The Hill: NORML vs. ONDCP (Round Two)

In what is passing for one of the first public debates ever between the government’s ‘anti-drug’ office (Office of National Drug Control Policy, aka ONDCP) and the world’s most famous pro-cannabis reform organization (NORML), check out my rebuttal to the ONDCP’s attempts to discredit the nearly 40 year effort to end cannabis prohibition.
To date, this unofficial debate between NORML and ONDCP has been one of the most popular public discussions ever at The Hill’s blog, which informs their editors (as well as other major publications’ and broadcast editors) that the issue of cannabis law reform is of great public concern and ripe for ongoing public policy debates about the future of cannabis prohibition.
Preview: In advance of you reading, and hopefully weighing in on The Hill’s blog, rather than engage in what I describe as the ‘flash card’ game–where every misapplication of science or anti-pot myth needs to be addressed–in my reply to the ONDCP’s rebuttal of NORML’s pro-reform advocacy efforts I try to focus on the larger issues at hand regarding personal freedom, autonomy, the proper role of the government in the private lives of it’s citizens and the obvious juxtaposition of the legal ‘drug’ industries (alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceuticals) to the failed 70-year old prohibition of cannabis.

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  1. We all know our government believes in justice.
    Only they pronounce it “Just US”. LOL
    Sorry, had to throw that in.
    People ask me all the time who I am going to vote for in the pres. election. I say “Nobody”. And they think it’s terrible that I am not voting. But who would I vote for? Only thing I could put would be “None of the above”. The only difference between the parties (because either man is only a figurehead for the PARTY) is how they are going to get their money. Because that’s all they care about.
    I think that anybody that believes their politicians actually care about them needs a serious wake-up call!
    They care about the almighty dollar and how many of them they can get.
    They are supposed to serve us…but they are riding in limos, living in mansions and sipping champagne while their constituents are trying to figure out how to pay the car insurance on a 10 yr old car, the rent on a 2 room apartment, and still have enough for a bag of smoke or a 12 pack of beer, whichever they prefer.
    I just hope enough of the people wake up to what is happening before it’s too late.
    But I wonder what would happen if the majority of the U.S. wrote in “None of the above” on the ballot this year….LOL
    We should all do it!
    Tokes to all!

  2. I think Windy’s point is even MORE reason why Marijuana should be made legal re: “the patent on cannibinoids”.
    I’ll keep my response brief, but the next presidential candidate AND the next congress need to keep in mind the following:
    1. Baby boomers are starting to retire in record numbers and the money from Social Security isn’t there (it’s already been spent, remember?). You have to fund it somehow. . .legalizing and taxing cannabis and other currently illegal drugs would fund Social Security INDEFINITELY.
    2. Drugs that are currently Schedule 1 have a “high potential for abuse”. Okay, well so does alcohol, PRESCRIPTION drugs, tobacco and in some cases, Food (for those with eating disorders). You don’t treat a health problem with law enforcement. You treat a health problem like a health problem.
    And lastly, and most importantly:
    “The Government is supposed to be WE THE PEOPLE. . .”.

  3. Keep on plugging, NORML. Im over 50 and looking for work. After 15 years working for SF government, I am being drug tested for minimum wage jobs in Palm Springs! Thank god there are drug testing kits in the pharmacies! I just interviewed for a clericl job for the Public Defender’s office and hopefully I will be contributing to your war chest. Keep the battles going!

  4. My choice is what I choose to do
    and If I’m causing no harm it shouldn’t bother you
    Your choice is who you choose to be
    and if you’re causing no harm then you’re all right with me
    If you don’t like my fire, then don’t come around
    ‘cuz I’m gonna burn one down.
    Legalize it Legalize it.

  5. The concept of complete proihibition of any substance, plants and plant products especially, does not work. It never has workd and it never will. It causes much more harm to our society than it prevents and it often harms addicts more than the drugs themselves.

