Simple Marijuana Bust Leads To Government Banning Free Speech

Hello Bob,
I’m sorry to read of this near conclusion of your run-in with cannabis prohibition laws in SD. Like you, I’d hope to see a suspended sentence, or a lower sentence all together.
With 98% of all criminal cases being plea bargained, I’m sure this Hobson’s Choice was a difficult one to make.
Being banned from public advocacy regarding something you–and clearly tens of millions of other Americans agree should be discussed publicly–maybe the cruelest cut of all. One that I suspect is ironically going to draw more attention/media awareness to your ‘run-of-the-mill’ cannabis bust than any cannabis possession case in your state’s history (if it has not already).
You may have to remain mum about marijuana advocacy (for a year), but groups like NORML never will, and where your voice has been temporarily silenced by a system (i.e., the mechanisms of cannabis prohibition) no longer worthy of public respect in America (and South Dakota), know full well that hundreds of thousands of your like-minded friends and fellow cannabis consumers will be LOUDLY protesting the continuation of cannabis prohibition from the halls of Congress, to Statehouses across the country, to the streets and parks in protest of both a failed public policy—and against any government or court mandates that seek criminal sanctions against citizens who disagree with prohibition laws, and will not allow them to share their views with the general public.
When a simple cannabis arrest turns into government restrictions on protected First Amendment speech and right of assembly, cannabis consumers and concerned citizens need to re-double their efforts to end our country’s expensive and destructive cannabis prohibition laws.
Godspeed Bob! Please remain in touch with NORML!!
Cannabem liberemus,
Allen St. Pierre

On 7/6/09 9:40 PM, “Bob Newland” <> wrote:
6 July 2009
Hello everyone;
This will be the last email I send under the banner ‘South Dakotans for Safe Access‘ at least for a year.
By now, most of you know I plead to a felony count of possession of marijuana in May. Today I was sentenced.
In an hour-long sentencing hearing, Judge Delaney waxed reminiscent as he described his admiration for Muhammad Ali’s stance against an illegal war, which cost him millions of dollars and his peak performing years, during which time he did not complain, nor did he leave the country that so abused him for his beliefs.
Then, citing the fact that he (Judge Delaney) had to account for his actions to the hundreds of kids he sees in juvenile court, he sentenced me to a year in the Penn. Co. jail, with all suspended but 45 days. During the suspended part of the sentence I will wear a bracelet that senses alcohol use and I will be subject to arbitrary piss tests by a probation officer to detect illegal “drug” use. In addition I may have no “public role” in cannabis law reform advocacy during that year.
Work release is an option, but I have few marketable skills, especially in a time when everyone else is getting laid off. I’ll follow any leads any of you might have.
It was somewhat harsher than I expected, and probably less than I deserved. At least it did not cost me a career worth millions, and my peak performing years won’t begin until July 6, 2010. And that’s about all I feel comfortable saying about it. For a year.
I’ll turn 61 in prison, doin’ six weeks for smokin’ a joint. Mama cried.
I will do my time beginning sometime in August. If I have a job of the conventional sort (you know, with a time to get there and a time to leave) I can get work release. So, if you have any ideas for me along those lines?…
Thanks again to all who sent letters to the judge, and to those who have sent messages of support to me.
For 40 years I have watched as dozens of people I know–and thousands I know of–go through this same, ummm?, procedure. Now it’s happening to me, and I feel the same frustration over the purposelessness of it all as I have felt for all those other people, many, many, many of whom were treated far more viciously than I.
Someday this war will be over.
So long for now,
For anything for which email is inadequate, contact sender at
24594 Chokecherry Ridge Rd
Hermosa SD 57744

