Cannabis On Craigslist: A Prosecutor's Dream

Michigan Medical Marijuana Act: Keep Your Business and Medicine Legal
By Matthew Donigian, NORML Legal Intern, University of Illinois — College of Law

On November 4, 2008 63 percent of Michigan voters enacted the Michigan Medical Marihuana Program (MMMP). Since then the state of Michigan has registered over 75,000 patients, who are now eligible to receive medical marijuana for serious illnesses, including: Cancer, HIV, glaucoma, severe/chronic pain, severe nausea, etc.  Like other states that have passed medical marijuana legislation, Michigan has made it safer for patients to receive the medicine they need. However, marijuana is still far from legal and both patients and caregivers should be sure they understand the limitations of the law.
Under Michigan law, medical marijuana patients who have been issued a registry identification card are allowed to possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana. Additionally, medical marijuana patients are allowed to grow up to 12 marijuana plants. However, patients who choose to grow their own marijuana cannot have a caregiver growing for them.

Caregivers are required to follow laws similar to those followed by patients. Caregivers are required to register with a patient and the state, and if they are not registered as a patient’s caregiver, they may NOT dispense marijuana to them. Caregivers are allowed to register up to 5 patients and may possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana for each of their patients. If a patient has registered a caregiver to cultivate marijuana for them, the caregiver may keep up to 12 plants for that patient.
Restrictions on the amount of marijuana caregivers may possess can be difficult to follow.
First, it is difficult to know how much marijuana a plant will yield. This can make it difficult to stay under the 2.5 ounces allowed per registered patient. And since the weight of marijuana fluctuates greatly when the plant is being dried it is difficult to know how much a plant has actually yielded.
Second, many caregivers use clones of plants when growing a new crop, by taking cuttings from an adult plant and re-rooting them. However, the legality of this process is unclear. Since Michigan law only allows 12 plants per patient, and since clones must be cut before a plant has fully matured, it can be difficult for growers to stay under the number of plants allowed by the law, especially if they are already maintaining 12 plants per patient at the time the clones are cut.
In order to avoid having more marijuana than the law allows, many growers have begun selling dried marijuana or plants to qualified patients via craigslist. It is important to understand that this practice is ILLEGAL. Caregivers are only allowed to sell marijuana to their registered patients, and any other sale could lead to fines and/or imprisonment.
Caregivers should re-evaluate their business practices in order to stay in compliance with the law. Their safety and the safety of their patients depend upon it. More information may be attained by visiting Michigan’s online resource for the MMMP or by calling NORML at (202) 483-5500.

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  1. If MMJ users and providers cannot follow the laws that have been enacted for them and that they themselves fought for, its really going to give the MMJ opposition alot of fodder to get these laws repealed.
    MJ should be legal, as well as MMJ. However until that point we (users) should be on our best behavior. It only takes one dumbass, one major incident relating to MJ for the opposition to slam any MJ reform down.
    MJ reform is growing everyday, lets not waste all that progress by breaking the law in one of the few states that allows for possession of MMJ. The vast majority of the country does not have the luxury or ability to do what some are able to do in other states.
    PS> If you have extra pot, its called smoke it, grind it up and cook with it, grind it up and put in in alcohol. Some might say “well i have 2 oz extra, i cant smoke that, i have to sell it”. Well stop being a money grubbing defeatist, go buy a nice big bong and smoke until the color blue does not exist. I can assure you, you will burn through your extra weed in no time, without selling it on-line and putting your states MMJ and your future at risk.

  2. 12 plants sure is a large number for only 2.5 ounces, I can see this being a legal issue in the future as to wether or not the law considers the entire marijuana plant or only the “bud.” one sativa plant considering some can reach up to 6 foot or taller would easily go over this 2.5 ounce amount. I can see where alot of people could potentially be penalized for unintentional wrongdoing, such as having a plant that weighs well over 2.5 ounces but is only producing 1-2 ounces of “bud.”

