Pot Parody Video Blows Up On YouTube

NORML supporter and groundbreaking video creator Steve Berke has just launched his most intense, humorous and well produced viral video indictment against marijuana prohibition to date. A graduate of Yale, former two time All-American tennis player, comedian and Miami-based politician, Steve Berke’s cutting video parodies of popular songs re-purposed into pro-cannabis reform videos are becoming legendary in the cannabis law reform community and well beyond.

Steve’s previous pro-pot videos have garnered over a million views, and with this new and outrageous take on rapper Macklemore’s ‘Thrift Shop’, after less then 72 hours, Steve’s ‘Pot Shop’ is well past 300,000 views!

When will Saturday Night Live producers be contacting Steve Berke to replace the now departed and popular viral video producer/comedian Andy Samberg?

Check out the fun and in-your-face public advocacy for cannabis law reform as envisaged and performed like no other cannabis law advocate in the world today.*

*Video contains vulgarity, but nothing compared to the vulgarity of a free market oriented democracy like America arresting, prosecuting and incarcerating millions of cannabis consumers, cultivators and sellers under an eight decade-old failed public policy of prohibition.

Check out a previous Steve Berke video in support of cannabis that has attracted a million views across YouTube.

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  1. Great stuff! On a minor note, the brands of junk food mentioned in the song belong to greedy corporations that opposed labeling of genetically modified organisms in California, and are hence being boycotted. Fresh, healthy food is the best choice to satisfy the munchies!

  2. Liked how he got up in the 4 thugs faces with with the aggressive face emotion, Fight those mothafucka’s! I felt the intensity of like, FIGHT THOSE MOTHAFUCKA’s.

    Good vid, Steve.

  3. They made $$$ off the blood of this EARTH (oil) & burning it is killing clouds (carbon). Science has proven that HEMP not only provide fuel but heal the OZONE layer of EARTH. HELL doesn’t have stores !
    _ Don’t be part of the sheeple, be the “SOLUTION” ~ ~ Gave my word 2 HIM & won’t stop letting all know that on 08-30-2008 I wrecked my motorbike with no helmet on. It killed me 3 times & was in a coma 87 days. Yes I broke mass bones & put ribs into both lungs. I recieved a 5 .5 brain damage having 2 relearn life again. I was asked 2 get a medical card & try CANNABIS. I was amazed ! I was a certified mechanic & had a marine service, so was used 2 fixing things. But this time it was my BRAIN that needed fixing! My grandfather was head Dr. {chief of staff} in PANAMA CANAL ZONE, retired in 1959 & has taught me much. CANNABIS IS HELPING IN MY BRAIN HEALING ! That is why I won’t stop telling all that the troops with brain injury can have a functioning life again ~?~

  4. fuck the law, they will never win, they will never stop us, they will only waste money and ruins lives, high 4 life.

  5. FRIGGIN FANTASTIC !!! What a way to get the message accross!! Hey, is Steve doing any albums yet?? Betcha they turn platinum! Im in !!

  6. One of the reasons I’m a member of NORML is that I like that the organization is both serious minded about marijuana, and it can also have fun with the emerging culture around it.

    I don’t listen to rap music, don’t drive high and don’t eat junk food, but I’m glad NORML featured this video because I laughed, watched it twice and sent it to some friends.


  8. Imagine if everyone made HEMP FOR VICTORY a viral video success.

    What better way to educate the public than by showing them the US government film that legalized MARIHUANA to keep America free from Nazis? It really throws a wrench into the argument that marijuana is hazardous to society.

  9. I think RAP sucks but the message is right on!

    Damn these people who put their profits or careers over freedom and justice!

  10. Marijuana use=health-positive behavior, fewer cancers, Alzheimer’s protection, less risk of diabetes…read “Marijuana Gateway to Health: How Cannabis Protects Us from cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease.”

  11. I’m in Colorado and can’t use MEDICAL Marijuana because of my job and I have a condition that would benefit from POT. We need this changed on the Federal level!! Heck, I would just use at home at night.

  12. Help us in Delaware!!!!!!!!!!!! Even for medical marijuana I’m very very sick. It’s legal but they won’t hand it over. My god they are a bunch of children.

  13. Re. Ed Bland
    I too suffered a severe head injury from a three-wheeler accident,(mine was in Aug. 2000), and was basically a walking, talking, vegetable. In April of 2001 I finally found the oz. of weed I had stashed before going on my ride, and less than a week later I was back to normal. Both my neurologist at the time, and a collage psy. prof I asked last year told me the same thing. That after the neurons and receptors had healed, the marijuana stimulated the neurons to fire again. They know this! It’s been at least relatively common knowledge among medical professionals since at least 2001. Why isn’t it standard operating procedure to hand every head trama patient a bag of weed after every head injury? Would anyone even have mentioned it if I hadn’t of stumbled upon it by accident? Was everyone willing to have me roaming around in a vegetative state indefinitely rather than risk the evil of my smoking a joint?

  14. i tried to sign the petition, but they have it fixed so it won’t register the signature. i have never had trouble before, so they have it rigged. hope you can get them to fix it or start another petition. loved, loved, loved the video…it’s hilarious!

  15. hey aimie,,,,,,,,, the same thing happened with me also. I hate the government so much, i cant believe how blind they are, they are always trying to find ways to tax something. I guess justice really is blind.

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