59% of Arizonians Want Marijuana Regulated Like Alcohol

A poll released today, commissioned by the National Cannabis Industry Association and conducted by Public Policy Polling, found that a majority of Arizona residents would vote “yes” on an initiative to regulate marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol.

When asked, “If an initiative appeared on a future ballot in Arizona, proposing that marijuana be regulated in a manner similar to alcohol and sold to adults 21 years of age or older in statelicensed stores, would you vote ‘yes’ in favor of this initiative or ‘no’ against this initiative?” – 59% stated they would vote “yes” (40% felt strongly, 19% not strongly) and only 36% stated they would oppose the measure (33% strongly feeling so, 3% not so strongly).

The survey also questioned Arizona voters on their current medical marijuana law and found 59% of respondents support the law and only 37% are opposed.

The poll was conducted on January 9th and 10th and surveyed 600 Arizona voters. You can view the full poll here and read the official release from The National Cannabis Industry Association here.

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  1. In School we learned about the five “C”s of Arizona: Cattle, Cotton, Climate, Citrus and Copper. Will we soon be able to add a sixth?

  2. It’s gonna be fun watching all the dominos fall. Come on Feds, see the trend, Free the Weed!!!!

  3. Wonder what other initiative choices the 600 surveyed voters were given, and whether they were consumers of the plant. I know if I’d been polled, I wouldn’t have supported the tax and regulate like alcohol concept.

    Alcohol has a sin tax associated to it because it causes harm to the body. Marijuana doesn’t cause harm. The beneficial plant shouldn’t even be grouped in the same category with it.

    It would be nice to poll, at a minimum, our community members, maximum all Pro-Marijuana groups, to find out what the community supports for Marijuana Tax and Regulation. That would be meaningful.

    It’s our civil liberties at stake so we should have say in how it’s legalized.

  4. It was the west and the southwest that started prohibition of cannabis. I find it really awesome that the West will be the one to end it!!! I was in a room full of doctors and police officers last night in the South. 9 out of 10 stated that they wanted it legalized and taxed. Someone come help the South be heard!!!

  5. Marijuana should be legal. It’s an amazing teacher plant used in many spiritual traditions, way better than drinking toxic alcohol, so let’s get real. It’s used for so many conditions, great for anxiety and stress and should be legal at this point in history.

  6. If everyone in America could finally learn the absolute truth about cannabis, I believe that 99% of the public would support legalization. It is sad that there are so many miscreants out there spreading misinformation – and that certainly include many members of our Govt.

    Note: Patrick Kennedy – Just in case you read this; You are a disgrace to the Kennedy name. It would be a good thing if you would just go away and stay away – Period!!! Also, it would be good for you and everyone else if you stayed away from that parasite Kevin Sabet.

  7. It’s important to remember that not so very long ago, if anyone had mentioned anything positive concerning marijuana, they drew scorn upon themselves. Now, politicians are finding that talking of legalization will win votes, lots of votes. Interesting turn of events. We’re almost there. I’ll feel better when the last marijuana prisoner goes free.

  8. Mike what your saying is silly its tax and regulate or continue prohibition,one or the other.Of course we should tax and regulate it. To do otherwise would be to continue this insane INJUSTICE!!!!!!

  9. Yes, tax and regulate it. Remove the plant from the Schedule. Pharmaceuticals from cannabis, synthetics for example, can be put in the schedule. Make a federal opt-out for cannabis like the feds have an opt-out for alcohol for states that want to be dry.

    Prohibitionists concede that cannabis will be legal perhaps in a decade, and are hellbent on wasting the money between now and then. Preaching to the choir here, that means millions perhaps billions. Worse than the money is the thousands of lives that will be lost or shattered. If Mexico has had 60,000 deaths in the last 5 years, then that’s another 120,000 deaths between now and legalization ten years from now. U.S. Americans are outraged by the shootings in movie theaters and schools, and so are sensible politicians, but somehow they are not outraged or moved by all the loss of life in Mexico along the border–a la frontera. Think of the parents who will have lost their children, and think of the children who will have lost their parents.

    Put a speedy end to cannabis prohibition.