  3. My God, this is a plant, everyone has their ass in an uproar over a PLANT. What is the matter with you people.ADULTS have the right to smoke anything they want ,hey alchol and cigeretts will kill you better and faster, than this plant will. You people have nothing better to do than go to war on a plant, you have lost your minds!Cannabis is safer tham any perscription you can pass out, to the sick and that makes them sicker.Get off the wagon and make cannabis legal! SICK AND TIRED!!!!

  4. Which is worse under the law to live by: a registered caregiver, a registered medical marijuana patient, or a registered sex offender?
    Without cannabis legalization, the nation will always be under the influence of the Controlled Substance Act of 1970.
    Legalize Cannabis and enjoy the freedom!

  5. These laws are a refection of the antipathy and ignorance of lawmakers. These heavily restrictive and micro managing rules are more about pandering to the perceived public fears of mmj by lawmakers than they are meaningful necessary regulation.
    Non commercial home alcohol producers are regulated solely on what amounts of finished product they can produce not how they do it. Home winemakers are restricted on square feet of vines or numbers of vines, just on how many gallons they can make before needing a permit and having to pay excise tax.
    The law is designed to hinder to greatest extent possible rather than enable and accommodate. The rules are completely arbitrary and have no actual demonstrable necessity other than to allow as little as possible while still pretending to be considerate of the need.

  6. I’ll make it easy for you all. A $1 a gram cannabis stamp on it from the post office or Mailboxes or some other postal and UPS shipping kind of store, and you have no adverse consequences, not even if you fail a drug test, still get considered or to keep a job.
    For now it could be a state stamp from a private sector mailing and shipping store, and that’ll keep them off your back. It’s just too bad the Feds won’t sell the cannabis stamps at the post offices. The postal service sure as hell could use the propping up from it’s share.
    And when is that Holder going to clarify the federal rules for enforcement in states where it is legal at the state level? (Spare me any bullshit about the federal law trumping state law and cannabis not really being legal. It is de facto and physically and fiscally and financially a part of life and the economy, private and government.) He said “soon.” Well, what does that ever mean: “soon,” before the election, after the election? He has just enough time to tell the international bodies to get together and rewrite international law so that cannabis is no longer prohibited internationally and that it is up to the individual governments to decide about cannabis. Some countries want to legalize. Some countries want prohibition, Middle Eastern countries where alcohol is forbidden, for example. After Holder gets that from them by Labor Day 2011, he can do the same in the U.S. Specifically, you prohibitionist dolts, Holder then in turn says the cannabis prohibition is a state and local enforcement decision in medical states and no money from the budget is allowed to be spent on it in medical states. States had better bitch like hell because the squeaky wheel gets the oil. It’s a waste of federal money and takes away state and local revenues. On the grounds that the Feds can’t possibly afford to pay to prosecute and incarcerate every medical marijuana patient to enforce the federal law from the federal perspective with federal money, you dolts.
    Holder, get on it.

  7. Rather then stating that fact the usage of Marijuana can decrease, eliminate or curb the use of Alcohol, they still insist you buy their drugs to do the same thing with probally less effectiveness. If you don’t think the pharmaceutical profiteers are doing everything to stop the increasing viable, sensible use & legalization of marijuana then read this .
    — Neuropharmacologists ran clinical trials to find that a drug called topiramate is an effective therapeutic medication for decreasing heavy drinking and diminishing the physical and psychosocial harm caused by alcohol dependence. The drug works by blocking the right amount of the feel good effects of alcohol (brought on by increased levels of dopamine), making drinking less enjoyable and thus reducing cravings and helping to stop heavy drinking. Topiramate was also found to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels which may lead to a decrease in heart disease in alcohol dependent patients.

