SAMHSA: State-by-State Marijuana Use Report

Recently, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) released a state-by-state drug use report that is both useful and informative. These government reports, like others regarding drug use, are based on surveys and the willingness of respondents to be truthful about their illicit drug use.

According to SAMHSA, what states had the highest and lowest marijuana rates of cannabis use? Rhode Island (16.2%) and Utah (7.17%) respectively.
The New York TimesEconomix blog created some helpful interactive mapping to illustrate the SAMSHA  data.

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  1. #37 I agree if we keep at it we will WIN THIS SHIT….lol full legaliziation once they sit the fuk down n c …WOW more money than they thought it will b some conflicts but MONEY Talks .ON to Normal ask the gov y they put people in jail/prison for pot for periods of times ,but yet the pedophiles still run the streets ……well till they finally kill that innocent child ..while thats proly there 3rd or 4th offence being let out they then kill the shits is sick an ASS BACKWARD

  2. I agree with mike h. and kevin about it being propaganda to make us think that there are a lot less of us than there are so that we don’t realize our strength and pull together. They can dream can’t they. Not!!!

  3. #30 Behind The Green door? Doesn’t putting activist next to our name and the state we’re from make us stand out a little more than reg posters labeling us a shitstarter to local authorities maybe raining down a shitstorm on us, especially those of us who are stuck in states that don’t offer legal protection for medical patients? I would hate to abandon my state for greener pastures but I’m beginning to think that I could be a much better activist if I didn’t have to worry about getting busted! What ya think?

  4. Maybe everyone who can should move to California in time to register for their big vote in 2010 to legalize and after that we can move on to the next state. One state at a time. Its that Important!

  5. Just a thought lol, Those of us who can should move to where their vote will be more useful. Especially those of us who live on social security. California pays a lot higher than most states so your check would most likely go up a couple hundred dollars. Let the Government pay for us to move and protest with our vote ha ha. of course it cost more to live there but no matter where you live you can find reasonable priced digs. I’ve lived there before as cheap as I do here in Texas. I loved it. my check went from 650 to 850 and I bet if I went back it would go up to over a thousand. I looked at apartments on the internet and you can find decent apartments for 600 to 800 a month in northern cali, its beautiful there, not to mention most people getting a check will get prorated rent based on their income if they want. I seriously don’t know why the hell I ever moved back to Texas, lol

  6. I just bet there are some smokers at the DEA ! Ever hear Dirty Cop ? Need I say more ! They allways get the Best Buds ! So why not try them out ! ROTFLMAO, Peace out!MDZ

  7. @ macdaddy
    this is not propaganda, but a true story.
    about 8 years ago, i’m standing inside a all in one convinence store talking to one of the clerks, he was moonlighting and is head of security at the local big city high school. In walks 3 guys in their drug task force uni’s. the guy i’m talking to says he knows one of them and that he is a coke head he knows from his neighborhood, then i said to my friend thats nothing the other guy I know as a pot head from back in high school and as recently as 2 years before when i worked with his girlfiend in a deli down the road. The 3rd guy, who knows. But the moral of the story is, the DEA is bullisht and they know it. Big Pharma contributes too much money to campains for puppets to write or deny laws in Big Pharma’s favor and the DEA is just the gustapo hired by the politico puppets to enforce the laws that keep us hooked on Big Pharma narcotics.

  8. Its This Simple End the Suffering and FREE THE MEDICINE…. Eveyone knows that cannibus is the No.1 Cash Across The USA and The Biggest reason they won’t leagalize is the government is afraid of losing the Big Pharm. Company’s I mean if they would pull there heads outta their you know whats they would see that if Cannibus was in fact leagl we would be outta our national Debt the Tax Money alone from Growers would bail us out but then again what do I Know I am Just a Redneck.

  9. 53 HooterJack [TX-GD]
    Medicinal cannabis is legal. If not in Texas, our objective is to make it legal in Texas. Now is not the time to timid. The Green Door is aggressive to the core. Remember…we’re talkin’ medicinal cannabis.
    [MORE TO COME] Check out next post.

  10. This just in from the CNN News crawl:
    Argentinia’s supreme court decriminalizes personal use of cannabis.
    (Note: the crawl said decrim. not legalize)

    The Lords of the Modern World only have three strings on their fiddle. if they think that they are going to prevent We the People from obtaining a medication that works. Our strong 85% in favor of medicinal cannabis overrides their batam bitching bullshit. On the other hand, how sturdy is a house without a foundation? Our foundation is the “support of We the People.” Without that support, the big bad wolf will huff and puff and blow our house down.
    for tenacity and perseverence to infect those who are unwilling to acquiesce to the Lords of the Modern World. There’s no more ridding the “Coat Tail” of Success. IT”S TIME…to join with the tailor and “FASHION THE COAT.” IT”S TIME…to realize that those who will sacrafice freedom for order, will receive neither.
    to act. If you support the Green Door,
    1. Put your state’s initials and GD behind your posting handle. EXAMPLE: John/Jane Doe Activist [CA-GD].
    2. Then, wear a plain hunter green polo/T shirt “all the time”…until someone asks you why you always wear a green shirt. Then, answer their question with the cause.
    Although we all promote total legalization of cannabis, we must “stay centered” in our objective to legalize medicinal cannabis in all fifty states.
    “Stay specific.”…your words will fall on less deaf ears.