  6. the Free exercise of Faith, and the Freedom of conscience are foundational to our basic human rights. For the last 200 years, America has been an example and a model to the world of the best human government can do.
    Our First Principle of protection lies in the freedom of it’s citizens to come to intellectually defensible conclusions on what to believe is True, and to act accordingly upon what they believe to be True. The First rule of protection for The People is the Free exercise of Faith.
    HR 5843 allows me to be free to believe, and allows me to dream dreams, and hope in those dreams.
    “Unless I am convinced by the testimony from Scripture or by evident reason- for I confide neither in the Pope nor in a council alone, since it is certain they have often erred and contradicted themselves- I am held fast by the Scriptures adduced by me, and my conscience is held captive by God’s Word, and I neither can nor will revoke anything, seeing it is not safe or right to act against conscience.
    God help me. Amen”
    -Martin Luther-
    Please support HR 5843

  7. Iam probably the same as the brothers and sisters out there. I smoked since Jr high I work have a home a pretty good life. Except for one thing is when I go to score some shit that I may lose eveything. Iam now fifty two years old I think I should quite haveing to look over my shoulder come on thats get with it and come out of the of the dark ages and vote.
    thanks Richard

  8. Former because I sit through countless meetings, watched 100’s of brewery speakers. All in which pot was brought to the for front as the thing they had to fight. And trust me they spend millions fighting it. Because they no that there are alot of people who would sit down the beer, wine and hard boose if weed was legal. With the younger people now its meth and crack. It cost 30,000 a year to keep a guy in jail, thats fine if he kills someone or rapes someone. But come on lets get real here. 30,000 in tax dollars to jail someone who was very likely a productive, responsable person. Just trying to relax after a stressful day or even a great day at work. The school systems will suspend a student for bringing an Advil to school, but yet they pass out condoms to that same student !!!! I now work for the schools by the way. I have a 21 year old daughter who is beat almost daily by a drunkin mexican. I bet if he didnt drink but instead sit down to toke on one he would play with the kids and have a different outlook on life (CALM). When will this country belong to the people again. What are the feds so worried about, Cheech and Chong types or Osama bin Laden.I think our prison systems tell who they are worried about. And why, MONEY. Just say YES !!
    Thanks NORMAL for your voice.

  9. I am a stupid old man; my leaders say I am not smart enough after 60 years on this planet to make my own decisions. So let me see if I have this straight? If she feels marijuana users should be put in jail and she is an admitted marijuana user, should she not be put in jail? If a bank robber publicly admitted to robbing a bank you can bet the FEDs would lock that person up! I don’t think Palin meant she should go to jail she thinks we should have the same old double system. If you are a rich person on Oxycodine its ok LEGAL. But if you are poor or black and smoke a weed you go to jail ILLEGAL. If you are running for VP you have no laws you are above the law. Too bad we still have to live with the laws you are above! I hope one of her kids gets caught with 28.5 grams and is sent to federal prison for 20 years to be raped and scarred for life. But we know that will never happen someone would get paid off big time! I hear what you are saying Palin.
    You are saying let my only son spend the 20 years in jail to insure your PAC check is covered? How long do you think we are going to put up with this double standard? My opinion is not much longer!
    A stupid old man

  10. I have read all the comments and 100% are in support of marijuana law reform. I won’t get long winded as I usually do as I believe all positive remarks have been touched upon. I wanted to post MY TOTAL SUPPORT for H.R.5843 and H.R. 5842 and I have written to NUMEROUS congressional legislators more than once ( I write 2-3 legislators weekly) I rotate the ones I have in my address book and try different ones every 2 weeks or so. Some are really hard to get a message to as I get mail sent back with this attachment: This politician does NOT accept mail from NON-CONSTITUENTS. I say when it comes to certain issues “WE THE PEOPLE” are ALL the politicians constituents. I have written to and continually write to President Bush, Nancy Pelosi, John McCain, Barrack Obama, Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, Michael Michaud, John Boehner, and a few I have neglected to remember.
    I am FORTUNATE to live in a State where VOTERS rule and have spoken to the establishment at the voting booth with an overwhelming 68% support of Question 2 in 1998.
    Yes you guessed it I LIVE IN “MAINE” where our motto is “THE WAY LIFE SHOULD BE” and for the most part it is good. I fear the establishment of dispensaries as in California it seems OBVIOUSLY the right thing to do but it has drawn the TOTAL focus and unwarranted attention of DEA and their GESTAPO TACTICS. Its like ground zero for the “WAR ON MARIJUANA. BTW : YES I DO SMOKE and have for 30 years. I may still SMOKE in the closet , I no longer HIDE in there.

