Ohio: Three More Municipalities Vote to Depenalize Cannabis Possession

Voters in three Ohio municipalities have approved local ballot measures depenalizing minor marijuana possession offenses.

In Northwood (population 5,600), voters enacted a new city ordinance so that the possession of 20 grams or less of cannabis within city limits is no longer subject to local penalties.

Voters in the cities of Bremen (population 1,500) and Nelsonville (population 5,400) passed similar ballot proposals amending “the penalty for misdemeanor marijuana offenses (200 grams) to [the] lowest penalty allowed by the state law.”

The citywide votes are consistent with those cast by voters in past elections. In 2018, voters in five Ohio cities — Dayton (population 140,000), Fremont (population 16,000), Norwood (population 20,000), Oregon (population 20,000), and Windham (population, 2,200) — approved municipal ordinances seeking to either eliminate or significantly reduce local fines and penalties associated with marijuana-related offenses. Voters in several other Ohio cities, including Athens (population 24,000) and Toledo (population 279,000) have passed similar local measures in recent years.