Support NORML — Help End Cannabis Prohibition and Get a Vintage Conference Poster

Dear NORML Supporters,

Please consider making a donation of $25 or more in support of NORML’s longstanding cannabis law reform efforts and for providing assistance to the victims of the current laws and regulations.

A visit to NORML’s archives finds vintage NORML national conference posters designed by California artist Sonia Sanchez for the 2007 conference held in Los Angeles. These prints are now collector items that provide vivid color to any room or office. BTW, the names in the faux ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame’ stars memorialize noted cannabis law reformers who’d passed away in the prior year.

Please make a tax-deductible donation today to the NORML Foundation for $25 or more and receive a 2007 NORML conference poster!

2007 was the last time NORML held a national pro-cannabis law reform conference for the public in Los Angeles…and we return this year to one of America’s most cannabis-friendly cities (culturally speaking more so than politically these days) with a forward-looking three-day conference called ‘The Final Days of Cannabis Prohibition’.

Hundreds of like-minded cannabis consumers, cultivators and activists have already pre-registered and procured room reservations at the host hotel. Please join us for the 41st annual NORML conference in Los Angeles, Oct. 3-6, make your plans now to receive price discounts for both rooms and conference registration (a recent check of roundtrip, non-stop airfare from Washington DC to Los Angeles finds very reasonable airfares starting at $325).

Vending table and conference sponsorships opportunities are still currently available–but not for long–for cannabusinesses, lawyers and other professional services, non-profit organizations and other cannabis-related businesses.

Get two NORML conference posters this year…one from 2007 and come to the 2012 conference in Los Angeles.

Kind regards,

-Allen St. Pierre
Executive Director
NORML / NORML Foundation
Washington, D.C.

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  1. I want one of “The Final Days of Prohibition” posters what does it take to get one of them?

  2. Alcohol’s effect is insanity. Marijuana’s effect is generally calming sedation. The majority of American’s if not all who consume marijuana will not fight for legalization for fear of incarceration. Which leads to fine’s, loss of possession, loss of freedom, being forced to live in horriible conditions, beatings, rape, & possibly death. Our government is satanic.

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