  11. I am just an old Hippie, who minds her own business, tries to be easy on the planet, no longer uses hard drugs, except an occasional beer, yes I think alcohol is a hard drug. I recently was arrested for 6 plants that harmed no one. They were solely for myself, or the occasional friendly visitor. I now face 5-15 years in prison here in Missouri. I am a 50 year old mother with a 14 year old son, and a 16 year old daughter, already attending collage. So am a really such a threat to society? I own my own home, pay all my bills responsibly, take care of my children, and animals well, pay taxes, work, even though I am disabled, by a drunk driver (not myself) by the way. So I suppose I belong in prison, because I grew something that our country’s forefathers all grew along with most everyone else in Colonial New England? Our constitution is written on Hemp paper. You might as well burn that too, as it seems as though it means little or nothing now. I am no longer allowed to smoke Hemp, as I am in intensive “drug therapy”, where I’ve been accused of being an addict, although to stop is no problem, just the fact that my right to pursue happiness, is now null and void. Also accused of being a whore, and many other things, most usually classified with hard drug users, and alcoholics. What fun I am having, and to say I am not an addict is of no avail, as that supposedly means “I’m in denial”. Can’t win situation. Funny, I have recently looked up Marijuana in Wikipedia, to find that it is decriminalized or legal in Russia of all places. What a switch! All through school we were taught how there was no freedom there, and now its flip flopped on us! Shame on our government! Shame, shame, shame!!!!! Yes put me in Prison, or this new “Drug Court” where all rights are stripped, and even prescribed medication, life saving is denied to people!
    Old Hippie Lady, on her way to Prison

  12. Old hippie lady would love to hear from you and find out what we can do to help. This is a prime example of what I fight every day. Good people put in jail by our NAZI government!! Drop me line I am
    Cherokee Fred Hussein or Stupid old man on this post…

  13. the time has come for the voices of the stoners to be heard. we have spent years tryin to get this subject heard and its about time congress listens. the main problem bein its easy to be on a computer and talk about it but when its time to stand up for it noone is there everyone is worry about how they will look and if they will be alone so we never stand together and nothin gets done. if all the smokers got together and actually tried to really get it done then we wouldnt have a problem but lettin 60 or 80 voices do all the talkin then we get no where. we need to band together and all really stand for what we want. this government has taken over our voices and speaks for us without care to what we have to say. this government is no longer for the people but in fact is for the money. if pot was legalized then the government stands to loose far to much money to let that happen. they would have to empty alot of the jails and deal with outsiders cuttin there throats price wise. until the government actually listens to us willingly we need to stand up and make them listen cause its what the people want. and after all isnt this country for the people not the government…….

  14. I think we all realize by now that the fact marijuana is illegal is absolutely ludacris. The good news that it looks like some of the important people are figuring it out too. I think all of congress should just hotbox the capital and get real baked… that might speed up the process. I know I will see the legalization in my life…. but for the love of god hurry up people!!!
    If you are interested in the legalization of hemp check out the Stoner Army a more youthful group working towards the legalization of hemp and all hemp products.

  15. If I left it up to the govt. for my health they would of killed me years ago marijuana saved my life i got medical records to back it up, I use it everyday for nausea, pain,instead of trying to eradicate a plant why don’t they put their energies into finding a cure or taking sex offenders off the street, they are so good at finding smokers you would think that the govt.would be able to find bin laden maybe they just put their energies towards him instead of convicting innocent folks…………………………………………..

  16. This is AWESOME guys keep up the fight, its quite contradicting that the government that so strongly advocates against weed would make something like G13..but then again..tehy are politicians

  17. I’m back.
    It is not a matter of weed it is a matter of money and power. Stop the PAC money from flowing into OUR representatives pockets. All the major corporations that do not want weed legal. Because it will hurt there bottom line. Then our Representatives would stop the lies and represent us (75%) for a change!!I like Obamas idea make them post on a web site all the contributions they receive. Also list all of the bills they pass and how much money is spent on each including there vote. Then the most unsophisticated person could make the connection. Of course you would still have to catch the ones that sell homes for 700,000 more than they are worth to rich vote buyers. I try to watch senate/house on TV but they cover it up very well and it becomes boring very quick. Only they can make sense of how business is conducted, just the way they want it..

