Urgent Action Needed for Marijuana Legalization

There are less than two weeks left until Election Day when voters in five states – Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri, North Dakota, and South Dakota – will decide on statewide ballot measures to legalize the use of marijuana by adults. 

Let’s be honest; we’re going to have to fight hard for every vote in all five states, some of which are the most conservative-leaning in the country. And while it will be a real battle, passing legalization in states like South Dakota or Arkansas will have ripple effects and provide a massive momentum boost to our efforts nationwide.

This election may be the most critical one yet in our fight to end marijuana prohibition. Can we count on you to help? A contribution of just $10 covers the cost of sending 10,000 emails to legalization supporters like yourself.

In addition to the statewide efforts, voters in Colorado, Michigan, Montana, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Texas will also decide on local marijuana-related measures. And, while we are optimistic about the success of these state and local efforts, we aren’t taking one single vote or voter for granted. We must continue fighting until Election Day to bring cannabis freedom to millions more Americans.