Georgia Legislators Out Of Touch With Constituency

What’s A Straw Poll?

For those that don’t know, a straw poll is an unofficial ballot conducted as a test of opinion.  On 5/22/2018 the question above appeared as the first local question on the Democratic ballot for Forsyth County, Georgia.  “Should Georgia amend the state Constitution to legalize the use of cannabis/marijuana for those 21 years old and older, allow a retail dispensary base, tax said products, and allocate revenue received equally to state education and transportation infrastructure?”

The results are non-binding.  It was just a question to “test the opinion” of the voters.  Well, the voters spoke, and the results are pretty amazing, though not all that surprising.

4996 (a whopping 77%) answered YES
Only 1471 answered NO

Did I mention that a whopping 77% answered YES?

Marijuana On An Official Ballot in Georgia?

How’d that happen?  I reached out to Melissa Clink, who currently chairs the Forsyth Democratic Party and asked that question.  She told me, “Our election board officials asked about a month ahead of elections if we wanted questions on our ballot. These questions take the temperature of voters and in my opinion alert elected officials how their constituents want them to vote on such matters.  I believed marijuana legalization was a high priority question in Georgia”.

Clink said that there was some initial resistance from within the party, although support for medical usage was unequivocal.  As is the case with many citizens in Georgia, some believed Georgia had a viable medical marijuana program and were unaware of some of the hypocrisy in that program.  Clink explained that Georgia has a non-functioning medical use law that does not include in-state growth or access to medicine and that “we need to know how voters feel about outright legalization so that our elected officials can legislate according to the will of the people”.  The question was added to the ballot.

Did I Mention That A Whopping 77% Answered YES?

I bring that up because according to the latest Quinnipiac poll 63% of the Nation favors legalization.  The folks in Forsyth County, Georgia obviously favor it more than that.  Even the Republican Party there is saying they wish they’d asked that, and other, questions.

Catherine Bernard, a liberty-loving criminal defense attorney said: “[this] matches up with my jury selection experience in Forsyth where almost everyone raised their hand when the prosecutor asked who thought it shouldn’t be against the law to have MJ!”

The Heroin Triangle and Education

Forsyth County is in Georgia’s “Heroin Triangle”, and this may have some bearing on why this county ranges 14% higher than the national percentage.  I’m sure they’ve been paying close attention to the growing evidence that marijuana is an exit from opiates, not the gateway.

While the percentage of folks that want marijuana legalized in other Georgia counties may not be quite as high, we know that the majority of citizens want this.  We knew it in 2014 when we had a telephone poll done and over 50% of those polled were for full legalization.  That percentage has grown immensely over the past 4 years.

Why Georgia, Why?

So the questions become, “Why aren’t Georgia Legislators listening? Why aren’t more of them vocally supporting in-State cultivation for medical purposes?  Why aren’t they getting on board with decriminalizing possession of one ounce or less?  Why is it necessary to arrest more than 24,000 people a year for possession?”

Take Action!!

Contact your legislators during this recess.  Reach out to them on their home turf.  Call, write, email.  Express your support for more rational marijuana laws.

Contact your Republican and Democratic Party Chairs.  Discuss a straw poll with them.

“When we are talking, we are winning”.  Sooner now, than later, they will have to listen to us.  The tide is turning in Georgia.

Tom McCain is the Executive Director of Peachtree NORML, fighting for the rights of Georgian cannabis consumers. You can visit their website at, follow their work on Facebook and Twitter, and please make a contribution to support their work by clicking here. 

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  1. wow, extra articles, thx, NORML! Sigh, Georgia COULD be a breakthrough state for the South…until then…..Sundoooown, you’d better take care…lol. GREAT, informative article….thx, Tom, we stand with you, Peachtree NORML! Visit those links!

  2. Tom,
    Thank you for the important work you do. Keep up the good fight.

    The answer for the whopping disconnect between Georgia’s legislature and popular opinion is the same problem we have in Texas.

    Out of 27.5 million Texans, only 1 million Democrats voted during the March primaries. 1.5 million Republicans voted. Total, that’s less than %11 of the state’s population.
    If only %25 of the state of Texas got out and voted we would already be a Democratic nation and have marijuana legalized at the federal level.
    Let’s stop calling this a “Blue Wave” and just call it “Wake up and vote.”

  3. One could only wish the state og Georgia will be one of the last states to legalize cannabis. There’s way to many Republicans that would never vote it in.

      1. Well bully for them. But that is still different than voting to legalize which is kryptonite to many Republican legislators. Don’t just tell me that Republicans smoke cannabis too, I want to know what the hell they are actually doing to contribute to legalization?

      2. So do their Republican representatives. And so do clothes dryers. But they never get anywhere.

      3. Sure. They also believe in personal liberty and state sovereignty. So until the GOP can get a backbone and an ounce of honesty, we’ll be set.

        Until then, they’re just in the way.

      4. Chris,
        So fucking what? You vote Republican. The Republican party opposes marijuana legalization. So, your opinions are irrelevant.

      5. Haha… coming from a guy who called Republicans “drying machines” when it comes to marijuana policy. Hopefully you took my sarcasm into context.

      6. Julian,
        Totally. Trolls have rights, too! We can only hope Chris is able to learn; otherwise, nobody can save Chris from himself!

  4. everything depends on schedule 1 classification..
    the only way to defeat prohibition-corruption is to vote out known antagonists..
    this is not an intellectual exercise,, rather a reality of the people actually getting out and expressing their will…
    get out and vote people… – VOTE –

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