  18. Robert, thanks for the url I have been waiting for a forum where we could post our thoughts about her MJ use. I could care less I feel it is a personal decision every free American should have the freedom to make on there own. But to hear Palin state she used but still wants to put others in jail for it boils my blood.
    Read the stories of Americans in jail at the wall section. I brings me great distress that is why I fight this war every day and night. To stop people having there lives ruined by a government running on greed and power.She is saying I will not go to jail and my loved ones will not go to jail. But I will sacrifice your only son and put him in jail to ensure my PAC check is covered!!!!!!!!!

  19. There are a lot of things that have the “potential for abuse” and that will kill you if abused. Driving a car is one of them. Marijuana is not. Did you know that if you drink too much water it will kill you? I never heard of someone dying from smoking too much weed.

  20. “The Message is very simple, THINK FOR YOURSELF, AND QUESTION AUTHORITY. Throughout human history, as our species has faced the frightening, terrorizing fact that we do not know who we are, or where we are going in this ocean of chaos, it has been the authorities — the political, the religious, the educational authorities — who attempted to comfort us by giving us order, rules, regulations, informing — forming in our minds — their view of reality. To think for yourself you must question authority and learn how to put yourself in a state of vulnerable open-mindedness, chaotic, confused vulnerability to inform yourself.”
    By Timothy Leary
    I thought in a democracy the majority should win, but apparently we do not really live in a democracy. This is a retarded oligarchy where the greedy get richer.
    “Our safety, our liberty,depends upon preserving the Constitution of the United States, as our fathers made it inviolate. The people of the United States are the rightful masters of both congress and the courts, not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”
    –Abraham Lincoln

  21. Although I wholeheartedly agree with many analogies I’ve read, I stress that numbers are the only true currency that will take us anywhere positive in the fight to normalize marijuana culture into our country. I am saddened by the great apathy and cynicism expressed by the pot smoking populus in general. Our representatives (good or bad) are basically responding to the teat that feeds them best. If the opposition to marijuana culture carries more flesh in the voices being heard, then they will be the only ones that are viably listened to. So many people who either use, are in favor of, or are even indifferent to marijuana use are not being practical in the sense of excercising their democratic duty to fix what is broken in our ever changing policies and laws. I salute Congressman Frank, and at the same time wonder what has happened to the “common sense” of so many others that hold these higher offices as well as many of our voters out there. Ya know, I believe the the worst enemy of democracy isn’t terrorism, communism, not even conservative fundamentalism – but apathy. We do not count as citizens until we stand to be recognized – face this fear of condemnation, and break free these very bonds which effect so many.
    I myself was arrested last year for growing plants on the back of my farm. A poacher was hunting (no permission), saw my stash garden, took a modest share, and called me in. Although I was charged aplenty, this man who was trepassing with a firearm and an intent to kill on my land was credited for doing a “good deed”. I spent thousands of dollars I didn’t have to defend myself for minding my own business. Mind you, I got off with only probation (thank you NORML attorneys), the point is that NRA has voters, the GOP has voters and we need more voters. Those who feel the marijuana laws and other laws in government are wrong or need ammending need to stand up and be recognized. As wonderful as the results could be, the real beauty is so many Americans working together for what they believe in. Our gentleman-farmer ancestors would be so proud.

  22. I cannot let a day go by without asking my fellow Americans to help end the WAR ON US. All we ask is a little compassion. We don’t ask you to do something you do not wish to do. All we ask is allow us to enjoy something that helps us and stop putting us in jail. You will save 100 billion in the process.

  23. I am still looking for something to force the majority to action. How about this one if you go out and wear too much cologne it will give the cops the right to search your car. It is called using a masking agent. Or if you appear to be having a good time and should smile while driving this to is considered probable cause to search your car.In other words you have no rights using this the cops can search you for any reason they can come up with. How long are you going to wait to take action???

