Majority of New Yorkers Back Legalized Pot, Ohioans Evenly Split




Two new polls, published this week by Quinnipiac University, show solid support for marijuana legalization in both New York and Ohio.

In a New York State poll of 1,302 voters, conducted December 5th through 10th, 51% stated that they believed marijuana should be made legal and only 44% stated they opposed the idea. Support was slightly strong among men (56% support to 41% opposed), but a small plurality of women also backed legalization (47% support to 46% opposed). Also, as we’ve seen across the board in marijuana reform polling, the strongest age group in favor is the 18-29 year old demographic (61% support to 34% opposed), with support declining through the older age groups. You can read more about the New York poll here.

Quinnipiac also conducted a state poll in Ohio of 1,165 voters from December 4th through 9th and found Ohioans evenly split on marijuana legalization, with 47% support to 47% opposed. You can view the cross tabs for the Ohio poll here.

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  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah. More empty talk. While everyone celebrates Colorado, New Yorkers still have no consideration. Exactly what is NORML doing for NY? Anything? It’s about time New York does something for medical use. Very happy to see that some people are now able to but again, more empty polls that do nothing.

    [Editor’s note: You’re asking the entirely wrong question as personal freedom and consumer choice is fought and achieved for at the local level…not provided like rain from the heavens (or the Beltway). The proper question to ask is ‘who is going to join me in changing my state’s cannabis laws?’, not, ‘when is NORML going to win me my freedom’.

    Contact your local NY chapters of NORML to get involved in your own liberation.]

  2. Actually, us old folks were rolling doobies before you were born, we just won’t say so in public, but we will in the voting booth.

  3. I definitely could see how the older aged people are against it because they were raised to understand marijuana would ruin their lives which is not true. The new generation is rising to the occasion of legalization and we are not afraid of what’s good for us

  4. The DEA doesn’t have the resources to enforce possession laws nor small 6 plant grows,especially thousands of them,,so we know the framework for legalization,unfortunately commercial production and the distribution of cannabis will be targeted but not for criminal charges,,the feds realize getting a conviction would be impossible with a jury made up of voters that legalized the production and sales,,they will rely on property seizures and stealing everything they can.

    We have the framework but using future taxes as encouragement for acceptance will only result in backlash when no taxes are realized.

    A state that legalizes and only allows personal grows by licensed individuals may be the only revenue states will see until we get the federal government out of the prohibition business.

  5. We have the framework,,legal possession and licensed personal grows,,the feds depend on local and state law enforcement to control small grows and possession amounts so don’t plan anything the feds can attack,,any commercial production and licensed outlets will have to wait until we get the feds out of the prohibition business.

  6. Ah now you’ez be seening what I beens talking about. Telling you this al the long but yeak I digress that fact because now anyones can be seeing that the marijuana be doing NO arms to nobies. Ibeen that simple all do long. Pots in not harmfulls to noones and nevers has been. Bout thime we be legaliezings. PEASE

  7. can’t there be a newspaper or magazine put out telling these older folks the history of cannabis and its prohibition.remind them of the times when it was grown proudly for the war and everyday life.I bet if a lot of folks realized they were lied to that’s all it would take to sway their minds.

  8. To all the young folks, I’m turning 60 soon and started smoking in the early 70’s. So if you see any grey hairs think twice about their feeling about pot. One word , WOODSTOCK.

  9. Its still legal, just not (maybe) in that county. Kinda like with alcohol today… We have wet and dry counties. Most sale alcohol, but some don’t. Kinda stupid when you can drive to a bordering county and purchase it lol.

  10. Nikos, I hate to pile on you, but I’m really struck (read dumbfounded) by your comments. Are you so young, or so uninformed, that you don’t recall the state of affairs two weeks ago, when MJ was illegal in all 50 states? I would think you might be happy that two of them have legalized pot since then. And perhaps you can no longer remember, but the POLLS, just prior to those votes two weeks ago, showed MJ legalization winning! And guess what! Pot was legalized in both states. But, apparently that doesn’t impress you.

  11. And Ben, in answer to your question, YES, it did! My gosh, I can’t believe the negativity on these boards sometime. What would you like as further proof, the head of the DOJ calling you up personally and asking if you would like to share a blunt?

  12. cnbc had a piece on a vietnam war veteran that was doing a road show to retirement homes that gave a pro marijuana education theme. THis was a pro medical marijuana vietnam war veteran, that talked about how it helped with PTSD, pain and it was improving the value to all -Norml should get such a roadshow going – grass roots, grass roots we could call it

  13. It’s worth remembering that support for legalisation started at a relatively low level in Washington and Colorado. It was the time and money spent on campaigning that got the legislation passed. This will get easier and the base support level will rise as WA and CO are seen to be a success. People are still waiting to see if it can be really done ! ie will the federal government leave the production and supply businesses to state regulation or still treat them as federal crimes – that is the big question now ?

  14. Evening Bud says:
    And Ben, in answer to your question, YES, it did! My gosh, I can’t believe the negativity on these boards sometime. What would you like as further proof, the head of the DOJ calling you up personally and asking if you would like to share a blunt?

    — ?

    did you actually read the attached article?
    perhaps you should back off whilst you are ignorant, better yet – fix it.

  15. Prepare for cannabis to be traded in U.S. dollars on the NY exchange when the Big Apple gets on board the cannabis money train.

    Will New York be the state that legalizes cannabis (MMJ or recreational — both) after which the federal enforcement of prohibition is lifted?

  16. @ Ben

    You caught me! I didn’t read the attachment. But, after I read it, I stand by my original comment: IT PASSED! There is no denying that. You’re talking about a reaction to its passing. That’s a different thing. Nobody said this is going to be easy, Ben. Perhaps you should savor our two victories instead of scrambling to find reactions to them. I promise you, there will be many up ahead.

    Too many people on these boards continually prophesy doom and gloom, as if they’re hoping to be proven right.

  17. just turned 66 and smoked hash right before a Jimmy Hendrix concert. We old folks don’t trust anyone under 45

  18. We in Michigan Love the fact that Ohio is still behind the Eightball … Because they sneak over to Michigan to get there fix and pay top dollar…. Yes !

  19. It’s good that NY is for weed legalization, but we don’t have the ability to do props here. That means we have to elect officials who are willing to move legislation forward and go through all that, which would take forever. People complain a lot about taxes here, though. If there were politicians spinning it as a way to lower property taxes, I’m sure we’d have legal weed pretty fast!

  20. I am 57 most people my age know all about weed. But god forbid our kids doing it leads to sex. Plus drug test makes it hard to get jobs

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