POLL: Essentially No One Believes Marijuana Users Should Go to Jail

Reason-Rupe has just released new polling data that revealed only a minuscule percentage of Americans believe that marijuana use and possession should result in jail time. When asked which approach they thought the government and law enforcement should take toward someone found smoking marijuana or in possession of a small amount of marijuana, only 6% responded that they should be sent to jail. 35% of respondents said that these individuals shouldn’t be punished at all, 32% responded they should pay a fine, and 20% said they should have to attended substance abuse courses.

The survey also found that 52% of Americans favor federal legislation that would prevent the federal government from prosecuting people who grow, possess, or sell marijuana in the states that have legalized it. Recently, Representative Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) introduced the “Respect State Marijuana Laws Act” which would do exactly that. You can click here to easily contact your Representative and urge him or her to support this measure.

Full results of this poll are available here.

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  1. This is almost good news…

    “…only 6% responded that they should be sent to jail. 35% of respondents said that these individuals shouldn’t be punished at all, 32% responded they should pay a fine, and 20% said they should have to attended substance abuse courses.”


    Legal or criminalized???

    All this middle crap about FINE maintains it as a worthy pursuit of our Dept o’ “Justice” in order to generate revenue. And the Substance abuse courses are a joke for reasonable use of cannabis or alcohol. They ONLY exist during work hours, and don’t do shit —> UNLESS SOMEONE WANTS TO CHANGE WHATEVER THEY ARE IN TO.


    On the bright side, thanks to the efforts of NORML and such people/organizations, things are starting to change.

    Prohibition of cannabis has proven to be a hypocritical, counter-productive, disaster of a cancer on our society.

    Time for America to shake off this reefer madness nonsense and get with the facts.

    Support NORML and make your voice heard!
    We are now the VISIBLE majority-
    and we WILL win this fight.

    (Just polish up whatever you communicate so it really helps the cause.)

  2. So I guess the silent 27% of those who said to leave them the F**K alone can be added to the 35% for a grand total of the nation in support of being left alone for partaking of a harmless plant, alright lets give it back to the people yeah!!

  3. Great, another poll that is in our favor. 52% on a previous one, 65% on the one just before this and now 84% oppose us being caged.

    There is only one little problem with all these opinion polls. Our opinions dont matter. The opinions that do matter are not in support of our opinions…yet.

    I know they are changing slowly slowly slowly, but I feel that is so “they” can get into a position to make a profit off reform like they have off prohibition. No one in Washington does anything unless it benefits them and theirs in some way or another.

    Dont give up the fight but just be very aware that “they” dont give a damn about us or our opinions and will not move an inch until they get all their dollars in a row. Do not let down your guard ever.

  4. I am probably going to jail for the first offense I have ever committed, in the state I was born and raised, in the only county I have ever worked and lived. Game warden smelled pot on me after he finished a water safety check when i was fishing and everything was legal, pulled me to the side and held my hands behind my back, and asked me to go ahead and tell him where it was at, little over a 1/4 in my pocket, not in plain view, so I went ahead and told him. Because of the Citation and no arrest law that was passsed, he didn’t arrest me, and cited me instead.At the bottom of the citation, where it says when and at what courthouse i would have my case, it was left blank. 2 months of me calling the courthouse and no one there could tell me anything i went to a lawyer for free consultation, he told me i had a warrant out for my arrest, so i had to take off work,turn myself in, then get bailed out (bail was set at $1000, and the 10% didn’t meet the bailbonds minimum, I had to pay $265, and I wouldn’t get that back)
    after that I finally had a court date. At court they offered a court appointed lawyer, but i had to prove i was disabled (this didn’t sound right to me)Anyways they read the charges against me and said I Had .51 Ounces…. i know it wasn’t that much… and that I was facing 180 Days and up to $2000 fine. The gave me 9 months deferred adjudicated probation, 347.00 court costs, 200.00 fine, 125.00 Drug offender class,$60/Month (9 mths $540) supervision fee, and for each drug test they give me $9… plus 80 hours community service (waived if i paid my Fine and court costs within a month). I have to have a travel permit renewed every 30 days to work (i was working out of state).I am on my 4th month in, $60 ahead on my payments, and told them i would fail my urinalysis for cannabis, so they assigned me to a drug addiction assessment,(another $50). So next urianalysis i fail I will be going to jail for up to 6 months, and also have my drivers license taken for a year. Born and raised here, and as soon as this is over I am leaving everything here and taking my family somewhere that people have more sense. Was watching and praying HB 184 would pass, but it looks like its only going to apply to kids 21 years and younger (im 27). God Get me out of Texas PLEASE!

