NBA and NORML Joining Forces To Achieve Mutual Goals? Not As Far Fetched As It Sounds

In today’s McClatchy Newspapers, sports columnist Jan Hubbard touches upon a genuinely unexplored and not-totally-absurd suggestion that NBA Commissioner David Stern and NORML partner to solve an ongoing and seemingly never-ending problem: ending cannabis prohibition in America.
While Hubbard may have had tongue firmly in cheek, the suggestion that it is PROHIBITION, not the responsible use of cannabis by NBA players—similar to the current alcohol, tobacco and prescription drug use policy that NBA players, like most every worker in the country, work under—there is an obvious mutuality and bridge to gap between the cannabis law reform community and professional sports associations, like the cannabis-laden NBA.
I assume recent cannabis arrestee and #9 pick in the 2007 NBA draft Joakim Noah would agree with Hubbard!

It would seem to make sense for the NBA’s next social endeavor to join forces with NORML – aka the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.Can you imagine how many of the NBA’s image problems would be eliminated if marijuana were legal?
Radio interviews would be delightfully boring. The rookie transition program could have 100 percent attendance. Players trying to sneak marijuana on a plane by wrapping it in foil would not be stopped by a metal detector.
For the NBA, legalizing marijuana is the equivalent of outer space in Star Trek. It’s the final frontier. It’s a chance for Stern to boldly go where no commissioner has gone.
(For those of you not blessed with a sense of humor or the ability to spot tongue lodged in cheek, please do not take the preceding suggestion too seriously).

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  1. Marijuana prohibition began partly out of white fears about black men. I don’t think we’re afraid of black men any more. I think we’ve been blessed by so many supremely talented black men in our culture that we’ve been more or less persuaded to let go of that fear. So maybe that means something for the marijuana laws too.

  2. In the Josh Howard ESPN radio thing on youtube (linked in the main article), Josh makes a good point. During the season he “goes out there are performs” just like many of us to 9-5 at work. Most people who use marijuana are responsible individuals and should not be penalized for the other end of the spectrum. End prohibition now! For NBA players AND the rest of us!

  3. This would be great news if they did combine to assist with marijuana and to let everyone know it’s not as bad as everyone thinks.
    The NBA would be norml’s biggest allie. good luck norml

  4. I had heard a while ago that the NBA doesn’t test for marijuana. Does anyone out there know if this is true?

  5. NBA could be a great avenue to get this subject on the map of political discussion in the main arena. Hoping for the best results — LEGALIZE AND REGULATE — Put the dealers out of business and stop raiding houses by SWAT teams.

  6. I was really excitied to hear about this one. I think if the NBA did stand firm with Norml in parternship. That other big sports would follow in the steps. Being Illegal is so dumb and unfair. I hope the next president makes some changes in this country for all of us. This country needs to stop the madness. I think everyone is sitting back waiting for someone else to do something and I am proud the NBA has done this, GREAT JOB NBA Commissioner David Stern, way to go.

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  8. This country needs to stop the madness, thet is why i proud of what they have done. It is the first step but then will see what heppen

  9. Before to say about that drugs and alcohol are invincible, it is necessary to put things in order in heads of addicts. Addicts usually do not participate in any competitions. Their game are drugs. And their this competition.

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