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Tax Day in America Underscores High Irony: Tens of Millions of Cannabis Consumers Want to Pay Taxes–Just Like Alcohol, Tobacco and Pharmaceutical Consumers

With all the bleak talk in America about the economy, including record fuel and medicine prices, one would think that elected policy makers and mainstream media would gravitate towards an obvious storyline on this day, April 15—America’s dreaded Tax Day—and that is the tens of millions of Americans who’d happily trade in the government-imposed label of ‘criminal’ for ‘sales taxpayer’.

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Middle-Class, Baby Boomer Couple’s Nightmare: Grow Five Pot Plants…Have Your Life Turned Upside Down By Prohibition

The arrest and prosecution of a professional, baby boom couple in Pennsylvania helps underscore the genuine waste of taxpayer dollars and overall ineffectiveness of government to stop adult citizens who want to use cannabis, as well as highlight a well known, but underreported fact among millions of victims of cannabis prohibition laws: Punishment in the modern criminal justice system does not necessarily equate with incarceration