International Marijuana Laws

Jamaica: Ganja Decriminalization Plan Finally Approved By Parliament

Members of Jamaica’s Parliament have given final approval to a long-standing plan to amend the nation’s marijuana policies. Violators of the new law will receive a ticket and be mandated to pay a fine, but will not face criminal penalties. The newly Separate provisions of the measure seek to establish regulations allowing for the licensed production of cannabis for therapeutic purposes as well as for industrial purposes. Additional provisions of the bill provide broader legal protections for those who use the plant for sacramental purposes.

International Marijuana Laws

Jamaica: Government Promises Relaxation Of Ganja Possession Laws

The Jamaica government is poised to relax marijuana possession penalties. The proposed change in law amends the Dangerous Drugs Act by eliminating criminal penalties pertaining to the private possession of two ounces of cannabis by adults. Rather, such behavior will be reclassified under the law as a “non-arrestable, ticketable infraction … which does not give rise to a criminal record.”

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NORML’s 2008 Pro-Marijuana Law Reform Ad Contest

How mad and frustrated does that make you? Want to turn that frustration into a positive direction?
College and art students, graphic designers, animators, cartoonists, flash animators, filmmakers, documentary-makers, activists, NORML chapters, senior citizens, medical marijuana patients, victims of marijuana prohibition laws, concerned citizens and cannabis consumers in general—the five decade-old movement to reform marijuana laws is calling for your time and talents, and you maybe the winner of some serious holiday cash for your stash.

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NBA and NORML Joining Forces To Achieve Mutual Goals? Not As Far Fetched As It Sounds

While Hubbard may have had tongue firmly in cheek, the suggestion that it is PROHIBITION, not the responsible use of cannabis by NBA players—similar to the current alcohol, tobacco and prescription drug use policy that NBA players, like most every worker in the country, work under—there is an obvious mutuality and bridge to gap between the cannabis law reform community and professional sports associations, like the cannabis-laden NBA.

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America’s 20-Millionth Marijuana Arrest – Coming To Your Home Or Person?

The numbers of Americans arrested for marijuana offenses now are so huge, perhaps the only way to get a grip on the humanity of this prohibition-driven social disaster, is to think of just a few of the people who have paid the ultimate price since I joined NORML’s Board of Directors in 2004, those who actually lost their lives in the enforcement of cannabis prohibition.

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The Hill: NORML vs. ONDCP (Round Two)

To date, this unofficial debate between NORML and ONDCP has been one of the most popular public discussions ever at The Hill’s blog, which informs their editors (as well as other major publications’ and broadcast editors) that the issue of cannabis law reform is of great public concern and ripe for ongoing public policy debates about the future of cannabis prohibition.