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  1. P.S. And oh, did I mention the fact after all being
    that it was ultimately reduced still…remember I am innocent here now AS I was then…I got disorderly conduct in order for the week-long torture treatment I cowardly needlessly endured to withstand being labeled as an ‘entire’ false arrest.
    Gee, go figure.
    I used to dress up all the time as a secretary in L.A. (about 16 years experience there).
    High heels – never owned a pair of anything other.
    Dresses – still.
    Makeup can’t stand it but I try.
    Jewelrey? Long time ago but know I believe the God doesn’t want us to decorate our bodies with gold.
    Bottom Line? Wendy should have endured it all being a ?perfect little lady? Getting the shit beat out of me on many more than one occasion, helplessly beaten and crippled. Okay guess I should have just sat down and folded my arms and legs…but I tried…really…really hard I tried.
    My trumped up charges 1997 forward, attempt to manufacture, telephone harrassment (should have seen the band wagon that year), Witness Tampering, etc.
    I had no idea what it could possibly represent..because it was conspiration for my death.. nothing ever held up except the detriment and loss of my life.
    I was vital, healthy, honest, extremely physical fit for years. I was a union laborer. Thought the office harrassment would slack up..but oh my gosh…construction workers?
    At least now you all know where some of my vocabulary comes from.
    I was out of debt. My children and I worked hard to say a gaping understatement.
    I successfully raised my now very successful children.
    Now I have my precious justice for liberty and after all.
    But the ruthless destruction of mine and everyone else’s is a horrible injustice.
    ..john english why have you spit into my face and my generations’ faces today? you really think I deserved it and if so pray tell me why.
    That is really what is so sad and what is in fact at stake herein;
    The defense said, “bottom line….Ms. Elorriaga wants money out of this.”
    Please …what a mockery and charade of injustice.
    I want the $2.5 Million now I’ve decided, with interest, due and payable to the American Public of People. Now, anyone with me??
    A M E R I C A A M E R R Y C A N O F
    ……………………….P E O P L E….
    C H A N G I N G F O R T H E B E T T E R M E N T
    O F O U R N A T I O N S A N D O U R
    C H I L D R E N !!!
    A N Y O N E U P T O T H E C H A L L E N G E?
    W E S U R E C A N A M E R R Y C A N O F
    P E O P L E.
    Fight Starvation.
    And by the way Manny we are steadfast in our fight.

  2. “Warrior Wendy” form Good ‘ole Utah
    Be cautious…my friend…it’s one thing to kick the shit out of Goliath…but…when you are on probation
    …you are actually a ward of the court…and…if the court says shut the fuck up, you must do that. Personnaly…I wouldn’t plea bargain to anything. Personally…I would do the time…and…not have the monkey on my back…I mean gorilla on my back.
    Remember this not legal advise…it’s personal opinion.
    Remember…all My Evil Brother has done…is martered
    Bob. They think they have carved another nitch in their gun…but…all they have accomplished is added
    “god only knows” how many new converts to our side.
    The really funny thing about pot-phobic prohibs is how excited they get every time they chalk one up…when in actuality they’ve marked the wrong column. Pretty soon…the tide will change…and…human nature will
    bring more of them to fight for the underdog (underdog
    as far as they are concerned). We have to once again
    “LAUGH IN THEIR FACES” because we are the “PACK LEADER.”

  3. Nothing Quite Simple About It…Is There? Anyone? Please?
    #98 – Hi Anon Says: Hi there today from Wendy.
    Have you put a pencil to it yet for me?
    I’m really bad at math.
    2002 The $2.5 Million Given To Me Only To Slip Through My Fingers Again…..
    WE THE PEOPLE could consider a settlement offer with the whole entire dilemma.
    Ten Percent Interest compounded daily for the past seven years….
    Will you please go figure that amount for me please? Someone?
    That’s alot of Cannabliss Clubs! Amen.

  4. I am fighting a misdemeanor weed possession charge in Texas. About 50,000 of us every year in Texas are forced to do this. Most just cop a plea. After my arrest, I started researching marijuana on the web and of course this started a learning curve that has not ended. I never knew about the anti-cancer properties, the and MPP movements or even how many states had made it legal for medical use. I was totally uninformed. I suffer daily pain in my legs from an automobile accident a few years ago and weed helps. I only had about two joints worth. I got tired of prescription pain killers a long time ago. I’ve never been much of a pill head. I only use what I need. There is no “getting better”, it’s just something I have to live with. You just don’t understand pain until you live with it on a daily basis. I was astounded at what I learned and became part of the movement, writing letters and signing the online petitions. I am very sad the medical bill in Texas didn’t make it. I informed my lawyer what I was doing and he had some disturbing advice. He told me that if the court found out I was an advocate for reform (an activist, in his words) it would go against me in court. Essentially, this is the same thing Bob has come up against. Currently, I am heeding my lawyers advice. I have to play their game, at least for the time being. I think this sort of rights violation is commonplace in our court system. I don’t want the same gag order imposed on me, even on anonymous posts. I believe they would. If I get house arrest, which is a real possibility, since this is the second time I have been caught, the internet will be my main activity beyond work and family (yes, I have a job). The first time (years ago) was a fine and suspended driver license. I doubt I will be so lucky this time. Bob, I feel your pain, quite literally! In Texas, pain is considered “insignificant” to a possession charge. You don’t believe me? Click above to read the propaganda they used to defeat the passage of a medical necessity defense.

