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Tax Day in America Underscores High Irony: Tens of Millions of Cannabis Consumers Want to Pay Taxes–Just Like Alcohol, Tobacco and Pharmaceutical Consumers

With all the bleak talk in America about the economy, including record fuel and medicine prices, one would think that elected policy makers and mainstream media would gravitate towards an obvious storyline on this day, April 15—America’s dreaded Tax Day—and that is the tens of millions of Americans who’d happily trade in the government-imposed label of ‘criminal’ for ‘sales taxpayer’.

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Cannabis Consumers and Producers Labeled ‘Criminal’ By The Government; Beer Industry and Consumers Celebrate 75th Anniversary Ending Beer Prohibition

However, amazingly, and at terrific costs to the federal and state taxpayers, cannabis prohibition in America has frustratingly lasted over 70 years.
Tonight, if I were to enjoy some cannabis responsibly in the privacy of my home, I can be arrested, prosecuted and incarcerated.

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Today Show’s Al Roker Plugs His New TV Series ‘DEA’ On…Of Course, The Today Show

Seems unlikely to me that DEA will be as commercially successful and long-lived as the COPS franchise has been for a couple of reasons, including that the federal agency to be championed (and therein unduly glorified) is hardly a sympathetic character, the federal agents look and act like COPS-on-steroids and their Herculean (and largely thankless) task to make America drug-free is a sad and ugly reminder of the expensive failure cannabis prohibition has wrought over 70 years.