NORML’s 2008 Pro-Marijuana Law Reform Ad Contest

Get ‘Graphic’ To Express Your Outrage About Prohibition!
$10,000 in Cash Prizes!!

Washington, DC: The NORML Foundation today launched its 2008 cash contest for the best pro-marijuana public service advertisement in favor of marijuana law reform.
Today, the 20-millionth person in America was arrested on cannabis charges!
How mad and frustrated does that make you? Want to turn that frustration into a positive direction?
College and art students, graphic designers, animators, cartoonists, flash animators, filmmakers, documentary-makers, activists, NORML chapters, senior citizens, medical marijuana patients, victims of marijuana prohibition laws, concerned citizens and cannabis consumers in general—the five decade-old movement to reform marijuana laws is calling for your time and talents, and you maybe the winner of some serious holiday cash for your stash.
Contest winners’ videos and animations will be prominently featured on NORML’s popular webpages, blogs and social networks (i.e., Facebook/MySpace, etc…, with over 500,000 supporters). Also, ‘Radical’ Russ Belville of NORML’s daily podcast, the Daily Audio Stash, will interview top winners of the contest.
The winning entry will be featured in any NORML public service announcement campaign on television in 2009.
Check out last year’s contest winners here.
Get Concerned – Get Creative – Get Graphic About 20 Million Marijuana Arrests!

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  1. Why don’t any of the anti”drug” websites ever have a comment or response area? Also, why don’t they ever respond to questions pertaining to science and the justification of their stance when confronted with excessive evidence opposing their claims?

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