  8. I have to say I disagree with the above statement saying that caregivers can only provide THEIR patients with medicine. Section 4(e) of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act states that “A registered primary caregiver may receive compensation for costs associated with assisting A registered qualifying patient in the medical use of marijuana. Any such compensation shall not constitute the sale of controlled substances.” It does NOT say that the patients must be connected to the caregiver through the Department of Community Health. This defense has been used in court and ruled in favor of. The language of the law is very clear in stating “A” patient…not a patient connected to the caregiver. Read it for yourself…—It-s-a-Law.html

  9. Attorney General Eric Holder Pledges To “Clarify” Administration’s Position Regarding State Medical Marijuana Laws.
    Don’t hold your breath this time around…
    It may take some time in the near distant future because the guardians of the Controlled Substance Act of 1970 doesn’t want to be bothered and the late former president Nixon is on vacation, so there won’t be any answers from his shrine in the DEA headquarters.
    Remember, Eric Holder made a promise to the nine former DEA administrators and Drug Czars.
    It’s sound silly but we are dealing with schedule one marijuana, the corner stone of the Controlled Substance Act of 1970, Nixon’s evil creation against those damn smart-ass college hippies from rich Jewish parents who practices law.
    Attorney General Eric Holder may also be trying to look for a job working for the Mayor of Chicago.

  10. Patient to patient transfers are legal. It says so explicitly in the Medical Marihuana Act. Caregiver to patient transfers are only legal when a patient-caregiver relationship has been formally established.

  11. Legalize cannabis already. Quit micromanaging a useful and benign herb. A free market will take care of itself.

  12. What about dispensories? Do you have to be a caregiver for a dispensory in order to sell them medical marijuana? And what about selling them any excess medical marijuana you may have after a harvest that produces more than the legal amount of 2.5 dry ounces?
    [Editor’s note: Michigan is not one of the medical cannabis states that allow regulated dispensaries. The states that have them are CO, NM and ME; states that will get them at some point are AZ, DC, DE, NJ, RI and VT. MT had them, but the govt just banned them. CA has them, but they’re not licensed by the state or taxed by the state, though some cities/counties license and tax dispensaries in about half the state’s counties.]

  13. I’d be worried it’s a possible sting operation. Even if I had a card and lived there I wouldn’t dare touch anything on Craig’s.

  14. So in order to avoid having more cannabis than the law allows, they decided to do the sketchier thing and sell it to patients over Craigslist? Do these caregivers even get inspected? For all anybody knows, they could give all the extra stuff to their patients or stock it away somewhere. In any case, blatantly breaking the law and using Craigslist to sell cannabis is just a bad idea.

  15. It could be a set up or just a Michigan moron.
    This is the kind of action that hurts the cause.
    C’mon Michigan get your head out of your ass.

  16. i was going to move to mi. but i cannot understand thier laws so i will stay where i am and take my chances in oh

  17. Very bad idea IMO.
    Prosecutors in Michigan are still challenging patient to patient transfers, even though the way the law reads, they should be legal.
    Going online (worldwide) admitting you are dabbling in the so called “grey area” that local prosecutors seem to be pushing is just stupid if you ask me.
    Not to mention the Fed law, that is in no way a “Grey Area”.
    If this is not a leo operation then it is one very, very, VERY stupid person. IMO
    That said, once they legalize it, people like this craigslist “moron” as called above, won’t have to worry about incriminating themselves on a worldwide public forum like CL.
    Until they legalize it keep these ads off the friggin internet!
    You can’t possibly be that hard up for a couple bucks that you have to go online and tell everyone you are breaking the law.

