Congressional Black Caucus Announces Support for Marijuana Law Reforms

Last Friday, the Congressional Black Caucus announced its position on various marijuana law reforms.

“Some of the same folks who told African Americans ‘three strikes and you’re out’ when it came to marijuana use and distribution, are now in support of decriminalizing the drug and making a profit off of it,” CBC Chairman Cedric L. Richmond (D-LA-02) said. “The Congressional Black Caucus supports decriminalizing marijuana and investing in communities that were destroyed by the War on Drugs – which, in addition to be a failed war, was a war on black and brown communities. We also support expunging the records of those previously convicted of misdemeanors for marijuana-related offenses.”

The position was supported by an overwhelming majority of the 48-member caucus.

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8 thoughts

  1. Action alert!

    Senator Chuck Grassley is trying to tie in a toxic amendment to the farm bill that would outlaw CBD and cannabinoid derivatives as a schedule 1 controlled substance!

    Click on the link above and write your Senators to stop this amendment from passing!

    I expected some dirty counter amendments but this one is blatantly evil as it is ridiculous.

  2. It always amazes me that it took black members of Congress to join the blame of drugs for our socioeconomic inequality to outlaw marijuana through the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, unwittingly incarcerating black people disproportionately from white people who according to decades of studies from the ACLU consume marijuana at similar rates as our black brothers and sisters.

    The sadly “witting” part of that is fear propaganda.

    Even the victims of bad laws are bullied into cooperating with their passage because they are unwilling to stand up to the serious threats of violence by law enforcement in our racist society.

    Now we have NAACP President Ben Jealous reconciling those fears as he runs for Governor of Maryland and recalls when he refused a joint from Dave Chapelle in Mississippi back when they were 20 for fear of the reprecissions and Dave said “this $#!+ oughtta be legal.”

    My how times have changed.

  3. The Republican party will never have the legitimacy it seeks to engineer via propaganda and deceit.

    I will say it again: I refuse to accept an America wherein one can’t say “Fuck the Ku Klux Klan,” or “Fuck the white supremacist Nazis,” without some sick fuck saying “He’s your President!” Wrong!!

    Fuck, Donald Trump! Fuck him, I say!

    1. Dain, Let’s say “oppose Trump,” and vote in an opposing Congress. “Fuck Trump” is not an image I need in my head before coffee this morning.

  4. I can’t type the enormous response I have for this great and powerful affair on this device. LEGALIZATION KNOWS ALL COLORS!!! HUMAN! The Congressional Black Caucus has my UNDYING support. STOP THE OPPRESSION! HUMAN BEINGS of color….RISE UP. We need the Most Honorable John Lewis, Senators Booker, Harris, so many others.

  5. I was dating a young black woman when barry was on deck for term one. She said the buzz on barry among her young peers that was he was going to legalize weed.

    Years later, I’ve arrived at the Trump is barry is bush is clinton place a lot of people do. There are no presidential elections, never have been. You are allowed to select between a firing squad or a hanging.

    1. Wrong, Charles, open your eyes. Marijuana dispensaries, all over the place! That never happened until President Obama. It was dramatic. How did you miss it? Were you out of the country?

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