  5. I agree with Mike here…. I know a ton of pot smokers. Where do the polls take place?

  6. I believe a correction is needed in this article. The fact is that no decent person believes a marijuana user should go to jail.

    Thus, it is clear that there are many “serving” in our Govt that are NOT decent! They need to go the way of the dinosaurs!

    Are you reading this John Boehner and Joe Biden?

  7. Duhh! Anyone with an ounce of common sense would agree it is useless and too costly to keep putting people in jail, just because they want to smoke Pot! They are destroying people’s lives! That has to stop immediately!
    If people only realized this miraculous herb,and the many health benefits of Marijuana. I have a lot of problems with my eyes, glaucoma, cataracts, and astigmatism. I get so much more relief for my eyes when I smoke pot, than the drops my doctor gave me. Plus it helps my depression, way beyond what the drugs I get from my medical doctor. My mood immediately changes, from sad to happy. I stop worrying and forget what I am depressed about.

  8. “Prohibition of cannabis has proven to be a hypocritical, counter-productive, disaster of a cancer on our society.” Ben’s statement reminds me that marijuana possesses anti-tumor properties. Kinda sounds like a pun, though.

    Too bad we can’t send those 6% who favor jail time to jail themselves. When they’re released, they’ll find out how a conviction affects the rest of you life.

    Now that would be justice.

  9. If you ask obama about these poll results, he’d “agree” with the vast majority but insist the laws not be changed because “We don’t really enforce these laws anyway”.

    BS! If you don’t enforce the laws because the people wouldn’t tolerate you enforcing them, then the laws must be revoked!

    Return the liberty guaranteed to us in the Constitution.

  10. This is a real funney one. If they poll down here in Corpus Christi Tx U would not get the same resort. Alot of falks still belive in the marijunan Boogeman. A frind of mine ask 7 have his frind who smoke to regster to vote. U talk about balking. What a munch of shit heads, The only reason why cannabis is not leagle in U.S.A Is be cause pot heads dont vote.

  11. @Douglas – First, let me say that you really should learn to spell!

    Second, you’re wrong about potheads not voting. We often must choose between 2 or 3 prohibitionists. Worse yet, many users that have been busted are no longer allowed to vote. It’s one of the many ways the govt is able to maintain the status quo.

  12. We’re trying to feel good not steal. Feeling good is okay. It is our God given right to feel pleasure and should be legally protected. Like life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Smoke to feel good.

  13. My son was followed home from the hydroponics shop his address was verified he had been arrested 14 years ago for less than an ounce of pot. Search warrant was issued based on these factors, he is pleaded out because he was facing 10 years to life for manufacturing.
    half the plants were in a dish the size of a piece of paper. No roots, but after they dried it out it all toll there was a little over a pound. He is serving 7 years in Three Rivers Federal Pen. I guess the Feds did not see your survey. 1st conviction enhanced because he had a pistol in his bedroom closet.

  14. Obama needs to stop being a hypocrite. Doesn’t he realize, if he were caught with pot.. he wouldn’t have became president? -_-

  15. If you believe that possession (and presumably consumption) don’t deserve jail time then why should the supply of the cannabis be criminalised. I could see the argument for not allowing advertising or promotion ( as is the case with tobacco in most countries) maybe this is where the efforts should go but there are already many media outlets promoting cannabis use such as the magazine High Times. Just shows what a mixed up system we have

  16. @kj – The Feds are very aware of all the marijuana related surveys. They simply choose to carry out their own selfish agenda and don’t seem to care who gets hurt as long as it’s not them. If the son of a congressman or senator gets caught with pot, the so called crime is quickly washed away as if it had never happened. Further, when young men and women are called upon to serve their country in the military, those sons of the rich and privileged very rarely answer that call and instead go on to attend the very best colleges with very nice jobs awaiting their graduation.

    If it all seems unfair, it is!

  17. What kind of semi-normal person who is not fully inculcated with propaganda and lies would care if non-violent users of dried flowers are even ticketed, let alone imprisoned, at high tax-payer cost (for a non-crime)?

