Major Marijuana Legalization Vote this November

We can bring cannabis freedom to the Buckeye State!

Ohio voters will decide this November on a ballot measure legalizing the possession, home cultivation, and retail sale of marijuana for adults.

If enacted, Ohio will become the 24th state to free the cannabis plant, and it will be the 14th state to do so via a public vote.

Can it win? Absolutely.

According to statewide polling compiled in July by Suffolk University, nearly six in ten Ohioans back adult-use legalization.

Will it win? That remains to be seen.

While advocates have a history of successfully reforming marijuana laws at the ballot box, these efforts are always more difficult in off-year elections like this one.

Further, our political opponents are well aware that Ohio is a bellwether state. What happens in Ohio tends to have an oversized impact on national politics and attitudes.

In short, the stakes could not be higher.

As an Ohioan who has experienced the lasting harms of a cannabis possession arrest and witnessed first-hand how prohibition is unequally and unfairly enforced in the Buckeye State, this campaign is personal to me.

Morgan Fox, NORML Political Director

Half of the US population now resides in a jurisdiction where the adult-use of cannabis is legal. Help us bring this freedom to 11 million+ Ohioans this November.

Your support today will help ensure that NORML has resources needed to push back against our political opponents and their phony narratives. And it will also help with our get out the vote efforts in the Buckeye State.

Your help has already brought legalization to three more states this year: Delaware, Maryland, and Minnesota. This November, all eyes will be on Ohio. Let’s show the nation that the time for cannabis freedom is now.