  18. As @14 Little gypsy says, quit micromanaging, a free market will take care of itself. And we can tip the balance by putting on the market a line of Microdosaging Utensils (one-hitters, calumet, kiseru, midwakh, sebsi, some NARROW-bowl long-stemmed Jamaican chillums) where management and control are centered in the utensil instead of in frantic parents, corrupt cop, paid politician etc.
    Did you know the WIKIPEDIA article of matching name is, in each case, the world’s #1 information source on “One-hitter (smoking)” (1191 hits a day), “Hashish” (over 6000), “Cannabis (drug)” (over 27,000)? Look those up on google.
    And wouldn’t you know, a narrow cabal of editors is currently fighting to DELETE one-hitter information from some of the cannabis-related articles and substitute, for example, a picture of a joint (SPAM advertising for $igarettes. If it looks like a $igarette ad it is a $igarette ad).
    Please go to Wikipedia, study the tutorials, learn how to edit, and fight to put SAFETY ahead of POLICY by making sure there is adequate information about alternatives to hot burning overdose joint ($igarette) smoking which destroys cannabinoids and maximizes heat shock and carbon monoxide, producing “drug” symptoms that are conveniently blamed on the cannabis by prohibitors.

  19. I completely agree with Ned’s post. Cannabis impacts many major markets and industries, enough that said industries will do everything in their power to retain the status quo. Arbitrary restrictions are just avenues to impede progress and/or block access (which is obvious enough).

  20. We already had a similar incident here in Arizona that ended up with one person shot and killed. A guy with a MMJ card advertised to sell some he had grown to other MMJ card holders. Some guys tried to rob him, he shot and killed one. This gave MMJ a big black eye here. We don’t need this. Now, the next week, a guy here held up a pharmacy at gunpoint to get oxycontin and that didn’t get the same press. So, we need to be aware that we’re subject to closer scrutiny. We can’t have people going on Craigslist or classified ads. This isn’t a used bike or a fishing pole to sell—-this is medicine. You can’t go on Craiglist and sell the hydrocodone you had leftover from a surgical procedure. So, it stands to reason that people should not be selling any medicine on Craiglist that requires a prescription or a state ID card to possess.
    Now, do I believe cannabis should be legal? Of course. But while it remains in the semi-legal status for medical use with an ID card, we need to treat it as a medicine (because it is, for one thing) and treat it with the respect it deserves. We can’t forget that people have died very painful deaths and could not get access to medical cannabis. Some went to jail. Let’s keep medical cannabis available and treat it properly.

  21. This article is flat out incorrect. There are two separate protections in the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act of 2008. The first, to which the author is referring, is the state registry process. Under this set of protections, you register, have specific plant limits and weights. This is supposed to protect you from arrest and prosecution. The second is an affirmative defense which can be raised by a defendant which protects in the event of ANY medical use.
    NORML higher ups should have carefully reviewed this intern’s dangerous opinion piece here. It is inaccurate and dangerous to patients and caregivers.
    [Editor’s note: Unfortunately, you’re not correct. One has to assume that Barbara Agro hopes you’re right as she (and other patients in MI) are routinely denied the ability to put on a medical necessity defense, especially if the prosecutor argues successfully to the judge that the patient is not compliant with law, therefore they can’t raise the defense.]

  22. we need to go after the GOV and MAKE them SAY they have Been lieing for over 70 yrs about POT the law IT SELF is ILLEGAL COME ON PPL THINK ASK YOUR Reps WHY a LIE?? and HOW can they enfource a law based on a LIE??? FREE all pot prisnors let them work TAX them not suporting them in jail THINK People

  23. Look ,I live in Michigan..In Mt.Pleasant,Michigan..The Judge ruled Patient 2 patient transfers are legal..Here is the link..NOW this judge is a smart guy..He read rules in all… ,, Chamberlain said the costs and profits of McQueen and Taylor’s business fall within their roles as caregivers, and therefore their business is legitimate.
    “Thus, this court finds that defendants’ acts, occupation, or structure is not a nuisance at all times and under any circumstances,” Chamberlain wrote in his opinion. “Defendants only operate their business during designated business hours … and perform their medical marijuana-related conduct pursuant to the MMMA.”
    Chamberlain also said C.A. does not interfere with public health or safety and they operate within provisions of the MMMA.
    [Editor’s note: What’s your point? NORML’s primary point stands: medical patients and providers in MI who want to practically write their own federal or state indictment need only place ads on Craigslist trying to sell their overage.]