  5. Dear Manny thank you for the advice. I appreciate it.
    I have an inflated sense of ego sometimes; they call it bi-polar.
    I might feel suicidal tomorrow though.
    I thought this roller-coaster ride was the norm until I learned the hard way that in fact it’s not.
    Welcome aboard #105 – Somewhere In Texas.
    You may feel lost but know for certain that today you do not stand alone in your endeavors.
    We are here with you now. Amen.
    I simply challenge anyone to walk a mile in anyone else’s shoes (David).
    Then to stand back and mock the meek as the horrible giant (Goliath) was doing. Let’s name him Uncle Sam Today.
    Manny I am not on probation nor a ward of the court. I refuse to shut up. The fed’s or whatever name we put to it today have always tried to shut us all up.
    Isn’t that the point too that We The People Of The United States Are Trying To Put Across To The General Public Republic Of America? Amen.
    And besides that what the hell is a gag order now a days pray tell. Does anyone think their gag orders held up towards me from 1997 forward?
    We must fight our evil brother indeed.
    The giant eventually lay slain I believe.
    David is the name of our new blue logo; the wheelchair victim.

  6. Maybe as we all spill our guts out mentally physically spiritually financially, etc. our caution is indeed thrown into the wind.
    The Winds and Fires Of Creation!
    Almighty God Reigns True For Mary Jane Justice to march with strength and courage to fight for one and all. Amen.

  7. the reason the judge has the power to silence him is because like 98% of people in his position taking the plea agreement was much better than the possible jail sentence and legal expenses and time it would take to fight and lose, so you accept the terms of the plea or lose more time money and property to the court system WHAT A RACKET!!!!!!!!

  8. Dear Wendy….The advice I didn’t give you, and the opinion I did give you was for their sake…so I’m not snagged for giving legal advice. You my dear can do or say anything your heart desires.

  9. “how long shall they kill our profits, while we stand aside and look. some say it just apart of it, we got to fullfill the book.
    wont you help me sang, another song of freedom, thats all i’ll ever ask..redemtion song”

  10. #110 – Smokey da Weedy Says: – Did you say “how long shall they kill our profits…”
    …within your redemtion song?
    …I’d like to see them kill false prophets
    ….on this journey of life so long.
    Prophecies are predictions and foretelling
    and a prophet is one of whom foretells. Amen.

  11. Wendy…..I gues you found me out…pretty smart kiddo.
    Hi! I am Manford Mantis. If I may…I’d like to tell you a little about myself. First…as the name of my order…derived from the Greek word signifies…I’m a prophet.
    Second…I’m here to safeguard you from My Evil Brother. So compelled am I…to warn you of his presence…I have enclosed him in the universal caution sigh. “BEWARE OF THE PRAYING MANTIS.”
    I’m here to perpetuate and preserve the fate of individual freedom…and…to make a new way in this world that others can follow.
    Be assured…tears, sadness, and fears…pay the debt of nature through the love and enjoyment of life.

    What does that mean…you ask?
    What’s it mean to you…I ask!
    To me…it warrants my worst fears for the salvation of free thinking…and…the ability to act on those thoughts and beliefs…the death of individual freedom.
    I’m born again…and…in my heart is born again the joy of mankind. But…the joy of freedom bears a price tag…and…in defense of freedom…it becomes necessary to regain and maintain freedom…as well as develop peace.
    All men and women…are by nature…free…equal…and independent…and…submit to government because they find it convenient to do so…not because they acknowledge any devine right on the part of any one person or droup of persons.
    The free ground we stand on is tapped solid by the feet of individual action…so…the fate of indidvidual freedom depends entirely on our defense of it. I am but one soul in the universe…O.O…nothing more…nothing less. I know not…what course others may take…but as for me…give me liberty or give me death…for I would rather die on my feet…than live on my knees. People who will sacrafice freedom for order…will recive neither.
    O.O are the extreme endsof individual freedom…and…
    free thinking…and…to that end…there exists nothing to the left…nothing to the right…no more no less. To that end…I am a neutral…but…a neutral has a right to take account of the facts…
    and…a neutral has a right to an open mind and a conscience.
    Therefore…I am unilaterally opposed to anyone…or
    …anything that would stand on any Genesist’s path of individual freedom and rattle their sword. I am neutral…until you tamper with my individual freedom
    …then…I am a praying Mantis.

  13. Wendy
    Will you decipher
    for me.
    My Evil Brother calls me a “FOOL.”
    I told him…”It’s never too late to make a fool of yourself.” Then I made “funny faces” at him…and
    …”laughed right in his face.” That’s what I’m talking about.

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