  24. I believe that arguing against the legalization of marijuana, especially for medical reasons, is completely irrational. I know I’m preaching to the choir, but my point is this: In order for people that don’t smoke to see it as okay is to publicly admit smoking it (unless you will lose your job or anything like that). Many ignorant people who are actually very smart don’t know the massive amount of smokers in this country, or even the true effects of marijuana when smoked in reasonable quantities. It is especially important for the younger generation to spread the word, because we have more time to help people see rationally. Younger people also tend to have more open minds (def. not always the case) because once they move out of their parents house they learn that not everything mommy and daddy told them is true, and they start to experiment for themselves to learn things. We have to speak up, because the people who are now young will someday be the leaders of our country. I firmly believe that the next wave of politicians is our best hope for full legalization, because a lot more people start smoking at a younger age than before. The internet is vital to the movement as well, because if the knowledge we have today was available during the reefer madness days, we never would have had this problem. We have to remember though that most people won’t trust a website that’s solely pro-drug. That is why I think it is necessary to branch out to all areas of the media and especially to well-established non drug related websites. Even if it is just a banner on your personal website, everyone who has a website that gets traffic should consider putting a norml ad on it. If there are thousands of people with websites that get hundreds of people or more daily in traffic, it adds up to a lot of potential visibility. Spread the knowledge to everyone you know, because you might be surprised at how many people are misinformed. Let people know the ups AND the downs of smoking, otherwise they won’t take you seriously. Just make sure that they realize that the benefits far outweigh the cost of prohibition. Once again, everyone with a website should add a norml banner to it, whether it is small or large, because thousands of small websites, teamed up with thousands of large websites will add up to a whole lot.

  25. Even if you are neutral or against, help us end the madness. Take the 100 billion and fund universal health care for all Americans. Don’t fire all the people used to support this War on US use them to do good rather than harm….

  26. Being mindful of my language I have something else to say. I am a 60 years old a grown man. I volunteered for service during the Vietnam War and served my country honorably. I worked for forty-five years before retiring. I spent six hours today on the back of my D31 dozer clearing 16 acres I just bought to build my last home (A green home off the grid). I am not a racist or a bigot or a hypocrite I am what I consider a freeborn American Citizen leaning toward redneck. I feel I have as many rights as the next citizen. With 60 years of survival behind me I feel I have the right to say what is on my mind. I have never been one to hold my tongue. Sometimes this brings me success and other times failure. But you never have to wonder what is on my mind, if you ask, I will tell you.
    I have dedicated my life to ending the War On US (drugs) I have seen the destruction it is causing this country. Like the cops from the LEAP website say (a 10,000 strong police site) there motto is, “Drug abuse is bad. The War on Drugs is Worse.” I just watched a video that featured our present drug czar. The lies continue I think sometimes if I where him, would I forfeit my job and power to admit the drug war is a failure? Waste 100 billion a year, is filling the jails with our good non-violent fellow citizens, is causing mothers to lose their children, ruining hundreds of thousands of our young peoples lives, enslaves one in three blacks, also a disproportionate number of Hispanics. Men in there 60s+ are losing land passed down through three generations, children are lied to and they know it! Sick people are denied medicine prescribed by a doctor; these people say marijuana helps them with their daily problems. Our police at one time sworn to, “Protect and Serve”, are now told to, “Punish and Enslave.” For a herb that we call weed, in the 60s we called it grass. Why are our leaders (house/senate) so persistent about putting us in jail? Why do they feel they have the right to over rule a vote by the people and violate states laws and rights to insist on putting us in jail?? Why are they accused of a conspiracy to undermine states rights and laws to continue the war??? I have requested to hear if our VP pick will support Barack on his promise to back off the FEDs in medical marijuana states. Where the people have spoken through their votes. I feel this is a simple request but it almost got me kicked of the Obama site. There is nothing that will stop me from voting for Barack Obama I feel his is the one. He will turn this country around and give it back to the rightful owners citizens like us. He will return the right to choose and the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Today I feel these rights do not exist unless you are rich enough to buy them. I am not rich like the majority of citizens today I struggle through life. I live with the knowledge that there is a double standard in place today. Those that can/cannot afford health care, those that can/cannot afford justice, those of us that live with the laws our leaders (house/senate) pass. And those that are or at least feel they are above them. People like Palin, McCain’s pick for VP she wants to continue the War On US (drugs) while admitting she may test positive for THC (marijuana) herself. She will still put YOUR only son or daughter in jail and ruin their life with no compassion. This sacrifice of others lives and money will insure her PAC check will clear. When are Americans going to grow some and stand up and say this is not right? This War started in 1937 to keep blacks from having sex with white women, marijuana was said to make blacks think they were as good as whites. It was for racist reasons this fact is well documented. Now our leaders (house/senate) have built a machine over the years a machine that consumes 100 billion of our dollars and 800,000 lives every year (they get their (house/senate) share of the money for sure). After 72 years it (the war) does no good (see this years drug war statistics) it cannot be won! American citizens will not conform to a law based on lies against something they feel helps them. (liquor was illegal remember?)
    For, against, neutral we do no care, all we ask is quit putting us in jail and stealing our property, that is all we ask we will not bother YOU trust me. Do not believe the lies you see and hear everywhere (the normal scare tactics our leaders use) they are bought and paid for with your tax money to ensure our leaders can feed the machine with our money and lives. LEGALIZE, REGULATE, TAX BUT PLEASE STOP THE WAR ON US (drugs) We are the ones that advocate Live and Let Live, if only others felt the same way.
    Please email me at hood1@hoodstuff if you need more information or want to help end this war. We could use the money saved to fund universal health care so those few,”druggies”, that want or need help could get it. Plus we would have and estimated 30 billion surplus. Not counting the 50 billion estimated tax income this would bring our great country in its time of need. That is a plus $220,000,000,000.00 (220 billion) with free health care for all. Please support ending the War On US (drugs). Email me if you just read what I feel and have a comment! Hell, just email me if you read it. I spend my time for a worthy cause but does anyone hear me or care? I do not advocate drug use of any kind. I demand our rights and that our representatives hear us the 75% that say represent us not PACs. PACs that fear there lose of profits if the war were to end and our lives and money were not sacrificed. God bless our great country and vote for Barack Obama to save it! If only we could remove greed and power from our system what a great country this would be for us all!

