national security in deep debt to the Russian mob elected to the White House. We can afford to do a little research. Please click on the link.

        Oh yeah, and even if you do start smokin marijuana in Muskogee, people be advised not to think it’s safe to cross state lines if they qualify for an mmj card. Cooperate with law enforcement with your hands at 10 and 3. If they say get out of the car, kindly ask if you’re being arrested but do not consent to a vehicle search. If they search without consent it’s called a Motion to Suppress Evidence.

      5. Bro, cops will still be able to search your car if it smells of weed. They will have probable cause that you are driving impaired just like if you smell like alcohol.

      6. Sorry if this is a double post. But, if your car smells like weed it will still be searched under probable cause that you are driving DUI just like if the car reeks of alcohol.

      7. Cops have no way of proving that you are driving high. If it’s suspected you’re driving high, they will take you in to do a blood test. What’s a blood test? A drug test. With weed staying in your system for 30 days, it won’t mean a thing testing positive on it. Instead, cops will use their (scare tactic) (cause cops are complete snakes) to get you to verbally admit guilt to being high.

  3. Here’s the part I like: “the patient-centric initiative empowers physicians to use their discretion when determining cannabis therapy.”

    I take that to mean that they have done away with the limited lists of specific, “qualifying” conditions, as exist in states like Colorado and others (which do not cover nearly all of the many legitimate medical uses for cannabis) and instead left the matter between the patient and the doctor, where it belongs.


  4. It is about time that we Oklahoman’s pass medical marijuana in our own state. I have epilepsy and have grand mal seizures. Marijuana is the only medicine that prevents my seizures completely without harmful side effects. The 12 pills that I take a day all have serious side effects to my life and well being and I can’t wait until the day that I can throw them away for good. Oklahoma, please vote yes on SQ 788 this June 26th!

  5. Not likely to pass, Heavy republican state, lots of Evangelists, lots of law enforcement, lots of rednecks, lots of opposition.

  6. Lived in Oklahoma most of my life, 69 year old veteran, no war zone. I joined the Navy to avoid the draft. Good people here for the most part. State Republicans have devastated the State. I think it will pass simply because all the Church people can mark yes and all the congregation will not know. They are getting old and face all the health problems that advancing years bring.

  7. Oklahoma has had some of most barbaric cannabis laws in the country. 20 years for 1 joint is horrible. If OK passes the MMJ initiative that is a major win in overturning laws that should of never been there in the first place. I have watched way too many loved ones needlessly suffer when a safe and effective remedy is there and they have to break the law if they want healed.

    1. Possession of any CDS is a misdemeanor now. No more than 1 year sentence by statute no matter prior convictions or how many times you get caught.

  8. It’s cured my allergies. Prior to smoking cannabis I was forced to take weekly shots for allergies and they never worked it seemed. I kept getting sick. I am now cured of allergy issues. I’ve stopped drinking alcohol, and smoking cigarettes. It’s increased my learning ability to understand physics and electrical science. I can now absorb much more information. I can’t put books down when I light up it’s addicting to learn. I’m happy and feel enlightened. It’s made me a better person and I’ve been helping my community more. LEGALIZE IT.

  9. MJ helps with my anxiety disorder unlike every Medication I have been prescribed to me by my doctor, if 788 passes it would be a blessing to thousands of people that need it for anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD, and many many more mental disorders. I don’t see why we are still here talking about it why has it not been legalized already. Please vote yes on 788.

  10. Yes to medical, No to recreational, and No to anyone growing and selling it.
    My Vote ” NO” on this 788.

  11. YES , I can tell you that Medicinal has been the only thing that has helped me with Osteoarthritis and Neuropathy..As well as the Multiple Spine Injuries that keep me in a horrible and constant state of Pain.
    Keep up the good work, many who suffer will benefit from this.

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