  24. In the Law, they also put in the AD,Which is to protect people from arrest for ASSISTING a QUALIFIED Patient.. .. Except as provided below, a patient and a patient’s primary caregiver, if any, may assert the medical purpose for using marijuana as a defense to any prosecution involving marijuana, and this defense shall be presumed valid where the evidence shows that:
    (1) A physician has stated that, in the physician’s professional opinion, after having completed a full assessment of the patient’s medical history and current medical condition made in the course of a bona fide physician-patient relationship, the patient is likely to receive therapeutic or palliative benefit from the medical use of marijuana to treat or alleviate the patient’s serious or debilitating medical condition or symptoms of the patient’s serious or debilitating medical condition;
    (2) The patient and the patient’s primary caregiver, if any, were collectively in possession of a quantity of marijuana that was not more than was reasonably necessary to ensure the uninterrupted availability of marijuana for the purpose of treating or alleviating the patient’s serious or debilitating medical condition or symptoms of the patient’s serious or debilitating medical condition; and
    (3) (a)The patient and the patient’s primary caregiver, if any, were engaged in the acquisition, possession, cultivation, manufacture, use, delivery, transfer, or transportation of marijuana or paraphernalia relating to the use of marijuana to treat or alleviate the patient’s serious or debilitating medical condition or symptoms of the patient’s serious or debilitating medical condition.
    b] A person may assert the medical purpose for using marijuana in a motion to dismiss, and the charges shall be dismissed following an evidentiary hearing where the person shows the elements listed in subsection (a).
    c] If a patient or a patient’s primary caregiver demonstrates the patient’s medical purpose for using marijuana pursuant to this section, the patient and the patient’s primary caregiver shall not be subject to the following for the patient’s medical use of marijuana:
    (I) disciplinary action by a business or occupational or professional licensing board or bureau; or
    (II) forfeiture of any interest in or right to property.
    [Editor’s note: Better hope the trial and appeals courts in MI don’t continue to disregard the current medical cannabis laws like they regularly do, and are upheld, i.e., WalMart employment case upheld by the state supreme court despite clear language in law saying patients shouldn’t be discriminated against in the workplace vis a vis drug testing, etc…]

  25. Here is a link to Patients Rules and rights.. AN INITIATION of Legislation to allow under state law the medical use of marihuana; to provide protections for the medical use of marihuana; to provide for a system of registry identification cards for qualifying patients and primary caregivers; to impose a fee for registry application and renewal; to provide for the promulgation of rules; to provide for the administration of this act; to provide for enforcement of this act; to provide for affirmative defenses; and to provide for penalties for violations of this act.

  26. Regardless of the ambiguity of Michigan’s laws (if in fact they are ambiguous), using the Internet in this manner causes the person running the ad to be in the federal realm via several telecommunications acts. Prosecution could be severe.

  27. So is NORML saying patient to patient transfers are now illegal? How is it that all these dispensaries and compassion clubs are allowed to operate if this is the case. While I think using craigslist is dangerously stupid I am allowed by law to transfer between patients. It has nothing to do with caregiver relationships. Only patient to patient.
    [Editor’s note: Patient to patient transfers are legal in MI if both parties are compliant with the law. Selling one’s overage to hitherto unknown patients online @ Craigslist is not compliant with MI law.]

  28. You guys can state all the rules and State laws all you want, and I agree nothing SHOULD be wrong with any of this, BUT….
    This guy is still going on a worldwide PUBLIC forum and admitting that he is breaking federal law – PERIOD.
    Whether we like the law or not, as asinine as it is, it’s still the fed law.
    You may get away with taking a bone from a pit-bull, if you wait for him to look the other direction. If you jump up and down, slapping him in the face getting the pit-bull all pissed off and then take his bone, you are going to get bit.
    Regardless of a “stand down order” or whatever you want to call it, if you walk up to a DEA agent and show him your stash and tell him you have more growing at XYZ location, guess what – you go to jail and XYZ gets raided. Once you ADMIT breaking federal law like this idiot did, they are kind of obligated to arrest you.
    Putting an ad on CL telling the WORLD you are growing so much MMJ that you have to get rid of it, is just F%@*ing STUPID.