  27. The astounding facts found on this website and with this organization (to which I am proudly a member of) need to outside of this realm and to the eyes and minds of the rest of population. With less than 60 days to go until the presidential election, we have to encourage apathetic who believe that they can’t make a difference. We need to get people to realize that not only will our voices be more easily heard by petition and elective response, but those actions will also open doors to other thinking as well. Imagine if we could change our marijuana laws and show the world that we are not criminals, junkies or bad guys, we could lay to rest assumptions and fears that have existed for almost a century. It would stand to reason that other countries would follow in our influence and example. It would also stand to reason (and this is just my assumption) that we would look at other laws and political actions that we disagree with and openly question them as well – not in the sense rebellion, but rather to realize that it’s okay to think for yourself instead of comforming to the crowd. I see so many great possibilities for America if more Americans “play ball” and at least look at the facts, wiegh the evidence (the “true evidence”), amd decide accordingly. In a nutshell, let’s take it to the streets – these facts are important, but are sadly confined to publications and websites such as this, and it’s safe to say that the majority of those reading it are already on the same side. Tell a friend…..

  28. I sit and watch TV they run one drug ad after another. Drugs for everything from help getting a erection to stop your legs from being restless ALL LEGAL! So how could any thinking American say a drug (HERB) that anyone can grow and helps thousand if only to get through your day be illegal? Spend 100 billion, jail 800,000 a year and loose an estimated 50 billion in tax money?


