Stay Home This 4/20

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) recognizes that it is important to be compliant with state and federal guidelines regarding social and physical distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. That is why, in the best interest of public health and safety, NORML is encouraging cannabis consumers not to congregate in groups either outdoors or indoors this 4/20.

Instead, NORML encourages those who wish to express their support for marijuana policy reform this 4/20 to engage in the many online/virtual celebrations taking place throughout the day. A sampling of NORML-affiliated online events taking place this 4/20 is included below. NORML will update this list with additional events as they are announced.

Furthermore, because NORML recognizes that cannabis consumers worldwide often celebrate 4/20 by engaging in some form of cannabis use, we are once again providing ‘best practices’ for consumers’ safety. These include:

• Do not share your personal consumption devices with others;
• Seek alternative delivery devices that mitigate or eliminate one’s exposure to combustive smoke;
• Plan in advance — Avoid unnecessary trips to either marijuana retailers or dispensaries on 4/20, when these establishments may be more crowded than usual and physical distancing may be more difficult;
• Avoid obtaining cannabis products, and vape-pens especially, from the unregulated market, as these products are of variable purity and quality and may be tainted with mold or adulterants.

A complete guide to NORML’s ‘Responsible Consumer Safety Tips’ is online here.

As of this writing, NORML staff and NORML affiliate chapters will be participating on 4/20 in the following live-streamed events:

• Los Angeles NORML Digital Event: A NORML Party 50 Years in the Making (start time: 3:30PM PT, 4/19/20)
• Texas NORML’s 420 Stream-A-Thon (start time: 12:30PM CT)
• Nevada NORML & Culture and Cannabis Las Vegas present Stay Home/Stay High 420 Extravaganza
• Time4Hemp Living Room Lovefest (start times: 8AM PT)
• Seattle Hempfest Livestream Event (start time: 1PM PT)
• Suncoast NORML 4/20 After Party (start time: 7PM ET)

Listings of other virtual events taking place on 4/20 is available from here.

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