Now Available: Discount Hotel Rooms For NORML Conference 2011

The 40th Annual NORML Conference Convenes April 21-23 In Denver

The host hotel is the centrally located and top-rated Grand Hyatt, where, NORML has procured steeply discounted hotel rooms (rack rate is usually $300-$350 night, our rooms start at $129).
The room block at the host hotel for NORML conferences always sells out almost right away, so please do not delay in making your room reservations right now. Earlybird conference registrations will be available online soon—along with the agenda and speakers list. Roundtrip flights to Denver from both coasts are currently around $200 on most airlines. A very good price!
Celebrating 4/20 At A Mile High

Denver’s 4/20

Arrive before or early on April 20 in Colorado and be prepared for a 50,000 person ‘4/20’ political rally in Denver, or, a 30,000 person ‘smoke-out’ rally (no political speeches or music, just an explosion of cannabis smoke at 4:20PM) 30 miles north at the University of Colorado @ Boulder.

I’ve been to both…and they’re equally amazing to behold.

Thanks in advance and please take advantage of these discount room rates ASAP to make sure you’re in the center of the action for the 40th annual NORML conference!

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  1. Sorry I didn’t stay on the subject matter above.
    Here the deal my friends, 900,000 fellow citizens will be arrested for cannabis over the next year, like it or not, it is not my data, but it happens,. perhaps to you. Here is a petition calling for a National Debate between prohibitionist and anti-prohibitionist. It is time to act, it is time to support this deabte and get the lies into the open.
    Set the confusion aside! Set our houses in order! It is time for this Nation as a whole to address these cannabis policies that have failed to work and why. Time to air the facts and discuss cannabis like reasonable human beings. Time to end the “shock the sense of fair play.” policy of the government. A national debate has been long… over due.

  2. Its too bad there arent any events like this around Alabama. At least none i know of. I hope to hear/read good and informal things about this event. But above all, have fun yall!

  3. How much are the 3-day conference tickets? Plus with chapter discount! 🙂
    [Editor’s note: Online registration and draft conference agenda will appear at VERY soon.]

    will be representing
    @ NORMLcon Denver 2011.
    Free Marc Emery ! …… (+ 1,000s of others)
    Happy 40th NORML. and….Thanks, Keith for founding what was the 1st and what remains to be “The big tent” org. of the movement.
    Would be very cool if both you and Allen could visit the obstreperous Mr. Emery while he is visiting as a guest* in our country.
    *( In prison in southern GA, nearby Jacksonville, FL)
    Looking forward to “The Mile High” ! ( heh heh )

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