  10. A pol taken by the U.S. Government reveals that 99% of the population of the U.S. of A. par takes of that smoke in the ussual way… they smoke it, and they toke it and they cough for a while, but they always end up with that smile… I just don’t give a damn what they say marijuana is good for you… yes it is… marijuana is good for you!:)

  11. Dear Oracle, that is the plan. Much like those jihadists that love to use human shields, then pretend to mourn later on… The USA really needs to get out of the “stupid/arrogant” business on so many levels.

  12. This is very exciting news. Now I just hope that the first states to allow it do not set a bad example. Be responsible and respectable with your weed. Don’t go on a burn cruise (smoking while driving) and get yourself arrested, that’s just more fuel for prohibitionists. Do not smoke in public and make a scene. We are so close, keep it up, stay smart guys.

  13. I just want to see if this pollwas done in tucson or phoenix. Arizona is a VERY diverse state politically depending upon where you are. If you were to do this poll in a rural area, you would have the opposite result and the political affiliations of the largest cities in tucson are polar opposites. We can’t rely on a sample of 600 people when it comes to a measure that has been struck down multiple times it gives the opposition confidence. We need a stronger base in this state before we try it again.

  14. It doesn’t matter if you have a prescription or if its legal in your state, you still won’t get a job.

  15. Could we start setting up conferences in more areas especially in areas that are more against the legalization.The conferences could be set up as pro-prohibition ones but all the speakers would talk about if cannabis would become legal it would hurt their bank accounts,and we really need your no vote on this so we can stay rich and control the world.

  16. you need to re-think your words debbi. If its legal they can not use it against you. Duh dont you know what legal means. Idiot

  17. I wouldn’t say 600 people is representative. But even if it was, legalizing may take different forms. Probably, there may be an intermediate solution in between total “no” and “yes for any adult”. At least, it is worth thinking about.

  18. Legalize. Shit yeah.

    There’ll have to be safeguards for jobs. That means you can’t be denied employment or terminated from employment for tests that do not test for being under the influence at the time of the test. Off-work, free-time use must not influence employment, getting hired or being terminated or losing one’s license to practice one’s profession. You may have the public safety pilots, train and bus drive argument, but just check for it like pilots are checked for consumption of alcohol before a flight. Again, time of test impairment’s measured. These piss tests have to go. Hair tests have to go. Prick you finger blood test? How accurate are saliva tests? How flawed are the saliva tests? What’s the best test to measure impairment at the time of testing?

  19. Believe me a majority of Arizonians want Marijuana legalized, ever since that law passed in 2010 more people have been talking about legalizing it than ever before, especially on my end, my family has actually had a discussion about it which is pretty amazing considering that this was not the norm 10 years ago.

  20. When I was a kid my family freaked out and put me in rehab when they caught me. Now my family supports legalization, I even got my mom to try it, It’s still not her thing but she still enjoyed it. I’ve also came out about it at work since I have my Medical MJ card and they are all cool with it too.

  21. As schools look at a variety of options to improve school and student performance, one variable consistently comes to the forefront – money. Student-based funding is a method of allotting funding to school districts, and even individual schools, based on the needs of individual students.

  22. Alex…. Debi is not an idiot. You are. She is absolutely correct. Even if it were 100 % legal you world not get hired and still may get fired. This is a right to work state and they don’t have to give you a reason. But you will know what it is. We have to change the minds of people before we can change laws.

  23. And do you know those fake “right to work” laws are illegal as per the UN and treaties we’ve signed? Gee, no one seems to be concerned about breaking those laws…???? But if it is about pot, well suddenly we have got to do what the UN suggests.

  24. if you get busted with a oz, in fl , 1-5 yrs in the clink, whats wrong with these people,and when are they going to get with the program , or will they never get with it?

  25. As a taxpayer, a vet and an interested observer I can,t understand the obvious opposition to the legalization of marijuana. How many billions must be spent to enforce something that the populace want. Instead of ridiculous enforcement why not better use of time and money to tax it and use those funds towards health care. What should prevail is common sense which is not obvious in the opposition to legalization of marijuana. I,m just scratching the surface towards my opposition of legalization. Legalize, tax and control the sale of it.

  26. A poll released today, commissioned by the National Cannabis Industry Association and conducted by Public Policy Polling, found that a majority of Arizona residents would vote “yes” on an initiative to regulate marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol.

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