  12. “Once again, Iowa had the lowest rate of marijuana use (3.8 percent) in the last month, and Rhode Island had the highest rate (10.3 percent).”
    Which numbers would be correct? Norml and NYTimes differ
    [Editor’s note: There are two data sets, monthly vs past year. 3.8/10.3 represents past monthly use, the data cited by NORML is cannabis use for the past year.]

  13. To Sean (50):
    I was mostly talking about harder drugs rather than marijuana. I agree if pot smoking replaced alchohol consumption’s 50%, we’d all be much better off.
    It’s interesting… if alcohol use is at 50%, I’d guess legal weed would be near 25-30%. Not saying that would be a problem at all.

  14. I speak the “truth” with respect…because…
    the “truth” finds its way to the surface every time. Even from the darkest depths of deception the “truth” will rise to the occasion.
    Politicians are all actors. There’s nothing genuine about them. They play the part, Lords of the Modern World, cast them to play. They tote the tyrant’s baggage, and are lickspittles.
    “OUR CONSTITUTION IS JUST.” It is up to We the People to keep it free from injustice. If we do nothing, it is well to remember that “For every action, there is an equal and opposite re-action.” If we do nothing, we will receive nothing. We have allowed ourselves to be tyrannized. “We have no one to blame but ourselves.” There’s no more fence ridding. We must decide, once and for all, how our lives are going to played out. It’s no longer an option we give politicians. They do it our way…or…they don’t do it at all.

  15. Argentia has just followed suit with Mexico and decriminalized all drugs. Columbia will be next, probably next week.
    In April the leaders of those 3 countries petitioned Obama to do the same.

  16. Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink!
    Too bad our unenlightened overlords are so keen on keeping distribution in the hands of teens, illegal immigrants, and others who hate the government.
    Meanwhile people who love God and are trying to love our country are suffering and being denied access to (at least) this plant that could ease their suffering: chemo patients, Parkinson’s sufferers, Alzheimer’s sufferers, etc… and all those who are helping them!

  17. The BIG Bull is 30 million Americans have tried or are smoking pot at any time.The truth is 100 million people smoke pot regularly..Hey isn’t that enough to start another party?

  18. Alot of people see positive things with these latin american countries goin decrim. Not me. I cant put my finger on it. I should be excited to hear of these places changin policy and i am but it smells fishy.

  19. Like it implies in the article itself, if these countries wanted to stop jailing people, help the sick, and harm the cartels, then they would just legalize it. It virtually aids the cartels makin the demand for drugs acceptable but the purchase and use still illegal. Ever feel like your a rat in a maze?

  20. #31 – sick of it all: You’re comment was priceless, thank you.
    #43 – Mark – Best one yet, thank you.

  21. #43 Mark,
    Very well said. You need to submit that to all of the news media outlets and see if you get any takers. You might also think of making it an “I Report”. Nice work.

  22. Hey Jerry # 78:
    How do I go about sending this video to news media outlets when I get this on “NBC’s Contact Us” page:
    “Finally, NBC cannot accept, consider or pay for any unsolicited creative ideas or materials. If you send something anyway, you waive any claims with respect to your submission. So why send it?”

  23. #64 BGD,
    Thanks for the clarification and yes, I have balls!!! No timidity here!!! Laughing out loud! Sorry it took so long to post this, I have been out of town visiting my teenage children. One of whom is bipolar and is easily angered. I know how much cannabis can help to calm him down, but my hands are tied until Texas stands up for patients. This is much more important than people realize. Got two new green polo shirts and alternate them and have gotten a lot of people asking me why I always wear green. It seems to be working!!! Last I heard, Texas already has 75% in favor of use for medical purposes, only we need to get it on the ballot. Great Idea, Everyone wearing Green until all 50 states approve!!! Its my favorite color anyways Laugh Out Loud!!!

  24. 83 HooterJack, Activist [TX-GD]
    Very happy to see it’s working for you. It works for me in California…but…it’s all pretty easy in Cal.
    We in California did with an Inituitive H.S.11362.5.
    Compassionate Use Act.
    Stand by for next post 09.01.09

  25. 83 HooterJack, Activists [TX-GD]
    The People of Texas need a referendum. Get the signatures and ram rod it through your legislature.

  26. dude, the US would save so much money if they would just legalize marijuana . And most of the people who think marijuana is just a terrible drug, haven’t even done it before. so how do they know for sure? If you’ve never experienced it, then dont judge it. Its not like you can over-dose on marijuana and i happen to know that tobacco is more harmful to your lungs then marijuana. and did you know that one bundle of marijuana can produce as much as paper as one acre of trees? marijuana isn’t just a drug, it is a natural resource we should use more then what we do. marijuana isn’t an addictive drug, you can’t have withdraws, and to top it all off, it makes you feel good(: so basically, what I’m saying is…
    P.S. If you just totally disagree with me, and want to share your oppinion, e-mail me at.. ORRRRR
    Message me on myspace…

  27. To those who think polls are invalid because you personally were not interviewed: take a basic statistics class. Jeez.

  28. To those who think polls are invalid because you personally were not interviewed: take a basic statistics class. Jeez.

  29. i couldnt agree more with mike H on the 2 comment left i have never been that question whether i use or not nor have i and i knock on hard woodfor this one i have never had possesion charge so how does the goverment get these numbers, im not scared of to admit this i feel no guilt what so ever just wish that my job wasnt in on the line, because of something i do when im off work

  30. 74 JOHNNYbGOOD

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