  30. As I read, I find that the sentiment is the same, over and over and over again. Persecution and prosecution – not in Russia…. in The United States of America.
    In Russia marijuana is legal. Now there is a twist for you! How I remember, at 10 years old, crying myself to sleep, worried sick that the communists would be bombing us to smithereens. We were so afraid of the Russians with old Khrushchev banging his shoe on the desk, telling us that he would bury us. My, my, my how the tables have turned! I agree with Old Hippie Lady – shame, shame, shame on the American politicians. And, by the way, where are all you old hippies? You shut down an unwanted war with your protest, your passion, your beliefs! Back then we had the freedom to actually protest in public, although even then some died for the cause. Remember Kent State and U.C. Berkley?
    Now we are all so afraid to speak out in public, being silenced through fear of arrest, invasion of our homes, getting thrown into prison for years and years, stripped of our homes, our families, our jobs, our businesses, our (illusion of) freedom. We no longer have freedom of speech. Yes, all we have is an illusion of freedom. Really, what we have is the freedom to keep our mouths shut or suffer the consequences of not doing so. Isn’t this what we were raised to fear the most? So, it’s not communism in and of itself, it’s the fear that we were taught did not exist in America. We could speak out, we could say what we wanted, when we wanted, to whomever we wanted. Try it now and you will be accused of being a terrorist or worse!
    It’s rather similar to Nazi Germany in the 1930’s wouldn’t you say. What Jew didn’t fear the sound of the siren, the bang on the door, being torn from their home and thrown into a prison (then called ghetto or concentration camp). What pot smoker doesn’t have the same anxiety? This issue is far more than just being about the ability to smoke a little pot. It’s about our basic American freedom.
    We can all go running around raising old glory, praising our country and mouthing our glorious freedom, but how many of us go home, lock our doors and pray that somebody doesn’t decide to point the finger at one of us. Sort of feels like we all moved into the Twilight Zone doesn’t it?
    I cringe when I hear Cat Stevens asking “Oh, very young, what will you leave us this time?”
    Oh, very old, what, oh what, will we leave them this time?
    As I read over what I wrote, I am fearful to actually send it. What do I do? Do I take a deep breath and hit the send button, or do I turn my back in fear. At nearly 60 years old, do I take a chance? Do I risk becoming a target because I choose to speak out? My 89 year old mother tells me “don’t say that – THEY will get you”. Who is the “THEY” she is talking about? Why it’s my brethren from the land of the free and the brave! The land my father fought in WWII to keep free, so his children and grandchildren would be free. What we have is not what he fought for. He would roll in his grave if he could see what our beloved political system has wrought upon the American people.
    Well, I have held onto this for over a week now. Too afraid to actually send it. What will happen if I do? Will the Gestapo, oops, I mean the police be at my door in a few minutes? later today? tomorrow? next week? Ransacking my home, tearing it to shreds, treating me like the lowest of all criminals, calling me names, throwing me to the ground, beating or scaring me into submission? Looking until they find something. Something or Nothing – the result is still the same. I will have been violated and cowed into submission. I will suffer immense humiliation, fear and psychological damage. I will shrink from speaking out. I will shut up! THEY will win. THEY will continue to use these tactics, why not, they work! Look at the fine work of the DEA! I cringe in fear for my otherwise law abiding brethren who dare to take the chance. They buy or grow their medicine, they get relief, if even for a short time. Fearing the whole time that they will be next!
    Should I stand by my convictions or hide in fear? Do I hear the cry of my fellow countryman – Patrick Henry – “Give me Liberty or give me Death” and raise my voice? Death of my life style, Death for my family, Death of my financial security. Can’t lie, really don’t want that Death part, but the sentiment is still there – Give me Liberty!. Give my countrymen Liberty!
    With trembling fingers, I choose to push the submit button. Shame, shame, shame on all of you for letting this happen in this country!

  31. I agree with you stupid old man, even if we possess marijuana seeds they are not legal and contain no THC. The big PHARM companies are either killing us off with FDA approved drugs and side effects included. When ever we read a newspaper or put on the boob tube, there are always notices to contact lawyers about side effcts from FDA approved drugs and then it is too late. FDA approved drugs kill more people than drugs that are not legal. WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!

  32. Mary, what a great post it says it all, how we suffer and live in fear. I to am 60 and enjoy a smoke to help with my depression. When will this madness end? More of us must be brave enough to stand and demand our rights. I feel they may come and lock me up any day for I fight this War On U.S.(drugs) every day. I feel our representatives that are sworn to represent U.S. should be prosecuted for forsaking U.S. In favor of the corporations that pay them (house/senate) millions every year. So they continue to enslave us, ruin our lives, steal our property for pure greed. We are the estimated 75% of American that says stop the War On U.S.(drugs) and let our people go!! It is time to get someone to represent us as sworn to do!!

  33. To Buggsy 13420666 thanks I feel sometimes no one reads these post.
    For the record the so called legal drugs kill an estimated 100,000 people every year. Liquor kills 400,000 every year. Tobacco kills 500,000 every year. They are all legal so it is not our lives our so called leaders are trying to save.
    So based on the stats they should make the legal ones illegal and the illegal ones legal that would save 1 million lives if that was our so called leaders objective, it is not. The want to ensure the PAC check clears the bank it is all about greed and power!!Our lives being ruined every day is not important to them..

