Nevada NORML Continues the Fight for Cannabis Reform

The sun is out, reform is afoot, and a windy Las Vegas day won’t stop a thing! Summer is partially cancelled, but that doesn’t stop the cannabis reform that needs to happen. Over the past several weeks, we’ve heard a lot from cannabis advocates and influencers about the realities of our industry here in the Battleborn State. A missing note, however, is action. As voices get louder, the issues that face many of us are growing more apparent. Being informed is great, but moving with that information is a lot more important. So, ask yourself, “What will I do about it?” For Nevada NORML and the ladies of the Las Vegas cannabis industry, we had a car wash.

In the spirit of community and cannabis, NORML hosted Drippin’ At the Drop. In collaboration with Culture & Cannabis as well as The Drop, NORML wanted to remind everyone just how impactful the collective of voices really is. Alone, we can feel as if we aren’t heard and our voice makes only a minor difference.

The Right Kind of Cannabis Reform 

Drippin’ At the Drop was all about Las Vegas cannabis legislation and how anyone can get involved. Food trucks lined the parking lot of the Drop LV Smoke Shop as patrons could get car washes from some of your favorite cannabis activists and industry professionals. Music, tacos, pizza, and shaved ice was enjoyed by many. But the most important aspect was the ability for attendees to get informed about cannabis laws and issues.

In these trying times, community is one of the few things giving people hope. On this Sunday, the community came out in full-force, with some of your favorite activists and politicians, for cannabis reform; even Floyd Mayweather Sr. was there! The sense of camaraderie and understanding, despite other differences, is a driving force keeping us all in good spirits. As a way to celebrate that and aim higher, we collectively raised money toward lobbying for better cannabis laws

The Industry We All Deserve 

With the current political and social climate, there’s one question on everyone’s mind right now. What now? November is a few months away but, there is plenty to be done in the meantime, even in our own city. Las Vegas is referred to as the ‘ideal cannabis marketplace’ but, anyone involved knows we are far from it. 

Currently, the state of Nevada has the highest cost to enter the cannabis workforce. It also has the least amount of women and minority-owned cannabis businesses. If you wish to provide your own medicine for whatever reason, you can’t reside within city limits. If that wasn’t enough, our own state doesn’t even recognize our ability to vote for the legislation that we want. Consumption lounges in our tourist-ran state are still unavailable and much of the industry continues to be guarded by bigger business.

Regardless of the opposition, grassroots cannabis is staying true to its original intention: making cannabis, in all of its forms, affordable and accessible to all! Right now, more than ever, we have to be active. Right now, more than ever, people are listening. If you or anyone you know has ever been helped by cannabis or its community, now is the time to speak up! If you aren’t sure where to start, find out who affects change in your city. Research all the local talking points around cannabis and see what you can do. For a directory, click here. For a list of progress we’ve made so far with cannabis legislation, check here

This is our community and we have to fight for the industry our community deserves, not the one politicians want to give us.