An Adapted Yet Awe-Inspring April with Nevada NORML

Even in the midst of a global pandemic that’s resulted in devastating shockwaves felt across every economic sector, Nevada NORML has nevertheless continued to strongly advocate for cannabis reform in these uncertain and unknown times. And with the month of April having the worldwide cannabis day of celebration, we knew that a 4/20-centric event was exactly what our great cannabis community in Nevada and beyond deserves.

While public in-person events are currently on hold, the dedicated members of Nevada NORML assembled something incredible and comprehensive, all over the course of less than three weeks. Since we unfortunately couldn’t have an in-person event given the current pandemic, yet still wanted to celebrate The Highest of Holidays with our cannabis-loving community, we had the honor of hosting our 420 Stay Home Stay High Extravaganza.

Co-hosted with our good friends and passionate cannabis advocates at Culture and Cannabis at the always gracious Rigel Studios, we had the pleasure of featuring a vast array of talented and unique content. Consisting of over 50 segments in total, our community had the pleasure of tuning in to a true cannabis-centric variety show, one that would put Dean Martin and Carol Burnett’s long-running variety shows to shame. Embracing the pure creative power of the cannabis community throughout The Battle Born State, the five-hour extravaganza was certainly one to remember.

Product reviews of local cannabis companies’ wares from weed influencers, delicious at-home cooking lessons and recipes with cannabis chefs, yoga and hiking videos from 420-friendly instructors and hikers, to short films from community members discussing local cannabis-related issues and topics.

Thought-provoking interviews with notable people such as Jerome Baker Designs founder Jason Harris, State Assemblyman Steve Yeager, Las Vegas City Councilman Tick Segerblom, and those on the ground fighting the good fight to ensure that this essential plant can still be accessible to consumers during these unforeseen times. Messages from NORML founder Keith Stroup and our multi-segment “Virtual Doobie Sesh”, a compilation of our community members hitting the joint and virtually passing it to their friend on the left, is just some of the content available to viewers far and wide.

Through it all, we at Nevada NORML couldn’t be any happier with all of our segment submissions and that everything miraculously came together in a matter of weeks. Even in the most self-isolating and socially distant of times, Nevada NORML is nonetheless proud to stand for cannabis consumers and their rights, but we couldn’t do it without the wonderfully creative community that we’re lucky to have. 

Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Hydrated, Stay Woke and most importantly, Stay High.