    The corksuckers who make money off of for-profit prisons and the arseholes who invest in them.

    UnAmerican piles of dung.

  18. @ Danielle:
    But since he is President, and if Obama legalized pot, by executive order, he could earn that Nobel Peace Prize to top off his term with a thumbs up for justice and change.

    It has seemed legalization could only be done on a state-by-state basis, gradually. But then members of Congress and state legislatures are pushing for their own measures toward ending an unnecessary tragedy that serves the fewest interests. It didn’t seem like it should be the job of one person, it seems too much a burden.

    But look at the changes in the past election. I wouldn’t bet on it but he could still drop the Presidential hammer and just beat everyone else to the punch, making history and finally changing something that need change decades ago. Change.

  19. Well it wouldn’t make much sense to say cultivators or distributers should go to jail either. Fact is if marijuana where legal you will have people who decide to smoke and people who don’t decide to smoke. You just wont have the people who decide not to smoke trying to dictate those that do. Im a baseball player and not that much of a fan of football….does this mean I get to step on the feild of a bunch of football players and hastle them for playing football??

  20. Dear Danielle, yes Obama could do that. But he will not. There are a couple of reasons. There are a bunch of crazy white people in this is country. If Obama puts his black face on Legalizing Marijuana, he will set it back twenty to thirty years just because crazy white folk can’t handle a black leader. They will fight anything he backs–Fox News (sic) and several Tea Party goons are great examples of what I’m talking about. If he tried to legalize marijuana some states will not legalize for another twenty or thirty years–just because a “uppity” black guy tried to tell them something.

    Also Obama is a Narcissist. Since he wasn’t arrested for smoking pot, he simply doesn’t care. Other folks’ tragedies are unimpressive to him. But at least he is was the candidate with less narcissistic tendencies. The rebubs literally picked a bunch of crazies to campaign against Obama–the only thing I got from them was that “personal responsibly” somehow doesn’t include poisoning the air, land and water. Shoot someone and you’re guilty. Poison their water–its all good. Republican values add up to nothing good.

    And no I’m not going after them for being on the right side (whatever that means), I wish they’d just stop wasting time and money (and their own breath), which exactly what they say their mission is. The War on Drug is a boondangle–you’re not supposed to be supporting this kind of garbage if you’re a Republican and/or a conservative!

  21. I would like to chime in on Dave’s observations and agree that Obama won’t do it. It’s too much for one person.

    JFK fought against the military industrial complex, began dismantling the CIA for their direct creation of the Bay of Pigs fiasco, and wanted no standing armies but for the basic defense.

    The price he paid was his life. They killed him. The CIA and invisible money interests and the Federal Reserve. Richard Nixon, a marionette to Prescott and son Geo. H W Bush. Howard Hunt was a CIA assassin who admitted ‘I killed JFK,’ ‘I am a CIA assassin,’ from his jail cell, caught as the ring leader of the Watergate break-in scandal. (Film: Dark Legacy)

    Obama doesn’t want to die when the mistake of prohibition will occur on its own time and geography, state by state.

    If the members of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors can pull off inside job 9/11 to start 2 wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as false flag events like the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, The Gulf of Tonkin Incident, Yellow cake, and so on. And they got away with the assassination of JFK.

    The Fed is not a part of govt. especially not by any Constitutional measure. The control the money supply and interest rates by either creating (printing) more money or removing it. But this supply of money is actually DEBT borrowed by our govt. from anonymous members of the Fed, American? non-American? who knows?

    The national debt is owed to whom?

    The Fed who got rid of the gold standard to assume the role of money and banking establishment. Mostly a bunch of people who inherited their wealth. The wealth has become so concentrated because the principle of compounding interest also works for people who are handed billions they never worked for, but which gives them leverage so far above the heads of most Americans, such that they influence govt as special interests, and manipulate the media and news businesses for presenting a skewed representation of “life” as it is and how things are, it serves as a distraction from pertinent issues like theft and corruption from public officials and tragic, pointless injustices like cannabis prohibition.

  22. Interested. informational. My doctor for PAIN Care cannot prescribe until Federal law says so, if I understood so. I suffer severe PTSD , anxiety, depression and severe chronic pain 24/7. PERSONAL CONFIDENTIAL

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