  29. I used to grow pot, illegally, years ago, here in Australia. I must say after reading this article, how does the equation of 12 plants = 2.5 ounces??? I’d pull crown buds ALONE weighing close to TRIPLE that – DRIED! On average I used to get around 1-1.5 KILOGRAMS of bud per plant once dried. Thats 2-3 pound, from one plant. Less than 1 pound off a plant was a failed crop. Even my mates would get around 1.5-2 pound from their outdoor crops, dried. You guys are allowed TWELVE plants – I’d fill 3 garbage bags of dried bud EASILY with a dozen plants – but you’re only allowed 2.5 ounces of bud??? This law must be a setup for sure, or something is misquoted. Mr Miyagi could probably get more than that from a bonsai weed. Sounds like you were better off growing when it was fully illegal, at least you didn’t have this stupid legal minefield to attempt to navigate.
    Also, I must say that publicly advertising it for sale when you’re watched like a hawk is just retarded. If you MUST sell it on the sly, use the traditional method of the underground network – it works fine and at least there’s SOME chance of not getting caught. As opposed to a public internet forum. What’s next, ounces on eBay? Use your heads, the last thing we need is lawmakers being able to say that this behaviour proves the link between dope and stupidity.

  30. Maybe one should donate their overages to the government sponsored medical industry – Looks like the DEA has been lining up some providers, not to mention rescheduling to schedule 3:
    Synthetic THC is considered medicine? But the real stuff (that they are attempting to duplicate) is jail bait ?
    This just paints a picture of deception, doesn’t it ?? Can anyone defend or explain this agency’s actions & why is it legal for them to do this ? Sounds so hypocritical that I still shake my head in disbelief whenever I think about it…They are bending their own rules to suit their own agenda, correct ?

  31. skippy, you are forgetting this law is for PATIENTS that are growing their own medicine, not commercial grows. Also, just because you have 12 plants that does not mean you are going to have 12 female plants that go through life together and get harvested at the same time.
    Continually having 2.5 ounces from 12 plants at various stages of growth is not impossible. By the time you use the first 2.5 ounces, time to harvest another plant ect.
    Also, we are in most cases talking about small personal grows for patients. How many of the patients in Michigan do you think have room in their houses to grow INDOORS 12 huge 2 pound plus plants? Just about none.
    You are not going to get the kind of weight you claim from an indoor personal medical marijuana grow.

  32. Caregivers are required to follow the same laws as the patients. They are register by the patient, with the state. A registered caregiver may only dispense to the patient to whom they are connected via registration. Caregivers are not allowed to register anyone.
    The amount a caregiver may process is not difficult to follow: up to 2.5 ounces of dries usable material or preparation thereof, and up to 12 plants. If a caregiver is having trouble keeping within this range, he/she need to seriously reduce the number of plants being grown. This is especially true if new crops will come from clones. Three or four plants per cycle, per patient are more than enough. The idea is to have enough to supply the patient, not the local dispensary.
    Dang, was at the end of the article before I found the Craig’s List hook. Article might have read better if the author was from Michigan.

