Poll: 92 Percent of Americans Say Marijuana Should Be Legal Under Certain Circumstances

Marijuana Legalization

More than nine-in-ten Americans support making cannabis legal for either recreational or medical purposes, according to nationwide survey data compiled by the marketing firm Digital Third Coast.

Ninety-two percent of those surveyed favored either partially or fully legalizing marijuana. Only eight percent of respondents opposed legalization.

The findings are consistent with those reported by the Pew Research Center in April, which also determined that only eight percent of Americans say that cannabis should “not be legal” for either medical or recreational purposes.

Those who favored legalization in the DTC poll were most likely to do so because they believed that decisions regarding the use of marijuana were “matters of freedom or personal choice.” Eighty-one percent of respondents perceived the “trend towards more widespread legalization” to be more helpful than hurtful to society.

National survey data published in April by Quinnipiac University reported that 70 percent of registered voters favor legalizing marijuana for adults – the highest level of nationwide support ever recorded in a scientific poll. 

Complete results of the DTC survey are available online.