  34. I am a new guy. But I read everything I can get my hands on about this War On Drugs. You should as well, you say it does not concern you but it does. It cost you 100 billion a year. It is making our children lose faith in our system. I is putting millions of good fellow citizens in jail every year. It is tearing our country apart from the inside. It jails one in three blacks and Hispanics at a high rate. You say you are a racist and do not care if blacks are being put in jail. Well then fight the war because of the money wasted then.Whatever the reason quit putting us in jail is that so tuff??

  35. It is time for our so called leaders (senate/House) to do their sworn job!!
    Represent us the 75% that say end the War On U.S. (drugs)

  36. I found a unicorn mien drug czar! A man paralyzed from age four doing something that made him feel better and you bible thumping hypocrites killed the poor young man. Of course he was black so what does it matter, right? When you die you will be haunted by the souls of men like this one.
    Twenty-seven-year-old Jonathan Magbie died while serving a 10-day sentence for marijuana possession in a Washington, D.C., jail. Magbie, a quadriplegic since age 4, used his chin to operate a motorized wheelchair and required a ventilator to help him breathe. The jail could not provide the medical help he needed, and by the time he was taken to a hospital, he was dead. Magbie was a first-time offender who told the judge that marijuana made him feel better and that he didn’t think there was anything wrong with using it.
    Can you find one? The drug czar said anyone jailed for possession was a unicorn and did not exist?
    Help end the War On US (drugs)
    Cherokee Fred Hussein aka Stupid old man
    Fighting this war daily please help THEY LIE WE FIGHT!
    hood1@hoodstuff .com
    Can you find one?

  37. I am tired of the oppression. I was thinking why this war is waged and continued? Then it hit me while reading another article that described Rachel Hoffman as a hippie-ish free spirit. (Hoffman was killed in a botched drug buy the cops set up forcing her a MJ user to go covert undercover to buy cocaine) In this country of diversity some still think everyone should be the same, like them. There is a faction not unlike the KKK that feels free spirits have no place in this land. If you do not dress a certain way or attend a particular church or some other imposed criteria you have no value. They are racist or something akin to one they want everyone to be like them and act as they do.
    This will never happen, only one problem these people are in control of our country today.
    They call themselves conservatives, Christians, religious fundamentalist, protectors and other names. They have one goal to make everyone the same like them. I do not wish to remove their rights to be as they are. I live by the golden rule and the theory Live and Let Live. I am Native American I feel lucky I accept people for what they are and get along with anyone. But I will never fit the mold these people insist we conform to. I am like Rachel a hippie-ish free spirit.
    That is why I fight the War on US (drugs) my people are being raped, murdered, jailed and eradicated. Last year 872,000 non-violent drug related (mostly marijuana possession only) were not helped but thrown in jail. I have tried to think how could our so-called leaders put non-violent good Americans (I have read their stories these are not criminals) in jail and ruin their lives. It must be because we are hippie-ish free spirits and the people in power fear us. The fear is from 72 years of our government using our money to spread lies and propaganda and the followers have bought in on their lies. I see them as followers they follow and there is nothing wrong with that I follow sometimes. But I am a free spirit and I prefer to lead. This must be the reason we are prosecuted the way we are. Many hippies enjoy a bit of smoke from time to time not that I do. I do not promote any drug use I insist that we have our rights as American citizens given back. I demand our government quit demonizing us and recant the lies and propaganda you have spread over the years. We are normal people just like others all we ask for is quit putting us in jail quit wasting the 100 billion of our money every year. Let the 2 million non-violent drug related prisoners out of jail. Leave us the hippie-ish free spirits alone we are non-violent fun loving people and do no harm. But we will never be like you even if you jail us and persecute us we will fight back. Like the crusades many wars were fought to oppress people unlike themselves or Hitler wanting to purify his race by killing everyone unlike him. We will never conform we are free thinkers and we understand the truth. This war is a scam based on racism. It is time to end the War on US (drugs) let us live in peace this is all we DEMAND!!

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