  33. It’s not just the law, it’s the ethics. Is it ethical to treat this medicine as a used bike to sell on Craigslist? I don’t think so. You certainly couldn’t do that with your leftover hydrocodone. Ok, how about this? Guy has an operation and has some morphine left over. Ya think he might be asking for trouble if he puts it on Craigslist? Now, if he just left it in the medicine chest, who’s going to know he hasn’t used it all?
    It’s also dangerous. As I pointed out, we’ve already had a shooting and one man dead as a result of just this very same thing in Arizona. If someone goes on Craiglist advertising he’s got marijuana, he’s just asking to get robbed and possibly killed. People assume other MMJ patients are going to respond. Well, that’s not what happened here in Arizona.
    Back to the ethics. This is medicine. Yes, it should be legal. That goes without saying. The government has no right to tell anyone what they can put in (or take out) of their bodies. But they do it anyway. Until that changes, and for right now, this is medicine when classified as such and people need to abide by those rules. It’s not just us. There are people out there abusing prescription drugs and that makes it hard for people to get those when they need them because a lot of doctors are CYAing. Imagine having Anxiety Panic Disorder and having to beg for Xanax because the doctor is afraid of prescribing it now. All because some people use it to get loaded. So, again, when we call this medicine, we need to mean what we say and walk the walk.

  34. Yes it is medicine, but one thing you are forgetting. All those dangerous drugs you are comparing MMJ to, can KILL you. Of course if someone eats all their hydrocodone and wants more, there may be a huge consequence if you provide them with more.
    If someone runs out of their monthly supply of MMJ and you give them more, what happens? They feel better, and there is ZERO risk of them overdosing.
    They may both be medicine, but we should not treat them the same.
    There SHOULD be nothing wrong or unethical about sharing “overages”. It SHOULD be treated like the safe, effective HERBAL medicine that it is.
    That said, the CL guy is still a moron.

  35. Chris, I see no problem with sharing. The problem is selling. We are at the mercy of public perception and public opinion. It’s unfortunate, but it’s the truth.

  36. I am new to the area and disabled and if it were not for craigslist I would have been suck with my local dispensary. The dispensary charged 400 an oz for bud that would be like cardboard, have seeds or even pockets of rot in the middle of the bud. I eventually made my way to craigslist and got connected with a caregiver that was willing to supply me top shelf meds at half the price I was getting the poo poo for. The Michigan Medical Marijuana Law would have not worked out for me if it were not for craigslist. Go knock budtrader or all the illegal growers in your area or something. Please leave us sick people alone and do proper research before you post such damaging articles…
    [Editor’s note: Just because this legally questionable service has worked for you SO FAR, this is no reason to not to warn other qualified patients about the problematic practice of trying to buy ‘medical’ cannabis online through any outlets…]

  37. JOHN DOE 21,I am a registered mmmp.i am authorized to possess plants for personal use.i had a harvest and decided to post an add on craigslist to donate the extra amount.i had 4 oz of 3 different types of marijuana.all of the marijuana had just been picked off the tree hours before i was arrested.i recieved a call of a man claiming to be a cancer survivor and he said he was going out of town for a while and would need a decent amount to supply him as he is still in a great deal of pain.he requested 4 oz of marijuana and i replied to him that i do not sell marijuana i will donate it to him.and that i would accept a reasonable donation from him also.long story short a buddy of mine was with me during this whole time and i asked him to drive with 2 oz of the wet marijuana while i followed him to the local gas station where i was to meet the patient.he pulled up,i got out of my car and into his.he then put a stack of money infront of me,i told him i only had 2 oz of wet (not usable) marijuana on me but i can get him more.he agreed to donate $600 for 2 oz.i told him i would have to get the other 2 from a friend that was in the gas station at the time.he wasnt very happy that i had to get out of the car to get the rest.i then went to my friends car and got 2 oz more then gave it to him through the driver side window he gave me the rest of the money i walked back to my car next thing i know 5 cops with masks and guns run up to me and my friend with HUGE guns drawn as if they were hunting a serial killer.they took $1200 cash ,4 oz wet marijuana and my truck.he had showed me his medical marijuana hard card and his drivers liscence.

  38. John,
    I have an idea that will help. It may not help you, but it will help us, and OUR LAW. The idea is simple….
    Stop being a dumb-ass and abusing our law!
    A PATIENT in Michigan is allowed to have 2.5 oz, you however delivered more than that, to someone you don’t even know, and for top dollar street value at that.
    Call it a donation, call it a sale, call it whatever you want, I call it a huge black mark on OUR LAW, that could have been avoided if dumb-asses like you would stop abusing it.
    Red flags were all over the place telling you not to do what you did. A) you did NOT KNOW THE PERSON! (dumbass-move 1) B) You advertised the SALE OF MARIJUANA on a PUBLIC ***WORLDWIDE*** FORUM (dumbass-move 2) C) he wanted a QUARTER POUND when he was only allowed 2.5 oz. You delivered. (dumbass-move 3) D) He told you he intended to take this “medical marijuana” out of town. Did you bother to worry about him crossing state lines with the ILLEGALLY OBTAINED marijuana that he got from YOU? (dumbass-move 4)
    Really, I could keep going all day pointing out the dumbass moves you made, but I have a feeling you wouldn’t “get it” any ways.
    The best advice I can give you is, either wait for recreational marijuana to become legal, or find another way to support your greed.
    This law was not made for you!
    I’m sorry, but you should simply stop abusing our law, and go vote for cannabis to be LEGAL on all levels – a great cause, that unfortunately for you – has not been passed yet.
    Go vote to change the laws. Right now you are simply breaking them.

  39. Its only illegal on Craigslist because the police are creating fake Medical cards and tricking people into thinking their legal when they are not. They try to get 3 or more case’s against you and then hammer you. If you get a donation from a legal patient or caregiver while making a transfer, your case should be dismissed. The problem isn’t Craigslist, its the cops that are entrapping people.

  40. Section 4E states a Caregiver may receive compensation from ANY registered patient with NO mention of being connected through the registry like it is stated for growing plants for YOUR 5 patients. The Supreme court ruling was for Patient to Patient compensation which has NOTHING to do with Caregiver to Patient Transfers period. The MMMP did not by accident forget to Put in Section 4 E that you have to be connected to patient to receive compensation because a patient is due a uninterrupted supply of medicine and if he cant find a caregiver he or she by law can seek out other caregivers for his or her uninterrupted supply of medicine that the LARA MMMP law says he is due to a sick patient.( sick patients ca not go to dispensaries anymore because they were ruled illegal) Furthermore as a caregiver not a patient you will have overages at certain times and the law cannot except you to throw out you overages thats why Section 4 E is in the LARA MMMP rules and Laws. Patients and caregivers are 2 totally diffferent people(caregivers cannot have drug felonies but a patient CAN have ANY felony and still get a patient card) and cannot be lumped together as the same in a supreme court ruling. Section 4 E was put in the MMMP LARA law for a reason and it does not matter if Schutte likes Section 4 e its there and clearly states A caregiver NOT a patient can receive compensation from any registered patient as voted on in NOV 2008 and passed by a landslide of 63% of Michigan voters, way more people voted for sick patients to have save access to medical marijuana than who voted for Bill Schutte for A.G. Dow chemical is the biggests pullutors in the world and Michigan and Bill Schuttes family and himself are major shareholders in this vile company and A.D. Schutte protects DOW no matter how many people they kill with their poision chemicals that are leaching into re lakes and ground water. look up DOW and see Schuttes step dad was the owner for years of DOW and old Bill protects DOW at all costs even if it means 100.s are killed or rippled by DOWS chemicals..

  41. did anyone mention that selling illegal shit across state lines is an fbi issue and has nothing to do with your state? I’m pretty sure at least

  42. I have smoked weed for a long,long time. Generally, it was for recreation but I now find myself using for medicinal properties.I seemed to have convinced myself that it is actually good for me. I am certain that weed is better for me than oxycodone. It doesn’t get rid of my pain,but it does take my mind off the pain. If I am not thinking about my pain then I am not hurting. So in conclusion I would like to insist that the US Gov. quit lying about weed ,have a toke and leave us alone. RIGHT, wishful thinking. I can never trust our Gov. again.

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